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  1. so for the volante anchor do the wide players need to be inverted or does it really not matter?
  2. Marseille, have history, 60k+ seater, more than enough finances with there new american owner who came in last year, would need rebuilding with some key players in there 30's and others entering there 30's, being in the EL in your first season too could be fun too one of the favored clubs to win it Lyon, have history, 60k seater, good finances, have great youth in the club at senior level and in the youth team and reserves, like marseille they are also in the EL and capable of making a deep run in it
  3. gonna give this tactic a full run in my fourth season with Stuttgart havent been able to win the league since ive came up keep coming into second, used it here and there in my third season with some good signs that it could work
  4. thinking of starting up my save again, my team is really good but I havent been able to win anything outside the league still somewhat young GK: Horn, Grun LB: Jorge, Jung RB: Henrichs, Heinloth CB: Klostermann, Rudiger, Kempf, Schwaab DM: Lars Bender, Janelt CM: Goretzka, Lemina, Gerdhart, Abouchabaka ST: Selke, Werner, Pavon, Dadachov, Gregoristch, Salah (injured for half a year)
  5. got the sack....starting over with transfers enabled gonna sell a number of players and get younger and faster the team lacks alot of speed in it....Junior Moraes was a huge disappointment didnt score one goal
  6. started up a save transfers disabled...first game super cup against Shakhtar beat them 2-0
  7. SO WHY FC DYNAMO KYIV? -Rich History (Historically East Europes most successful club, greatest "Soviet Club") -Good homegrown players -Re-establishing the club as a threat in Europe -70k seater stadium
  8. Season Expectations, Foreign Limit-Rules, and Transfer Strategy Season Expectations Even though you are predicted by the media to finish 2nd, you are expected by your board to win the league along with the league cup, certainly doable (even though in real life Dynamo are 13 points behind Shakthar at the mid-season break), they (Shakthar) should serve as your only threat to the league title. Regarding what to expect in Europe, id personally say the side is good enough to challenge for the EL, but quite a far ways to make noise in the CL, might be best off finishing third in your group and pushing for the EL title. You are given a initial budget of 11.5 million pounds with little wage budget so you will need to adjust it. Foreign Limit Rules The Ukranian Premier League allows you a MAX OF 7 FOREIGNERS IN THE XI. This shouldn't be a huge issue you have a fairly good base of Ukrainians with the likes of Yarmolenko, Garmash, Khacheridi, Buyalskyi, plus whoever you bring in via transfers, youth teams etc. Transfer Strategy You are given a transfer kitty of 11.5mil, but with little wage room available you will have to adjust the budget to maneuver in the market. You are given 90 percent of transfer revenue available, so their some money to be made through player sales, so if you want to to make major changes in the first season you are looking at a buy to sell strategy. Dynamo are a fairly reputable club so I would recommend scouting South America and Eastern Europe extensively in the first season cause the players there are more willing to come to Ukraine in the first season.
  9. Squad Overview Goalkeepers Current overview- An area you will need to look to strengthen now or very soon. Shovkovskyi is the clubs captain and will serve as your number one but he is 41! and will need to be replaced soon. Rybka is a very capable back-up and thats it if you are looking to be competitive in Europe you will need someone better. Koval who was once a highly rated prospect has failed to live up to his early promise and will serve as your third choice. Rud'ko simply put is not good enough, and seeing as he doesn't fill a HG club quota, like Koval and Rybka do then their is very little point to keep him. Potential Transfers- As stated an area you will need to look to strengthen, you will need to look to bring in your future number one, which is a difficult task until you increase the clubs reputation, after a season I would look to bring in one of Dragowski (Fiorentina) or Rajkovic (Tel-Aviv), if you really want to bring a keeper to play straight away then I would look at Onur Kivrak (Trabzonspor) who could be had for around the 5 million pound mark. Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- As it stands their are currently no highly rated youngsters in the second team or the youth teams. Centerbacks Current overview- One of the stronger points of the team. Khacheridi without a doubt your best defender and arguably your best player overall, even bigger plus hes Ukrainian. Vida is a very capable partner for Khaceridi, but a potential stumbling block is some reputable teams showing interest in him in the start of the game, with his value being pretty high you can look to cash in on him and use the money for a replacement. Danilo Silva is a very solid option to have in the squad, capable of playing as a RB or CB hes also eligible to be capped by Ukraine thus no longer taking up one of the foreign spots, but he is getting older and starts the game with injury. Burda is a very inexperienced player but one with alot of potential, remains to be seen if hes a good enough to be playing against top European competition , but at the very least he will serve you as a good back-up. Selin can be useful being able to play at LB or CB, good option to have if youre in a pinch with injuries. Potential Transfers- Transfer situation for center-backs would all depend on what you do with Vida, if you sell him then you need to bring in a partner for Khacheridi, if you decide to keep Vida then youre set on all levels at CB, in the case that Vida is sold then I would look at Samir (Udinese), lefty ball-playing centre-back whose style of play would complement Khacheridi's no non-sense style, he would cost around 5-7million pounds. Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Ochigava has the potential to be a player capable of playing in the cup games and be rotated in the odd league game but thats about it, solid 4th choice option. Fullbacks Current Overview- Both positions could use with a little tweaking. At RB you have Danilo Silva being able to play there but he does start the game with a injury for a few months. Gusev a club icon can play there but hes getting on in age, while his mental and tactical attributes make him a good option, his physical attributes will let him down especially in Europe if you are facing top competition, I would look to keep him until his contract runs out in two years and use him in a back-up role and a mentor. Morozyuk starts the game being transfer listed, but still could prove to be useful as of all your current FB's he provides the biggest threat in attack, though hes good moving forward hes not the most reliable defensively. At LB you have Atunes who will serve as your starter and good stop-gap until you get someone else in. Makarenko is the opposite of Morozyuk as hes good defensively but not great in attack, hes also capable of playing as a DM so he could serve as a good squad option but thats it, do not expect more from him. Selin as I stated before can be useful being able to play at LB/CB, good option to have if you're in a pinch. Potential Transfers- An area you will need to address eventually, at LB I would strongly recommend Jorge (FLA) great all around stats would cost around 10million pounds. At RB I would strongly recommend Luchkevych (Dnipro), as he plays for Dnipro he would cost a lot but from my experience he gets easily unsettled if you make your interest in him public and thus making him more realistic option financially, hes a bit raw at first but alot of room to grow. Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Midfielders Current Overview- Interesting situation here, you have three midfielders all close in age, and close in terms of potential and current ability, gun to my head I see Garmash as the one above the others, should serve as a key member of your midfield domestically and in Europe. Rybalka is a pretty good player, if you look to play with a deep play-maker then hes your best choice for that role from your current crop of midfielders. Sydorchuk is almost a clone of Garmash in terms of role, current ability and potential ability, Garmash is just slightly the better player. Fedorchuk is simply not good enough and you should look to offload him. Korzun has a fair share of potential to be a good player for you, like Burda though it remains to be seen if he can cross into being a key player for you in Europe, at the very least though he will become a good rotation option for you. Potential Transfers- Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Attacking Midfielders Current Overview- Buyalskyi is pretty good and still has a alot of room for improvement, if you play with an AM then he without a doubt will serve as your first choice AM. Gonzalez serves as your only other natural AM in the squad, but hes much better suited to play on the flanks. Potential Transfers- Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Wingers Current Overview- Not alot of work needed to be done here, just depends on your own preferences. Yarmolenko serves as your best attacker overall, one of the better wingers in the game so look to tie him up to a contract extension as soon as possible in order to prevent from other teams coming after him PLUS to get rid of the 26 million pound release fee, can not stress that enough, if you plan on playing with more traditional wingers than hes best suited out left, if you plan on playing with the inside forwards then put him on the right, hes a natural at both positions, personally think hes better off out on the right in a inside forward role. Gonzalez is probably your second best winger, fair share of potential also, best he be used as a inside forward on the left opposite of Yarmolenko. Gusev and his age are doing him no favors despite his good mental and tactial stats, physically hes on the decline he could serve as a solid option as a traditional winger out on the right but his lack of pace could be a hindrance on him, as I said earlier about him he needs to be used as a back-up and as a mentor to younger players until his contract runs out in two seasons. Gromov was brought in on a free this past summer, hes not good enough but you wont be able to sell him until the winter, only plus about him is that hes a natural to at both flanks. Myakushko at best can serve as a player you can bring in the odd game and cup games, like Gromov hes a natural on both flanks. Morozyuk can be used as a traditional winger on the right if you are in a pinch. Potential Transfers- Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Strikers Current Overview- An area in which you will need to address. Junior Moraes is a good striker but is getting on in age, he serves as a good stop-gap for two seasons while you find someone. Gladkyi in my opinion is not good enough, your typical target man type striker, he was just brought in this summer so you will have to wait to offload him. Potential Transfers- Youngsters to Keep an Eye on- Players out on Loan
  10. Welcome to the FC Dynamo Kyiv Thread! Brief History Football Club Dynamo Kyiv is a Ukrainian professional football club based in Kiev. Founded in 1927 as part of the Soviet Dynamo Sports Society, the club currently plays in the Ukrainian Premier League, and has never been relegated to a lower division. Their home is the 70,050 capacity Olimpiyskiy National Sports Complex. It is by far Ukraine's most popular football club. Since 1936 Dynamo has spent its entire history in the top league of Soviet and later Ukrainian football. Its most successful periods are associated with Valeriy Lobanovskyi, who coached the team during three stints, leading them to numerous domestic and European titles. Dynamo Kyiv became the only Soviet club that managed to overcome the total hegemony of Moscow-based clubs in the Soviet Top League. The Spartak Moscow–Dynamo Kyiv derby became the most exciting football rivalry in the Soviet Union that almost completely eclipsed the Spartak Moscow–Dynamo Moscow rivalry. Since late 1960s the club has participated in the UEFA continental competitions almost every year. Over its history Dynamo Kyiv has won 26 national titles (including 13 Soviet), 18 national cup competitions (including 9 Soviet Cups), and 3 continental titles (including 2 UEFA Cup Winners' Cups). Along with FC Dinamo Tbilisi, they were the only two Soviet clubs that succeeded in the UEFA competitions. The first team of Dynamo became a base team for the Soviet Union national football team in the 1970-80s and the Ukraine national football team in the 1990-2000s. The two stars on the club's crest each signify 10 domestic titles the club has won.
  11. so eliminated from CL quarters by Real Madrid, eliminated in third round of German Cup by Kaiserslauten :(...but im on track to win three leagues in three seasons, and having already qualified for the CL with a few weeks left I got a transfer kitty of 120mil pounds, before the season expectations already have been set
  12. yea hes fairly solid, not as fast as I would like him to be buts hes really good, racked up a 7.41 avg rating for me in his first season around the same average this season....only bought him for 3.5mil
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