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  1. Let's talk about the fullbacks. Cruyff preferred to play like this, but he admitted it is extremely hard on the outside defenders because they have to do so much; not only did they have to bomb forward, play defense, but also had to be great footballers. He cited Reiziger a lot as an example of the type of player he would want. In FM, I would almost imagine that you'd want to just go ahead and play midfielders at fullback, kind of like the Kimmich type of guy, or in your side Blind. What are your thoughts; I do notice you aren't using Dest or the traditional FBs.
  2. I've tried to get something like this to work for several years, especially once the 3 man attack became the standard in the modern game. I'm curious how it works; I know it won't work against 2+ strikers, but most of the top sides use a lone striker now.
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