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  1. Does anyone know how to add a instant result button to a skin please?
  2. Yes please, that would be great. Thank You
  3. Will this do any good on fm19? ive looked on can i run it but says video card isnt great!
  4. Hi, I really want to start a save in the MLS but i dont like the system for transfers etc, does anyone know if theres a data edit which has the MLS like the English leagues? ive tried a few from workshop and other sites but keep getting crash dumps! any help would be appreciated Thanks
  5. Got my new laptop yesterday and got to say it flys through the days and plays 3D really decent! Bargain at £450! Does anyone know what resolution I should be playing? Writing is a little blurry? Cheers @Welshace for the help.
  6. Will do, just bought mcafee, fm17 and the hp laptop for £500!
  7. Thank for all the help over last few weeks! About to order this for £460!
  8. http://m.dell.com/mt/www.dell.com/uk/p/inspiron-15-5567-laptop/pd?oc=cn55707&model_id=inspiron-15-5567-laptop&fl=m&&un_jtt_redirect @Welshace
  9. Would you recommend the 1tb or ssd? I'm waiting till black friday and if I see nothing I'm just going to get this!
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