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  1. Maximum of 18 teams in those leagues... If 5, 4, 3, 2 teams are from the same regional divisio the number of relegations should change to keep 18 teams in the league
  2. The problem is if all relegated teams from Third Division are from the same regional division... For example, 5 relegations from Third division are from South Regional Division... The number of teams of regional division is 18, so it would be 18 + 5 relegated... The game relocates the teams automatically
  3. Hey mate! First of all congrats for your work! It's simply fantastic, however I'm getting stuck trying to adapt it here in my project so any help would be really handful. Well, my project is a bit different from yours, instead of 4 divisions (North, South, East, West) it adds up one extra division which would be an equivalent of a Central Division, as here in my country there are 5 regions that splits the country... The idea of my project is: 3 Top National Divisions First Division - 20 clubs - 4 relegations Second Division - 20 clubs - 4 relegations Third Division - 24 clubs - 5 relegations to regional leagues Then a 5 regions division and another one with state leagues below it. And that's where I'm gettin stuck trying to adapt your brilliant setup. Division 4 is splited in 5 regional divisions of 18 clubs North - 1 promotion spot - 4 relegations Northeast - 1 promotion spot - 3 relegations Central - 1 promotion spot - 4 relegation Southeast - 1 promotion spot - 4 relegations South - 1 promotion spot - 3 relegations The problem If all 5 teams relegated from THIRD DIVISION are from a same regional division, what do I have to do???
  4. Hey guys, I'm trying to set up a new league system using advanced rules and I was wondering if it's possible to create a parent competition and make the sub-divisions inside it parent competitions as well... If so, how can I do it?
  5. DYNAMIC RIVALRIES As we'll now see the Dynamic League Reputation that's about to come, i'd like to suggest something that came on my mind since FM early days. As mentioned above, why not make a DYNAMIC RIVALRIES system at the next Football Manager installments? And how this feature would work, will y'all ask me, right? 1- As it says by the name, it would a dynamic rivalry indicator that would change throughout the game's course. Let me take a clear example that's still fresh on our minds: England/Germany. There's no need to say that this is one of the most classic rivalries in football (not only) world, and there's no need (again) to remember what happened at South Africa 2010, right? Well, can you imagine the same scenario happening at Football Manager world with England having a legal goal disallowed and Germany crushing their greatest rivals with a huge result of 4, 5 goals and etc? And just think of you as a manager of the winning side MOCKERING with the defeat of your opponents through FM interactions. That would boost their big rivalry to the stars! The next game between this two sides would be long waited by the media, fans, players and etc., everybody remembering what happened at their last encounter. That would certainly make a formidable scenario for the match with both teams edgy and eager to crush down their opponents providing us an enjoyful spectacle. 2 - Now imagine your side losing match after match for an specific team, or specially a big rival. I'm sure that it would make you pull of you hair, and of course that would also make you and your supporters even more eager to beat down that unwanted and annoying rival/opponent. So with that in mind your team would develop a "new" rivalry (if that team that is beating you is not at the team's rivals list) or boost even more a rivalry that already exists, creating new INTERACTIONS between these teams before their matches. 3 - CONTINENTAL COMPETITIONS RIVALRIES This is almost self-explanatory. Some teams are not literal rivals, but when they met, specially at international competitions (like UEFA CL, Copa Libertadores), we are always gifted with thrilling encounters with rivalry exploding between the two teams. Some examples of this would be Chelsea/Barça, Real/FCBayern, United/FCBayern, Milan/Real, argentinian sides/brazilian sides, and the list goes on and on... So beyond this there could be a new thing about this kind of rivalries. For example, a very strong and well known side like Barça/United/Inter etc, faces a weaker squad at a continental competition and gets off the competition. That would surely hurt the top favourite side making that lost a historical defeat and by that, create a new rivalry against that oppposing team. 4 - IMPROVED and DYNAMIC NATIONAL RIVALRIES Also almost self-explanatory. Let us take World Cup matches in example to make things easy. Imagine a top Brazil WC squad with amazing players playing magic football and easily beating down every opponent that comes in it's way. But then comes a big quarter final match with the top favourties Brazil against a weaker and discredited France squad, and to shock everyone France gets away with a 1x0 win against the great brazilian side. It's undeniable to say that the brazilian side would go away from this match terribly hurt and would become eager to repay the french the favour in a future match between them. Well, i think that's all (by now) 'cos i'm not remembering anything else to put here. I hope this would do any good in the future to make FM ever more greater that it is to us!!! See ya! Vinicius Navarro
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