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  1. You're playing Walcott and Wilshire as WB and Elhneny as CB? This is the problem IMO, they're not the best choices in those positions defensively and tactically, unless you have an injury crisis or is just a random screenshot What team instructions you're using? What philosophy and shape?
  2. I know what you mean, but IMO this thing starts from 6th - 7th season where all the known star players are too expensive or too old and you have to do extensive scouting to find good regens in logical prices. Now I 'm in my 5th season and I can still find some good known players to fit in my high expectations squad, although I am trying to buy only a couple per year and sell 2-3 the most, just to keep squad harmony as high as possible.
  3. Complete forward (attack) The first 2-3 months he was average but after that, he scored very often with a couple of hat - tricks! Finished the season with 27 goals in total. Not bad for his 1st year at the club.
  4. Starting season 2021-22 Previous season was the best so far, won EPL(3rd season in a row), champions league and carbao cup. Very happy because I've made expensive transfers last year with Dymbala(105M), Lemmar(135M), Laporte (56M) aiming for CL Only a couple of transfers this summer with Diawara(45M+Grimaldo) and Coutinhio(53M) So,my team is : GK: Donarumma/Arrizabalanga DR: Bellerin/Johnny Otto DC: Laporte /Sarr/Tah/Koscielny/regen DL: Tierney/Pierie BWM: Pereira /Diawara DLP: Neves/Ramsey/Almeida AMR: Nelson/Iwobi AMC: Asensio/Coutinh
  5. Unfortunately in my save Nketiah has average potential. M. Niles is also average. The best Giroud replacement I can think is Belloti, you can get him for 45-50M. His atts are very good, but many big teams want him so you must hurry. But if Nketiah is good in your save, you should give him a chance
  6. 1st season ended 2nd place in EPL and won the europa cup(3-0 against Everton) 2018-19 summer transfers in: Asensio 56M - Grimaldo 50M - De Vrijl 26M - Pereira (DR from Porto) 19M - Tierney (DL from Celtic) 28M Out: Welbeck 47M - Kolacinac 60M - Jenkinson 4,2M - Asano 7,5M - Martinez 4,8M - Akpom 750k - Hassan 7M Loaned out : Holding, Jeff, Xadas So the squad is: GK : Chech/Leno DR : Bellerin /Pereira DC : Koscelny /Mustafi/De Vrijl/ Sarr - (Chambers) DL : Grimaldo/Tierney CM : Ramsey /Xhaka/Danilo Pereira/Coq AMR : Walcott
  7. That's interesting.. Maybe I 'll give him one more season a try.. How much did you pay for him? Because I still think I overpaid for him
  8. 2 games before the end of the 1st season.. Sitting 2nd, 3points behind Chelsea and playing uefa cup final against Everton... A very good first season in general, happy from the most of my players and from 2 of my 3 summer transfers(Danilo Pereira - Pulisic) except Leno, as I think I've overpaid (33M) for a rotation GK. I thought he was going to be my first choice in 1-2 seasons, but he dropped to 3 stars rating from 3 and a half,although he played 20-25 matches and he was quite decent(7.05 average) Probably will transfer list him but I'll never get as much as I paid for him. In Jan
  9. First 5 games of the season 4 wins - 1draw(vs Man City, because Coq got a red card) Lacazete as CF(A) has 8 goals with one hat trick and 8.5 form!
  10. Started a new save with different approach.. This time I sold Alexis to Man City for 65M. I also sold Ospina(7.5M) , Debuchy(5.5M) , Elnheny(28M) and released a couple from the u23 squad. Also I didn't loan out no one under 20 y.o as I'm going to train them hard and play them in cup matches.. Brought in: Leno(33M) , Perreira(21M) , Pulisic(40M) , Xadas(7,5M) and I still have 57M left..! So my team will be: GK: Chech - Leno DR: Bellerin - Chambers CB: Koncielny - Mustafi - Mertesaker - Holding DL: Kollacinac - Monreal BWM: Coc - Perreira DLP: Xaka - Ramse
  11. @arsenalthebest I think Alexis is almost impossible to sign new contract. When the time comes I think I will go for Lemar or Asensio I'm gonna play now for a couple of hours and I'll update later how the season goes
  12. @Yoeri I'll continue tomorrow I'll have all night to play.. 😀 Kollacinac seems OK for the first season, and more than enough for rotation 2nd season, maybe 3rd (if not sold until then) Bought Sturraro because I'm playing with BWM and Elhneny isn't that type of player. Johny is a very decent player for rotation and Rulli is more than enough for 2nd GK I'll update how the season goes
  13. Started an Arsenal save last night. Playing with a simple 4-2-3-1 wide, control and flexible with more closing down and passing from the back. Sold Ospina, Debuchy and Elhneny. Bought Rulli, Johny and Sturraro. Ozil agreed new contract and planning to give Nelson and Iwobi plenty of chances. Played only 2 matches, 1 win at home and 1 draw away with Newcastle... Let's see how it goes..
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