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  1. I'm just waiting to see what the best player you get is. Would be nice if you manage to build them up to be some force until you get poached!
  2. @Makoto Nakamura Any idea on what you next save will be?
  3. Amazing! Now tell me it has nothing to do with the Halloumi
  4. 100%! Now, see how easy it will be getting through in the next season
  5. Looking at his figure, he probably has.
  6. Alright. Looking at this thread I think I know your problem - lack of Halloumi. This is the second time I am breaking my vow of not posting until you eat it, but it seems like you aren't getting the right connection to your players, fans and the club. I am sure that once you eat Halloumi the round of 16 curse will dissolve.
  7. December 2018 We are so bad when going forward... No goals in 5 games. I have been given 1 month to try and turn around our form. I am going to use the window to find a good striker and midfielder to try and get us scoring a bit more. We aren't getting smashed by teams but it is impossible if we don't score the few chances that we do get.
  8. Cheers! Guess the good thing is we managed to make it to the WC haha Have any of the clubs done something in European cups?
  9. Now that I've imagined this was your plate of Halloumi, and before I forget: I am still in love with this save of yours! Wonder when you will make the extra step in the CL! Could you please show me how Israel has been doing?
  10. I think it might be their way of buying players but delaying payment. Definitely not something I fancy as I would want to have no more than 2 loan players in the first team.
  11. November 2018 A great month sees us go up to 15th, 3 clear of the drop. Hopefully this form can continue! Stat: In these four games we have received 3 red cards.
  12. October 2018 Things are shambolic right now. We can't defend. We can't score. Going to dump my 532 and go to more basic formations to try and get our form going.
  13. September 2018 Another frustrating month. Expected to win the last three but I am not too annoyed as at last we managed to keep a clean sheet. Next month we have three games, two against teams we should be able to win. Hopefully we can manage at least 4 point.
  14. August 2018 Not a great start to the season. Out of the cup and not scored in three games. Not to worried about the cup as it means we have only the league to care about.
  15. Preseason 2018 A decent form in preseason, but I do not see this as much of a prediction to what is to come. We are predicted to finish 12th this season. Anything between 9-13 for me would be a good first season.
  16. First Team This is what the current first team looks like. There are some decent players at the club so I am very happy with our starting spot. The average age of the squad is 25 (not sure how), but we still have 5 players that are over 30 currently. The main goal for the first season is definitely to use this squad to the fullest and later on try to make it a bit more 'youthful'. Under 20s Some players with decent potential. Not sure who will be good enough to break into the first team but I will keep an eye out! Under 18s The U18s is stacked with players but none of them look amazing. Not sure who will break into the team but we will see. Loan Army We currently have 57(!!!) players out on loan. Can see 2-4 of them perhaps coming back and making an impact in the team.
  17. Running on Hills of Pesto Welcome to my new FM19 save. After making it to 2030 in my Asia save, I have decided to make a return to European football. I have decided to take Genoa C.F.C - a club that has had a lot of success between 1898 and 1924 and their latest major trophy was won way back in 1937. The Stadium The club plays it's home games at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris, a 36.5k seater located in the middle of the city and is shared with our local rivals U.C. Sampdoria. The Manager I have decided to play this save as former Genoa and Italy midfielder, Stefano Eranio. The 51 year-old has played over 210 games for Genoa, and I thought he could be the right man for the job (despite his racist comments which got him sacked from Swiss TV).
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