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  1. Hi, thank you for the support. The problem is solved after i delete the logos i download.
  2. Help me please its impossible to play with this lag.
  3. Hello, first sorry for my bad english, i'm brazilian. My Fm 14 last version, after a long time played start lagging the menus.. When i have bought the game is normal, but after a long time start lagging, it's only the menus the match engine works fine. Anyone have a idea? My Pc: Intel Core I3 3240 3.40 Ghz Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 8 GB RAM Corsair DDR3.
  4. This is a MONSTER tactic. Beatiful Football. 19 Games 17 Wins 2 Draws...
  5. I know but 5x0 in barça away with any team is a awesome result.
  6. Downloading. I post the feedback the later. Thanks"! EDIT: First Game,i'm United. Awesome.
  7. Awesome tactic.. (Using the Franky's Blitz Tactic 2011valencia 11.3 (Valencia, May 2017).tac)
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