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  1. I have two managers running, me as club manager and another me as national manager. I have the manager options for macthes identical to each one of me but the national games take ages to get through even though all the speed and commentaries are the same. Occasionally during the national matches the speed bar vanishes and it slows down a huge amount. These things never happen during my club matches. :confused:
  2. I would like to be able to extend them to 20 teams each and change it so there is no top/bottom round of games. I'd like them to be exactly the way the Premier League is. Thanks.
  3. Steam Question

    I am taking it with me, my laptop, I always take it as I use it for study too.
  4. Steam Question

    I travel to Poland a lot and I like to play Football Manager when I am ther in the evenings but there is no internet connection at all where I stay so will this mean I cannot play it there?
  5. Steam Question

    That's not cool. If I buy the game with my hard earned money why can I not play it where I want to?
  6. Steam Question

    Once I have activated the game I don't want to get on to Steam at all or have anything to do with it although I know it will be somewhere in my computer. I want to be able to play the game without any connection to the internet once the game has been activated.
  7. I was looking forward to FM2012 for a long time but when I heard about Steam my heart sank. I got a strange answer from SI and was wondering if anybody can answer me this before I purchase the game. If I download Steam, install it, activate game through it and then play; when I go to an area where there is no internet connection at all, can I still play the game or do I always have to be connected online to be able to play? Not, play offline mode but still be connected to the internet but no internet at all. Thanks.
  8. Why can I not be Russian manager? There aren't that many I can pick from but it will let me be Slovakian manager but Russia isn't appearing in the list.
  9. So its ok for Real Madrid to spend £193 million on kaka, ronaldo and zlatan its fine but when Chelsea spend £50 million on torres and Liverpool spend £35 million on carrol its too much! UEFA are ruining the game.
  10. I have asked the board repeatedly for more coaches, they say yes but I cannot sign any. I was on 13 available, 13 at the club and it stays like that even though they say I can have more. Is it a bug?
  11. Why is it that you can negotiate on every aspect except for the minimum fee clause? My keeper wants a £10 million minimum clause but he is worth more than that. Is this a bug? I've reduced all the wage demands but cannot move this even by 1/4 million.
  12. How to change team name? FMRTE?

    Just use the editor. I brought The Wanderers back. I also like to see the full name for Tottenham Hotspur too.
  13. No premier league table screenshot?
  14. 2 bugs that bug me!!!!

    I had that for four seasons, every game, Roman Pavluchenko must be stopped, even when he was injured for three months they still saw him as a threat. Problem with Roman is it destroys his confidence.
  15. I know that the next patch will contain the january transfers but is there a chance they will tweek the selling players problem with this patch?