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  1. Preseason 2019 Rokani wasn't at our level and as I was able to get a fee for him, at was an easy choice. Setya and Ridho come in as potential players for the future, who will get game time this season as well. Ibrahim Nurzaidin and Ramadhan will both act as rotation players that are good, still quite young and can do a good job at this level. Fitrianto will be here as first choice CB until someone else manages to break through, as he is our best in the squad despite his age. This is a step in the right direction.
  2. A New Beginning It was a week after the interview that the vacation has come to an end. Oriol had his contract sent to him by email and he was already on his way to Indonesia. The team was in the first division since the 2004 season and even went up to third in the 2010 season. Despite that, the team fell back into the second tier and we are asked to bring them back up. With preseason ahead, we will probably bring in some new, younger faces to add depth and quality.
  3. The Travel - February 2019 After getting sacked from Olot, Oriol has decided to travel and clear his head. While relaxing in the beautiful beaches of Phuket, Thailand his agent (and brother) has summoned him to a number of interviews with lower division teams around Asia. Soon enough he was on the phone with a number of club owners. Despite the difficulty in understanding, it seemed like maybe something could come out of this.
  4. True, going to try and keep this story going haha, we'll see how the second part goes!
  5. January 2019 This guy came in to try and help us in attack. Looked decent stat wise but he didn't start a game or score for Villarreal B this season. We had a really tough run against the better teams in this division... Unfortunatly, after the Barca B game we got an Ultimatum: 5 games, 10 points. You can guess alone what happened... I'm so sad, I really wanted this to be a long lasting save. Will try to holiday a bit to see maybe we can jump start our career but I doubt it. Might do a small journey man career instead of this if nothing comes up.
  6. December 2018 YES! We finally managed to get a win when it looked like it was the end of our time. This win bought me at least one more game as manager and with 5 points from 12, I can't be too mad (considering we had 6 from 42 previously). With the Transfer window opening, I will be looking to bring in some loan players as we can't really afford to pay wages. There is a change in my guidelines for this window. Looking at the state of the club, we will have to look at Spanish players that aren't Catalan so that I can at least get safety and stay as manager.
  7. November 2018 We are a joke at the back... I'd say if we don't get at least two wins in December we are sacked. Would be a shame to end this so early
  8. October 2018 I switched the tactic this month. At first it looked alright, as we managed to come from 3-1 down to draw with Ontinyent, and then get a draw. The two losses were really bad. No wins in 10 games, if we don't turn it around next month I'm not sure I will keep my job.
  9. September 2018 Well, what can I say. We've been really poor when it comes to scoring goals and then in the last two games this month we stopped defending. Going to try and get some sort of formation out of this team as we really won't get anywhere with this sort of form.
  10. Preseason 2018 We've not played against the toughest of oppositions, but I truly believe that we will go into the season with our heads held high. Both the board and the media expect us to finish midtable. Hopefully we can at least finish on the other side of that "midtable" category.
  11. The club finds itself in a recent rise through the ranks. Starting the 2008/09 season in the 7th tier of Spanish football, the small club has managed to achieve three straight promotions, and in the 2013/14, played it's first game in the third division (Segunda División B), after the change of format in 1987. The current season will be their 5th in total in the Segunda División B, while they have played 28 seasons in total in the Tercera División (today's 4th tier) and the rest of it's history in the Regional leagues of Catalonia. The Basic facilities available to us will mean that until we manage to have a steady income, it will be hard for us to really go forward. This is the team that we have at the start of the season. We won't be able to bring players in until January but There are some really good players here already that should last us for the season ahead. I like the fact that we have only one player in on loan (Pol) and most of the players have a contract for 2 seasons. We are not in a great situation financially. My main goal in this area is to work on a profit - I will not buy any players unless we have earned that money from selling other players. First thing to deal with is getting ourselves within the budgets. Main Guidelines: As an up and coming manager in a small club, I will be very strict in the transfer window. I will thrive to make this club a homegrown club as soon as possible. I don't want to make this a youth only type of save, but I will say this: · Spanish players that I bring in must be Catalan. · We are only allowed 3 foreign players (that aren't HG). · By the 5th season, we should have no foreign players. These guidelines are not set in stone, and may change according to how the save goes. Who knows, maybe we will full in love with a Brazilian lady that will open us up to new markets.
  12. UNIÓ ESPORTIVA OLOT From Catalan Mountainst the the Beach of Barcelona Hell friends! I am happy to introduce you to my first save in FM19. This story, as you can see, will follow the steps of Oriol Terradelląs, a young and enthusiastic manager, looking to make history in one of Catalonia's smaller clubs. The 22 year old manager has finished his first coaching course, which was all he needed to apply for the managerial position at Olot. With his home town Manlleu being just 32km away from the city of Olot, he couldn't have turned down this opportunity to kick start his career as a manager.
  13. Best of luck on this save! Sure you will do amazing as always
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