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  1. Now you can set your tactics globally for a whole game. But at times you want your players to react in a certain way on a certain situation. for example: You can set short passing for a keeper (so he won't just kick the ball in field). But you can't set what your defenders should do in that situation. Some teams push the backs in midfield, the center backs go wide etc. Other teams let a playmaker drop back to ask the ball and start the game. Obviously the majority of the game the players make the decisions based on your global tactical instructions. But sometimes manager want to have fixed pattern: say how players should react in common situation. This would be nice.
  2. Formations with wingers aren't automatically worse than narrow ones without wingers. That would be a cool feature. I would also like to be a player-manager for a club. If possible, supply a motion sensor kit in order to simulate the player part. You could advertise it as a way to loose weight. thanks
  3. This looks like the correct thread for my question. When the Barcelona defenders have the ball and they try to set up a new attack: the backs push up, the central defenders go wide and the most defensive midfielder tends to fall a bit back (to ask to ball). How on earth can you manage this in a tactic?
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