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  1. the results are predecided

    Me, I remember playing England vs. Ireland. I was winning 2-1 but the game crashed in the 80s minutes. I wanted my victory so I reloaded (I save before each match now ), lost 4-0 and was sacked. After about five plays I had to settle for a draw. Thus proving the results are not predetermined.
  2. Russia needs 6 Russians in the first XI and 1 Russian under21 player. North Korea allows 0 foreigners... in the country, basically. Have fun there.
  3. new games idea?

    Persija in Indonesia
  4. I'm playing FM10. I don't have FM11 and consequently couldn't care less about 11.3.
  5. People who work for Si

  6. PC vs Mac

    No difference at all, except for keyboard shortcuts. Yes, they will work. I'm not sure; see the other posts (note use of semicolon ) Actually, why do you want them? No difference there either edit: I neglected to add it is possible to transfer saved games between PC and Mac. Don't forget to transfer over editor data files, though.
  7. There aren't a lot more Germans than other countries. What makes you think that?
  8. Nope, my manager is Korean (north) and have had no Koreans yet. You can't choose which nationality your regens will have, aside from the country you manage in, eg. German teams, as well as producing Germans, produce lots of: Turks Bosnians Poles Austrians Swiss Italians Kazakhs Iranians Montenegrins Albanians Dutch Malians and Congolese players.
  9. Why the french

    Go and scout Indonesia Um... the best French players are normally African as a second nationality. I've got 3 Chinese on my team along with an Iranian, Reunionese, Estonian, Bolivian... all for cheapo
  10. I probably ought to add the first team I managed in this save was IFK Mariehamn, who were predicted to finish around 10th of 12. They're now Finnish champions and as CSKA I have bought a top Finnish striker from them .
  11. I left Corinthians in Brazil and went to CSKA Moscow. They have fallen from 4th in the BPD to around 12-16th and have got through about 4 managers in 3 years. I'm still at CSKA.
  12. umm, wut? You're managing Benfica, or so it seems.
  13. Demo game save question

    Demo saves work with the full game, I think, but if you want to use the bigger database you'll have to start anew.
  14. Demo game save question

    Nope. You can't add leagues after starting a save.