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  1. @Robbles Quin ®™ did you update the player DB? there was input in this chat (loans and duplicates), but i can not see that you have updated the file. maybe i missed something, than i would be sorry for that. :-)
  2. @Timo61 there is something wrong with your D.R. Congo file. just loading that file (no other file acivated) it causes in the background twice a 'ping sound' (known as error w/o message > an indicator that something does not work). later the country is not available to be selected, so that means it was not loaded. if you have time, you probably can double check it. by the way: loading this combination causes also the 'ping sound': algeria angola burkina faso cameroon congo egypt gahna guinea ivory coast kenya mali morroco nigeria senegal tunisia uganda zambia zimbabwe
  3. that is great @Timo61 thank you very much. if we can share a wish list: COUNTRIES: - Thailand (D2) - Spain (D4) INTERNATIONAL COMPETITIONS: - Caribbean Club Championship : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribbean_Club_Championship - Caribbean Club Shield : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caribbean_Club_Shield - Gulf Club Cup Champions League: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GCC_Champions_League - Arabian Gulf Cup (also U23 / U20): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arabian_Gulf_Cup - CECAFA Club Cup : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kagame_Interclub_Cup - Francophony Games (I think only youth teams participate): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_Jeux_de_la_Francophonie - Islamic Solidarity Games (I think only youth teams participate): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_Islamic_Solidarity_Games - Mediterranean Games (I think only youth teams participate): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_Mediterranean_Games
  4. 3) change color for panels > inbox > around the world where do i find this panels (or the settings), to be able to neutralize the colors? sss 4) change color for panel > tactics > opposition instructions where can i change (neutralize the color) for the marked field (see screenshot on the right side)? 5) change color for panel > training > units where can i change (neutralize the color) for the marked fields? 6) change color for panel > competitions where can i change (neutralize the color) for the marked fields? 7) change color for panel > scouting > recruitment package where can i change (neutralize the color) for the marked fields?
  5. hey everybody i am working on a neutral purple skin. therfore i need some help for the final changes. i am stocked, after searching the whole day through all the different topics and testing out different things. 1) remove player status i want to remove on the player overview > under profile and attributes ... the player status (like wanted by, foreign player, injuried etc.) in the widget areas. how can i do that? 2) change color in player and staff popup window i want to neutralize (change) the color in the player and staff popup window. i would need to control the red panel, and the circles (black > on the player one ... and black/purple > on the staff one). how do i do that?
  6. @wkdsoul / @michaeltmurrayuk i was searching now for more than 3 hours (last night and this morning). the only question i was able to answer was 'number 3' > font color. it would be highly appreciated, if you can give me some help / link ... whatever ... to answer the other questions.
  7. @michaeltmurrayuk thanks for your advise (posted in another topic > beta forum). and of course thank you very much, for doing every year this great base skins! i have some more questions > just make the standard skin a perfect simple and neutral one. (as SI was not able to offer that by default, and to correct their errors from last years FM version in this one ) 1) controll of circles in player overview. > i want to have them constantly neutralized (100% opacity). (( maybe this is also a change you wanna include in your standard base skin > as it is an error in SI default skin )) i have realized, that neutralizing the skin color (in the skin_settings) does not solve the problem with 'club colors' in the player overview used for the 'circle background'. it is even worse: depending on what option you select to show in the different fields, it shows the neutral color (purple) or the club color (in the screenshot > yellow). and if you start changing the options, circle colors start changing (form purple to club color), it is kind of random. in the screenshots below from the first screenshot to the second one, the only change i made was the first option from career stats to ban ... and all the colors changed as you can see. completely random. 2) control of circles in player overview (only section on top) > i want to have them constantly neutralized (100% opacity). (( maybe this is also a change you wanna include in your standard base skin > as it is an error in SI default skin )) the opacity issue applies only for the three circles on top (behind nationality, club logo and scout summary). 3) control of font color in player overview for option 'ban' (( maybe this is also a change you wanna include in your standard base skin > as it is an error in SI default skin )) for the option 'ban' the font color is white, and not purple as it appears for all other options. this seems for me to be an error, and i would like to correct it. how do i do that? 4) last but not least: adding instant result to the standard base skin i would like to add the instant button from wannchup to the standard base skin from you. i have no idea how to add this option. it would be cool if you can help with a short description. or even better, maybe you can offer a version of the standard base skin with this instant result button. sorry for all this questions. i am a head researcher, but a skinning amateur. haha
  8. @majesticeternity Basel and Young Boys don't have shared youth teams. that's why i provided you above a list of teams which have this shared youth teams. in game the main club sends players to this teams, so they will be filled with players (in the editor they are empty, that is correct). please test it by yourself, and you will see your file adds youth teams (check Lausanne Sport, FC Luzern, FC Lugano ). no idea why i can't provide you more than that (and a screenshot would be sensless, because it just shows the created team ). if you need more info. let me know it.
