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  1. Ohhh didn't know that! Quite interesting though as they have the same logo as the BC Also, wanted to ask - at the beginning of the save do you "add players to playable teams" or just used the blacked out ones until the intake?
  2. Okay, I'm still reading this thread, and have to say that this was an amazing story so far! BUT!!!! why were you playing against a basketball team here?
  3. I'm just waiting to see what the best player you get is. Would be nice if you manage to build them up to be some force until you get poached!
  4. @Makoto Nakamura Any idea on what you next save will be?
  5. Amazing! Now tell me it has nothing to do with the Halloumi
  6. 100%! Now, see how easy it will be getting through in the next season
  7. Looking at his figure, he probably has.
  8. Alright. Looking at this thread I think I know your problem - lack of Halloumi. This is the second time I am breaking my vow of not posting until you eat it, but it seems like you aren't getting the right connection to your players, fans and the club. I am sure that once you eat Halloumi the round of 16 curse will dissolve.
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