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  1. He said that he will be back for FM2020. I mentioned him because he has a similar approach in terms of quality and real rules as you ... I think you too would match perfectly and he is one of the editors (biggest names in the community) with the most experience here in the forum. It woud be sad if you too would not work together and doing the same work with similiar quality twice. There is another great editor ... known for friendship tournaments ... here in the forum, who would also match in a team like this. Check it out (see link below). And of course sporadicsmiles with his great Africa update. And last but not least : one of the Japan databases (as they are always missing in the game). But sounds like a great idea what you are creating here ... > WB2020 ... the good ones should collaborate together ... !! @claassen @majesticeternity @sporadicsmiles
  2. @Tonaofirst of all .. great work. i really like your updates! are you planning to do it also for fm 2020? may you can work together with @claassen ... than you can concentrate your energy and optimize your time :-)
  3. thank for all your feedback @Bigpole ... I have double ckecked your input and all what still applies is done!
  4. i received an official answer through FB, i'll share it with you: Hey Andreas, we released an update two weeks ago that already has quite a few future transfers (like De Jong -> Barca and Hernandez -> Bayern. And we will be releasing atleast 1 before we change the update over to the 19/20 season.This next update will probably be released at the end of May or at the beginning of June. This contains a lot more future transfers.Then, as I said before, around the start of July we will change the future transfers into direct transfers, as the update will change to the 19/20 season with promotions and relegations done aswell etc.Hope this answers your question
  5. hello everyone (authors) will there be another update soon, which includes future transfers set by july '19 (i love that because it adds more realism to the game, than all these update files where transfers directly are done)? or is your next update only with fix transfers (i.e. lucas hernandez already with bayern)? thanks for an update! regards adesmir
  6. there are two: Pablo Paez at FC Barcelona ... I only have loaded your data an the standard FM DB before the winter update
  7. hey all please stop asking every second day questions like 'are you going to do next this and that / is this going to be finished today etc.' ... please understand that claassen is doing all that in his free time, nobody is paying him for it ... it is just not respectful putting him constantly under pressure with this stupid questions! sorry it had to be said, it is just annoying to read in this theard always this spaming questions. be patient and / or contribute by yourself to the community.
  8. @claassen great to see your updates back! I am always playing with them and they make so much fun! I know what it means to build this databases, that's why I have so much respect of your efforts year by year!
  9. perfect :-) thank you very much!
  10. Thank you. I have done all until the part with the red_replacement > i did not exactly understand what i have to do (which code line) and where i have to insert it exactly. I would like to replace the red color (i have now) with a simple white background of teh circle ... can you maybe please share with me an a little bit more detailed info :-) (maybe i just don't get it at the moment and it's obviously what i should do )
  11. hey michael i am quite sure that for what i am asking now i also have to delete some code line :-) i like to have the club colors also deleted on the player stats overview screen (same for the club stats overview screen). the color in these circle should be also standardized (as i did it with the other stuff) > i really don't like this club colors :-D ... i prefere some clean and simple design ... can you please tell me what line of code i have to delete or whatelse i maybe have to do? thank you! (I tried first to find it ot by myself > but whatever i tried it was not working)
  12. I have discovered some problem with the club flags in Reunion when I checked out Djibril Cissé's profile ... > As you can see on the overview screen the are shown wrong (same on the player club history screen) > when I check out a club, there is the country flag instead of the club logo shown This issue is only with the country Reunion .. all the other countries are working fine.
  13. yes it is ... and i can find the code line in your post before .. maybe search for ... <!-- Personal Details --> ... the code you have to change is on the next line :-)
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