  9. the file: 1 - Youth Tournaments - 1st Division U19s All Clubs @majesticeternity adds not existing U18 youth teams to swiss clubs like Lausanne Sport, FC Luzern, FC Lugano etc. ... this clubs have affiliated and mostly shared u18 teams. i know that you have probably added this youth teams in the file, to be able to participate on the tournaments. but it should be the affiliated stand alone teams, which plays on this tournaments and not the generated u18 team of a club (which in the default database does not exists > it comes only with your file). can you please double check and correct. because it affects youth team management in switzerland heavily. this are the original settings in switzerland for affiliated teams (always mentioned the youth team > and the feeder clubs with their setting for generated youth teams): there is also one U21 affiliated team in switzerland > team ticino u21. Team Ticino U18 (5723694) · FC Lugano > U-18: no · AC Bellinzona > U-18: no · FC Chiasso > U-18: no · FC Locarno > U-18: no Team Ticino U21 (69001090) · FC Lugano > U-21: no · AC Bellinzona > U-21: no · FC Chiasso > U-21: no Team Xamax-BEJUNE U18 (98042212) · Neuchatel Xamax > U-18 : no · FC Biel-Bienne > U-18 : no · SR Delémont > U-18 : no Team Vaud Lausanne U18 (98042220) Team Vaud Lausanne U18 (98042220) > Teams > Youth U18B · FC Lausanne Sport > U-18: no · FC Yverdon Sport > U-18: no · Stade Nyonnais > U-18: no FCO St. Gallen/Wil U18 (98042201) FCO St. Gallen/Wil U18 (98042201) > Teams > Youth U18B · FC St. Gallen > U-18: no · FC Wil > U-18: no Team Luzern-Kriens U18 (5723684) Team Luzern-Kriens U18 (5723684) > Teams > Youth U18B · FC Luzern > U-18: no · SC Kriens > U-18: no Team Aargau U18 (5723682) · FC Aarau > U-18: no · FC Baden > U-18: no · SC Zofingen > U-18: no FC Rapperswil-Jona/GC U18 (98042232) · FC Rapperswil-Jona > U-18: no FC Concordia BS/FC Solothurn U18 (2000062987) · FC Solothurn > U-18: no · FC Concordia Basel > U-18: no Team Liechtenstein U18 (5723697) · FC Vaduz > U-18: no / U-21: no · USV Eschen/Mauren > U-18: no · FC Balzers > U-18: no · Ruggel > U-18: no · FC Schaan > U-18: no · FC Triesen > U-18: no · FC Triesenberg > U-18: no there is also a standalone youth team in switzerland, not related to a club. probably you wann make this team also participating on these tournaments: Team AFF/FFV Fribourg U18 (98042237) Team Südostschweiz U18 (2000062972) i did not check which other youth tournament probably adds generated teams. i just made the check with the mentionend file as it seemd for me to be the file adding generated U18 sides > and i got confirmed my assumption with that file. of course it was the only file i have added to the test, no other file was used for the test,
  10. in the past the kits were using the small logo, what made them looking better. since the last update this effect disappeared. is this a known issue or is it a setting i have to do?
  11. this seems than to be something you should report in the 'bug' thread. because the 'key staff' function is exactly meant to not have empty clubs ... managers are considered as key staff, as far as i know. i think it wouldn't be inline with the requirements from @Timo61 project, to have fake staff in his files. he wants to do things as close to reality as possible
  12. @Timo61 great files as always. i use them every year. big thank. you make the game a better one, the community needs people like you! ---------- wishlist for x'mas 2020 once you are done with the countries, it would be great if you can rebuilt the outstanding set of international / continental competitions done by claassen in 2018 (see link below) https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm18-leagues-megapack-by-claassen.html
  13. @majesticeternity fantastic!!! great stuff ... as always. as i am full with other stuff at the moment, i can not help with testing. sorry. but i will be happy to play with the files soon ... just missing to great files from you, from last year: - Friendlies From Around the World (> one of my favorites ) - Realistic Transfer Market Values (> not sure if this files makes sense this year, as SI changed a lot due to corona ... ) and i was always hoping to see you doing: continental and international competition files like the ones the legendary claasen was doing in fm 2018 https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm18-leagues-megapack-by-claassen.html
  14. it is. you can untick leagues after loading them in the league menu when started a game. explanation some posts before, just check the topics page 3.
  15. no stress. it's ready when it is ready. :-) ... I will anyway wait until the player DB is also ready, and other files ... ;-)
  16. @Robbles Quin ®™ are you going to upload the files here in this topic? i can't see them ... i assume you will do it, once thy are all ready, right?
  17. swiss media is finally reviewed ... > @majesticeternity check your inbox (PN)
  18. by any chance do you have a list of swiss media / journalists and bookmakers added to that file? i would like to double check and if need offer help with feedback on your data.
  19. an idea for Raaf could also be, as it was previously mentioned that he "does communication in internal issues, psychological counseling" to set him as a coach with high man mgmt and mental skills, and very low 'classic' football skills (Attacking, Defending, Fitness ... etc.). I have done that in similar cases in Switzerland (Lower Leagues). I think it is closer to a team manager, than setting him as a Scout, which is a completely different role. I think we should prevent of creating a role model for a staff member which is too far away from what he dos, just to have him in the game, than it would be better just deciding: this staff member has to stay out of the game (until a certain job role will be implemented by SI).
  20. @RhinoDjazair i am sure it will be appreciated, if you can add in this forum all the players you have spotted in a short post (that would be much better than, i have seen many players and providing only one example). This would increase the chance, to have this changes done for the final game or an upcoming update. what would be needed: first name, last name, ID would be perfect, and a proven source.
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