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  1. I've tried lots of skins this year but this is the one I keep coming back to. Well done.
  2. My screen resolution is 1366 x 768 so I get a scrollbar next to the player's attributes panel. Any idea how to fix this issue? I know I have to mess with an .xml file in the panels but I don't know which one.
  3. Have you considered blending the two distinct styles? Being a purist ie focus on a single formation with three different mentalities but at the same time having a pragmatic approach to each game where you effectively change the roles or duties to deal with certain advantages or exploit weaknesses? My 'holy grail' is exactly that, playing always on the same formation, 4-1-2-2-1 but for example change the role of the DM to regista when the opposition doesn't play with an AMC or try to bypass the opposition's DM when I play against a similar formation. However, I don't think I have to point out that I'm not always succeeding but that's my ultimate goal.
  4. Is there a way for those of us playing the demo to use this skin??
  5. I believe my issue is somewhat relevant to this thread so I will post it here: does anyone know how to change the transparency of the person snapshot box, the one you get when you hover over the (i) button next to the player's name?
  6. Nice one darkhero77, is there an ETA??
  7. Thanx for the instant reply, I mean the stats in the squad panel, where it states each player's name, position, morale etc it has another column with each player's condition, the colour of that column is in bright green when the player is in best condition and red when in worst condition... I wanted to change that bright green into something more visible...
  8. Hey JackHammer76 nice work!!! I wanted to ask you though, do you know which xml changes the font colour for the match fitness and condition stats in the squad panel??? Ive been trying to find it for hours, Ive changed almost every colour in the settings.xml but to no avail... The stats currently are in bright green so are not visible with the white background... Thanks again for your work!!!
  9. What I would change is firstly the duty of the AP to attack and the role and duty of the forward to DLF(sup). This could cause an upset to the opposition's DMC and DCs because the way you have set them up now, your AP is marked out of the game by their DMC. Also, I'm guessing that the opposition's forward tends to drop(?) so try to mark him with either one of the DCs or with the defensive-minded MC. Moreover, do not set your AP as your playmaker cos he will be the centre of attention and be easily marked out.
  10. I'm a bit confused about what roaming actually does...In the tactics screen where you choose roaming the description says something about how much the player leaves his position and moves into space but then the defining attribute for that is creativity...I would think that off the ball would be a more proper attribute for movement in space. So I went and checked the online manual and it states that roaming is what free role used to be for previous versions of the game. With all that in mind am i right in assuming: 1. Roaming is basically giving a player free role to do what's in his head (preffered moves mostly) 2. Movement in space is defined either by run from deep (horizontally) or move into channels, hug touchline, normal and cut inside (vertically)? Thanks.
  11. Thanx a million Matorko!!!
  12. Really nice skin Matorko, my new favourite!!! Just one question though, how can i change the Blyth Spartans sitv?
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