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  1. I have a save from the end of season 1. It also has the 5 year plan (under vision) for keeping control of the wage budget. Mind the save in question (and the one at the end of the first season) shows it as "on course". Unless i am missing some way to see promises made. I'll give the save a try over the week and see if it corrects the error. Mind I would still call it a bug considering the on course status and no mention of failing a promise in the inbox message about being sacked.
  2. Any word on progress for this? Would love to get back to my save/the game in general. I'm unwilling to restart with this game breaking bug.
  3. No worries mate, sadly inflection is lost online. I hope they get this (and the multitude of other bugs with club vision) sorted soon. I was really enjoying that save and won't start a new one with this bug still happening (quite a few reports from various teams from llm all the way to top flight)
  4. the bug is saying I am fired for being over wage budget, I was not. The point was to express my /feedback/ on the game. I have all ready put in the bug report to the correct place.
  5. Was having a lot of fun and got super in to the game. then got a bug which fires me for wage budget and haven't been able to play since.
  6. I (and quite a few others) can't continue our games due to being sacked for wage budget when we are all under the budget (a couple of us even got promoted back to back). Go check out the bugs forum for club vision, the system is a mess. That being said I do like the concept of it
  7. Thanks for looking in to this Rob and team! First FM i've got super in to in years and would love to get back to my save.
  8. and uploaded. should be a day or two before the sack happens. My finances are a bit crappy, but wages seems to be in control. File is uploaded as "Sacked- Dulwich Hamlet.fm"
  9. Working with dulwich hamlet, promoted twice and keep getting sacked right after the provided save. currently 6k below wage and "on track" for wages in the club vision. Save: https://we.tl/t-0C3sWPUJtx
  10. Honestly fm20 is pretty damn good so far. Worth the buy even in it's current state. First FM in a few years that has drawn me in.
  11. Uploaded the filed under "Trail Lag Bug" to the FTP. Tested it a few times and was able to replicate 100% of the time. Thanks for looking in to this.
  12. After the last patch anytime I accept an incoming transfer I am met with the game lagging for 10-15 seconds before advancing to the next news item. Seeing I have 500+ trials coming in, this might cause some massive delays. EDIT: Sorry if this is the wrong bugs subform
  13. Built the database and simmed out the year. Will be reloading till Staines pops up. With any luck I will get in to the premier for the first time since FM2012!
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