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  1. great stuff > finally the database changes only are available. i was waiting for that :-) big thank you for your big efforts. highly appreciated.
  2. @Tonao thanks for your work and for keeping on doing all for free. that's where the idea of a community comes from ... sadly we are losing editors these days who started to understand the concept a little bit different (in the past it was not this way) ... but it's you and the other file makers and all the over 1000+ researchers what make the game bigger and greater. everybody is doing it for free with a mindset fare away from the consumer society where people think there has to be a monetary price label for everything. thanks!
  3. ich denke aus dem zeitalter wo 'gefaxt' wird sind wir raus. man könnte es neutralisieren und schreiben 'gesendet' ...
  4. news from pavia 1911 https://www.notiziariocalcio.com/eccellenza/ufficiale-il-pavia-e-di-nucera-subito-il-ripescaggio-in-serie-d-138971 and his son was transferred to the team (ID: 43130123) > i have already added that to the database (i have done it today). maybe if the father is going to be in the game, you can add the relationship later.
  5. Hey everybody It is every year the same. I wish the official winter database update would be a real life update, that means transfers which happen during the January transfer window would be implemented in the database as future transfers. For example let's assume player xx plays at AC Milan and is transferred on 15th of January to Juventus. When I start with AC Milan a new save in June 2019 the player would be marked as a future transfer to Juventus on the 15th of January. I think it is a big lost of reality if players are immediately transferred (as it happens on the winter database update). In addition to a real life update there should be added an option 'don't allow transfers in summer and winter', so I could play the first season exactly as it was (will be). It should not be a big deal for the researchers > it would just mean that for example every transfer happend after a pre-defined date (let's say 1st of october) is a future transfer in the database. For the lovers of immediately transfers: SI could provide two databases, through mass mutation it should be possible to change in the Master DB all future transfers to immediately transfers. I think a game which claims to be the most real life football manager simulation should also consider to simulate the database the same way. Every year SI is working on bringing trainings, transfer negotiations, personalities etc. closer to real life, it should be time to implement a small feature to the database, as it defenitely isn't the biggest feature request. Additionally it would allow to enjoy also people like me the winter transfer update, all the new added talents and players during this update including future transfers. Because somebody who likes real life databases, for them the winter update isn't that cool ...
  6. schau mer mal > ist für mich ein dialekt, es sollte neutral heissen: Schauen wir einmal. ... oder: Wir werden sehen.
  7. @claassen for switzerland this year there is a special case for the 2. Liga Interregional ... Group 4 (with 15 teams): A new addition to this is FC Ageri, who was grouped in the Argauer und Zürcher Gruppe 5 last season. This means that all central Swiss teams are once again united in one group. The reason for the group of 15 is Neuchâtel Xamax, who set up a U21 team at very short notice (U21 teams start in the second league interregional). Therefore it was renounced to nominate an additional relegated and decided to create a group of 15. In addition to Aegeri are from central Switzerland (IFV) the following teams in the group 4: FC Brunnen, FC Emmenbrücke, Hergiswil, FC Ibach, FC Kickers Lucerne, FC Perlen-Buchrain, Red Cross, Sarnen, FC Sursee, FC Willisau. There are four teams from Ticino (FTC): Gambarogno-Contone, Mendrisio FC, AS Novazzano, AC Taverne. As the only Ticino club, FC Lugano U21 are new to Group 6. Championship start in the new season 2019/20 is the weekend of Saturday / Sunday., 10th / 11th of August. The mode provides that in addition to the last three and the worst 4th-last of all 2nd leagues inter-groups descends. From the season 2020/21 on it will be the same as always ... because then all groups will have again 14 teams only. if you have questions just send me a PM!
  8. Hallo zusammen Feedback ist erwünscht, denn es hilft uns weiter die Datenbank zu verbessern! Bitte poste dieses im entsprechenden offiziellen Forum (du darfst gerne auch auf Deutsch schreiben): Gerne kann auch über einzelne Attribute etc. gesprochen werden. Dies sollte dabei aber immer objektiv sein und begründet werden. Kein gutes Beispiel: "Der Spieler ist toll und deswegen muss seine CA rauf" ist keine ausreichende Begründung, genauso wenig wie "Der Spieler A hat im Spiel aber genauso 4,5 Sterne wie Spieler Z und das geht gar nicht!" So geht es: 1. Nennt welche Daten im speziellen falsch sind. 2. Nennt wie diese Daten eurer Ansicht nach sein sollten. 3. Begründet diese Änderungen mittels Belege. Der Schweizer Research deckt momentan folgende Ligen ab: Super League (offiziell im Spiel) Challenge League (offiziell im Spiel) Promotion League 1. Liga Gruppe 1 1. Liga Gruppe 2 1. Liga Gruppe 3 Dazu werden weitere Ligen (2. Liga Interregional und Teams in tieferen Ligen) nach Möglichkeit gepflegt, jedoch ohne Anspruch auf "vollständige" Kader (dieser Anspruch besteht nur für die Kader der Vereine, welche in den offiziell im Spiel enthaltenen Ligen sind). Meldet gerne aber auch hier Fehler oder eventuell fehlende ‘Star-Spieler’.
  9. that's exactly the point! don't pressure them to release whatever they are doing. if it is done it will be released, if this is in december, january or february ... whatever, they decide when it is ready!
  10. i have sent you a PM ... let's close the discussion here in this thread and stick back to the topic
  11. this year maybe @claassen will be supported form others. i try to bring together him with @Tonao who has done great and from quality aspects similar updates as claassen for latin american countries in fm19 and is doing the same and some more countries this year for fm20. it would makes sense, if they collaborate, i mean it is not necessary to do twice the same countries with similar quality just to have a standalone offer, that doesn't makes sense in terms of time and efforts :-) ... i hope the will speak together and collaborate / assure the compatibility of there files. a similar option exists with @sporadicsmiles who has done outstanding updates for africa (including player database). here it would make sense if he can concentrate on the player database (for each country a single one) and claassen would be doing the league structures and competitions. and last but not least @majesticeternity has done great and real-life friendly comps, we all hope he is gonna do them again this year. it would perfectly match to the work of the other guys. ... so it is just missing somebody who takes care about japanese player database :-) ... i can't do that as i am highly involved in the swiss lower leagues (this year with hundreds of new players in it).
  12. hey there we from the swiss research team realized some unrealstic transfer scenarios in the final release version of fm20. a lot of swiss players are always being transferred to arabic states (qatar, VAE etc.) and china. this is not very realstic with this amount of players. the issue appeared in several saves i have started. can you please check and fix this :-) thank you! > i have uploaded the save game with the name: 1light 2023.12.22.fm on the cloud server here some screenshots:
  13. @sporadicsmiles it was just about work sharing (should be in your interest, as you said you are time limited).. if you are doing for example the player database only, than maybe @claassen will do the league structures and competitions. so for example if you do separate files ony with player database for each country separate, but you don't touch the league structures, than files can work together. and there i mentioned to @Tonao that it would be create to assure that the big and good files are matching together ... i just try to bring the big 4 together, to create a working setup with the best files ... :-)
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