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    Singles Thread - keeping it in the family since 2012

    As you asked so nicely here we go. Giving pof another go after last years failure. Still early days yet but will keep you updated if anything happens. Surely its got to work out better then my previous attempt. Already spotted two lovely ladies close to where I work that have taken my fancy.
  2. End of Season Report 09/10 AFC Hornchurch Blue Square South Media Prediction 17th Final Position 1st League Table League Progress it was not something i was expecting. after a shocking first season were i conceded 104 goals i never thought for one minute that i would be able to reach the playoffs. never mind win the thing! pre-season came and went, i released all the dead wood i had collected first time round and replaced it with a bit of quality. in came a goalkeeper who could actually handle a ball, as well as a new defense duo to keep the goals at bay. a new attacking midfielder added a bit of creative force behind the now legendary Louis Bell and his new striking partner, the one and only Kyle Wilson . once again the chairman didn't think it was a good idea for us to have a parent club so getting a few decent loan signings was going to be tough. i only tried to sign about 30 loanees and all but one rejected me. somehow sean scannell from palace joined for the season and what a very good season he ended up having. even though he was played out of position on the right wing he still did the business. i had an excellent start to the season winning 9 of my first 10 games but some dodgy results and performances from the team started putting doubts in my mind that i would still be sitting top of the table come the end of the end. at one point i was sure i had blown it. i was cruising along 12 points in front of 2nd place and then nothing. no one on my team was scoring or even looked like scoring. the legend bell was having 8 shots a game and only getting 1 on target. my lead had disappeared, down from 12 to 3, with some big guns still to have. a few signings here and there soon worked there magic knocking the chasing pack for six. it was soon all over, AFC Hornchurch were on there way to the Blue Square Premier. and well deserved too. looking back it was a great season, if only some of my players would control themselves it would of been an amazing season. about five times i went into the lead and someone decided to get sent off. my attacking midfielder had a terrible record. 20 yellows and 4 reds in 37 games. he sent most of the season suspended. but hey ho whats done is done and look out the Blue Square Premier, AFC Hornchurch won't be there to make up the numbers (i hope) Player Stats Player of the Season Manager of the Season Profile Overview Confidence Summary Transfer History
  3. End of Season Report AFC Hornchurch 08/09 Finished 10th in Blue Square South Table Pic after a bad start to the season were goals were being scored against me for fun, things soon turned around. leaking 6 or 7 goals a game soon stopped and i was the one knocking them in, mainly down to the legend that is Louis Bell. i can't complain at 65 goals in 44 games. utter legend! results started to dip again mid-season but thankfully picked up again. need to be a bit more choosey in the transfer market as most of my signings were donkeys. fingers crossed Belly will do the business again next season so its the defence and a new goalkeeper i need to concentrate on. 104 goals conceded is just disgraceful. Manager Overview Confidence Summary Player Ratings Staff and all within Budget Highlights of the season Goalkeeper scoring Great Game so i now head into the 2009/10 season looking to build on a good first season with the thought of sneaking into the playoffs. Bring it on!
  4. AFC Hornchurch Blue Square South 07/08 profile and so it begins. after hundreds of reloads trying to get Team Bath i have gone for the mighty AFC Hornchurch. the challenge had been set by the chairman, i was offered a two year contract on a whooping £150 a week to keep us in the division. piece of cake i thought. so off i go to the training ground to check my players out. on arrival i see 7 youth them players and no staff, this isn't going to be as easy as i thought. armed with my £2236 a week wage budget i head into the unknown in the search for glory. found some staff easy enough. i hired an asst man, 3 coaches, a fitness coach, 2 physios and 3 scouts. only need to find a goalkeeping coach now. scouting players like mad and inviting everyone hows breathing for a trial in the hope of finding a real gem. so far it has got me stuck with paul butler. my squad is filling up nicely with youth and experience but time is running out. the start of the season is here... i'll just give you a sneak peak to how my first 4 games have gone so far Bishop's Stortford 8 - 2 AFC Hornchurch Weston-super-Mare 7 - 2 AFC Hornchurch AFC Hornchurch 6 - 4 Thurrock AFC Hornchurch 2 - 5 Worcester only another 38 games to go