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  1. Uploaded the filed under "Trail Lag Bug" to the FTP. Tested it a few times and was able to replicate 100% of the time. Thanks for looking in to this.
  2. After the last patch anytime I accept an incoming transfer I am met with the game lagging for 10-15 seconds before advancing to the next news item. Seeing I have 500+ trials coming in, this might cause some massive delays. EDIT: Sorry if this is the wrong bugs subform
  3. Built the database and simmed out the year. Will be reloading till Staines pops up. With any luck I will get in to the premier for the first time since FM2012!
  4. Same request every year, would be awesome to see FM finally get converted over to x64. being able to utilize more ram could make long term large DB games much more possible.
  5. Also let the people here know your budget and intended use and a parts list can be made pretty quickly for you and links to very detailed "How to build a pc" youtube vidoes.
  6. Honestly for the money you could build a much better PC. Plus building is so easy to do and you will learn a skill that wuill help you for the rest of your life.
  7. Well I stand corrected. Went on a three gaming loosing streak after. 1-2, 0-5 and 1-3. Now hovering in tenth. Thinking I need to go back to counter attack.
  8. Sorry for the delay, life decided to go a bit how shall I say, wonky. So I went defensive, put TM(s) to DLF(s) and dropped more direct. Only had time for two quick games this morning before work. 1-1 and 4-0! The build up of play is also working a lot more how I would like it too. Seems I'll be moving between Def and Ctr. Thanks for the tips Dr. Hook!
  9. Thanks for the reply Dr. Hook. The other sides have been tightening up in their third with out a doubt. My attack build up tends to go direct to TM and out to the wings or direct to the wings with a cross in. As for defensive exposure, most of the goals im conceding are coming in from crosses early in the game. I'm going to see if DLF(s) and dropping more direct will give me some better variety in build up. Try and draw their defense out a bit more, giving my players a bit more room to breathe. See how that works for a game or two, if needed drop it down to defensive.
  10. Hi Everyone, Thanks for looking. Playing in the conference south as Basingstoke in the second season. I barely avoided regulation in the first season and somehow kept my job. I let most of the team go and brought in players at minimum 3 star CA (good enough for conference south), utilizing my four scouts to bring in players with minimum 8 decisions. So the season has been going well. sitting second in the league and the board expects me to finish mid table. But the run of good form is coming to an end. Cant seem to convert a win and seeing a few more losses coming in. Tactic: (will post screen shots tonight, at work right now) Counter/Flexible FB(s)-CD(d)-CD(d)-FB(a) ----------------------- W(a)-AP(s)-CM(d)-W(s) ----------------------- ------P(a)-TM(s)------- Ti: Clear to flanks More direct (90% sure will modify after work if different) Pi: Poacher - Get in to channels Tactic has been working great, my wingers have enough pace to really cause the defense some problems. My two TM's are both good for the league and my poacher is a beast! Just curious if anyone had any advice to bring the team back on track? Thanks again for the help.
  11. So i lucked out and got a championship potential player in my first batch of regens at Bassingstoke. Spent the whole time training his strength, so far it has risen three. I have also been training him to play as a forward. I'm thinking he might be a bit short to play as a DLFs, so considering maybe putting him to CMa or winger s/a. http://cloud-2.steampowered.com/ugc/28478507190941399/24B9B4560729306117F1D991C87EEBDBBD5E31DD/ Let me know what you think.
  12. llama3, So it would seem you are a tactical genius! I took your advice, went CMa and CMs changed the IFa to Wa and TMs to DLFs, dropped all shouts minus direct. in the last 13 games I have lost one and drawn three. its febuary and im sitting in 8th as well as the 4th round of the FA trophy. Next game is against Nuneaton, if I win i am in the semi finals. Also, I see what you mean on the width difference between the IFa and Wa, IF cuts inside A LOT to the point he is more striker then winger. I always figured he would cover both. Edit: Won the game in a hard fought 2-3 went in to extra time. Semi finals here i come.
  13. Sorry for the delay peoples, took a couple day break frorm FM to refresh the batteries so to speak. Hope everyone's new years was good. Giantplaything, Thanks for the write up. Some sound advice there and i appreciate the info linking my players attributes to TI's and roles. I have been considering setting up my roles according to my assman's recomendations and see how that works out. But the only downside to that is having a back 4 on limited the whole time, which will create very little flow from the back. Now how I would like the team to attack is have the back 4 work on hoofing the ball forwars preferably to my wide men, from there hit the TM and have him ether strike to pass off to the IF and have him strike. Would prefer if t his is done within the box since long shots in the lower league are fairly unpredictable. llama3, you advice does sound logical. The only thing I am curious about is how my right side is not creating width? FBs and IFa being the roles, FB does get up to around midfield and the IF is a wide position, granted he does cut inside a lot. Barnet, I will read through that guide today and see if i can apply some of the insight to my tactical creations.
  14. welll a huge loosing streak is all that this game has to offer me now. Seriously what in the nine hells am i doing wrong with this version. try to react to the ME get stomped. try to make a tactic cabable of doing anything, get stomped. this game is becoming a huge frustraition. id imagine things keep goign this way and the sack will be coming. Aside from downloading a tactic is there any way to actually achieve anything in this game?
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