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  1. Yes, that was my example of how work rate might play a role in an attacking phase. But I was looking to understand how it influences actions besides the defensive ones that are always talked about in the context of work rate, i.e. closing down, tracking back. So could you give an example of when it would come into play during an 'in possession' phase, either on or off the ball? If it doesn't influence attacking runs, what attacking actions DOES it affect? Cheers
  2. Great post! I can see how the set up you've used is very effective at getting the best out of Piacek's attributes, while using the poacher role. I can't help but feel that some of what you'e described isn't really what I'd consider to be typical of a poacher IRL tho, like out-muscling CB's in the air and then skinning them with pace. When I think of poachers, I imagine players who aren't particularly pacey or dominant in the air, and who don't particularly excel physically. Players like Inzaghi, Fowler or Romario were what I'd consider classic poachers. They didn't really excel in an other part of play besides being in the right place at the right time through clever movement, and being expert finishers. I feel like it should still be possible to play a poacher effectively in a more patient build up style, where play is advanced to the final third with minimal involvement from the poacher. Then they're able to use their anticipation, off the ball, first touch, composure and finishing etc to score goals from tight spaces. Whether the FM match engine allows this to be achieved is perhaps another matter! I don't mean this to sound critical, as what you've done to provide for your goal scorer is really smart and well thought out. It just doesn't scream poacher to me, in the way that I envision a poacher IRL. But perhaps that's just my own perception!
  3. Ok, thanks! That was what I was looking for. So it is purely a defensive attribute, in terms of it coming into play when your team is out of possession. I feel like this could be included in the official description of the attribute, as it can send you off in completely the wrong direction when trying to understand why a particular player is behaving the way he is! I appreciate the clarification.
  4. Thanks! I was thinking more about attacking runs. As I understand it, off the ball is about the player's movement when your team are in possession, like making runs in behind or coming short to receive the ball. I wasn't sure how much work rate affected these types of movement, rather than just defensive work rate to take up better defensive positions. Based on your quote from the manual, it would suggest attacking runs are also included, as it mentions "all situations". If it's about "urgency", I guess that would mean the player is more likely to make lung bursting sprints forward too, so might also include how effective they are at moving forward to keep up with play, like on the counter attack. I understand SI's desire to describe the game in words that reflect real life football, rather than breaking it down into the collection of numbers and coding instructions that it actually is, but it can be quite frustrating when you base your thinking on an understanding of the game's mechanics that turns out to be completely wrong! Hence why I'm seeking clarification. As you say though, it seems like I should be looking for work rate in all my players. I appreciate the reply!
  5. I'm looking for clarification on which actions of play are affected by work rate. I've seen it discussed from a defensive perspective, usually in terms of BWM's closing down or wingers tracking back, but not for other actions or from an attacking perspective. For example, if I have a forward with a high off the ball attribute but a low work rate, will that affect the player's movement? Is it as if he has the intelligence to make good runs but might be too lazy to actually do it, or is work rate only a defensive attribute? Are there any other actions that it would also affect? I've searched around and can't find anything related to this, but feel free to point me in the right direction if I've missed it. Cheers!
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