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  1. 3rd season and 3rd promotion, upgraded Junior Coaching again and the players coming through actually look better than what I've been used to! We lost 13 players throughout the season which is annoying, it's way too early to turn Semi-Pro but it would definitely help....
  2. A 2nd promotion in 2 years, we were guaranteed promotion but only guaranteed to be champions when Burgess Hill Athletic could only draw with AFC Uckfield Town. We lost 14 players throughout the season but I did manage to improve the Junior Coaching which is always a plus.
  3. Damn, hopefully things can sort themselves out for you to make more transfers! Has anyone else been linked with vacant jobs at least once every 3 days?
  4. Don't know if I'm too late to join the party but I'm going to anyway, started with Crawley United with the add players to playable teams option unticked so they started with just greys, I signed up the greys and decided that I wasn't going to sign anyone from transfers and I'm going to rely on the youth that come through. Here's how I did in the first season. Now it's the start of June and everyone is wanted by every club known to man. Fun.
  5. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie C2/A - 2014/15 League Table - I was not expecting that! We are one of the weak sides but our defence was solid and we managed to sneak into the playoffs and managed to gain promotion! Serie C Cup - Lost out in the first group stage. Transfers - Again fewer transfers, the players who want to come here are of the same standard, but they want wages much higher than we can afford. Squad - A small squad that really held together, next season is going to be very difficult Finances - The board have stopped putting money in, our attendances are still low although our average has increased from 93 to 530. Key Players Gabriele Ippoliti - Again he was great. Giovanni Taormina - Our defenders were the stars of the season. Luca Bellucci - Our highest scorer. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | | 2010/11| Serie D Grp. E | 5th | | 2011/12| Serie D Grp. E | 2nd | | 2012/13| Serie D Grp. F | 3rd | | 2013/14| Serie D Grp. F | 1st | Promoted! | 2014/15| Serie C2/A | 5th | Promoted! |
  6. Thanks Jolan In real life the groups are regional but I think in this they're just mixed.
  7. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie D Grp.F - 2013/14 League Table - A great season! We conceded just 18 goals all season and beat the records point total for this league!! Transfers - Less transfers this season but still a lot, much happier with the signings this season. Squad - A good squad for the league but will need improvement to avoid relegation next season. Finances - A repeat of last season, we could really do with more people coming to games, our average attendance was the lowest in the league with just 93, the next lowest was relegated Centese with 147 and the 2 highest clubs attendances were Meda with 1544 and Cecina with 1011. Key Players Gabriele Ippoliti] - Can't have a season without him being there. Evangelista Cunzi - Our top scorer, gutted to lose him to Serie C1/B side Sorrento. Roberto Inglese - Our 2nd highest scorer. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | | 2010/11| Serie D Grp. E | 5th | | 2011/12| Serie D Grp. E | 2nd | | 2012/13| Serie D Grp. F | 3rd | | 2013/14| Serie D Grp. F | 1st | Promoted! |
  8. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie D Grp.F - 2012/13 League Table - A very disappointing season, way too many draws and we were down in 10th with just 11 games to go. Italian Cup - With us finishing 2nd we debuted in the Italian Cup, we got through to the 2nd qualifying round which is 1 round further than I expected. Transfers - Not happy with this seasons transfers in all honesty I expected more. Squad -Still a small squad but it isn't great. Finances - Again finances are floating between red and black. Key Players David Cenci - Highest average rating. Gabriele Ippoliti - Another great season for him. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | | 2010/11| Serie D Grp. E | 5th | | 2011/12| Serie D Grp. E | 2nd | | 2012/13| Serie D Grp. F | 3rd | |
  9. Yes, but the board say they don't see the benefit.
  10. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie D Grp.E - 2011/12 League Table - A gain of 5 points this season and it saw us rise to 2nd, maybe next season we can finally get promoted. Transfers - A lot less movement as I try to keep the squad smaller and more compacted. Squad -A much smaller squad with some good quality, maybe next season we'll be able to attract some better loanees. Finances - Finances are more stable and board investments are getting less and further between. Key Players Marco Civilleri - Brought him in on loan in January and he had an instant impact. Andrea Cussigh - The highest average rating this season for the tall, fast defender. Gabriele Ippoliti - Another great season for Gabriele. Andrea Di Mauro - Our top scorer. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | | 2010/11| Serie D Grp. E | 5th | | 2011/12| Serie D Grp. E | 2nd | |
  11. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie D Grp.E - 2010/11 League Table - We were moved into a different group, we finished 4 places higher than last season but only improved by one point. Transfers - Another season of a lot of movement. Squad - An improvement on next season, could do with a couple of better players and maybe a top 3 finish next season. Finances - The board carried on pumping in little investments so now we're almost into the black. Key Players Vicenzo Buscemi - Great season for Vicenzo. Gabriele Ippoliti - One of the highest earner but so far he has justified his wages. Enrico Mini - Solid first season for the defensive midfielder. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | | 2010/11| Serie D Grp. E | 5th | |
  12. A.S.D. Manzanese - Serie D Grp.C - 2009/10 League Table - We did very well, finishing 10 places above our predicted finish, I'll be looking to build on this next season as there is only one promotion place on offer. Transfers - A lot of movement in the transfer window, players coming and going to get better players in and to keep our wage budget under control. Squad - A good squad, hopefully if I keep improving we can aim for top 5 next season. Finances - The finances are getting better, and this is because the board keep providing me with small investments which is really helping. Key Players Gabriele Ippoliti - The best average rating and a solid defender. David Cenci - Another solid defender this season. Simone Amadori - Our top scorer this season, last played for Tre Penne in San Marino. Season | Division | Position | Achievements | --------------------------------------------------- 2009/10| Serie D Grp. C | 9th | |
  13. Hello everyone, I've decided for the time being to uninstall FM14 and for the time being go back to a past FM game, FM10 runs really well on my computer so I decided that I wanted to do a save in Italy. I loaded the editor to add in Serie D and decided to take over the club that was worth the least. Associazione Sportiva Dilettantistica Manzanese is an Italian association football club, based in Manzano, Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Manzanese currently plays in Eccellenza Friuli – Venezia Giulia. The club was founded in 1919. In the season 2009-10 it has played for an only one season in Serie D. Manzano is a tiny municipality with a population of 6,845, their stadium is a 1,250 all-seater so they are not living outside their means with a massive staidum. FM Information: Key Players: The initial aim will be to gain promotion from Serie D where we're predicted to be relegated first season.
  14. 2014 Madagascars best year as a nation without a doubt! The group stage was very tough and we were the highest scoring group in the tournament, you have to feel for Zambia who finished bottom even though they scored 16 goals in 6 games, Andria has been amazing this year scoring 10 goals in just 9 appearances! Madagascar's progress, their previous highest ranking was 81st in 1993, I took them to 55th! And the group stage for the African Cup of Nations at the start of next year, hopefull I'll be able to take 3rd from Mozambique. Best 11 Key Players: Andria Paulin Voavy Anicet Future Stars? Roland Tovonay Fulgence Razafindrakoto
  15. I would say if you want to stick to a nation and use a club to build up that nations strength then it's fine, I'm very lax on rules and enjoy the challenge how you wish, with most nations in real life the challenge would be to qualify, never mind winning Also I've changed the challenger layout thanks to excel: I won't be able to update it much for the next couple of days as I'm barely going to be at home, I'll try to get my 2014 Madagascar update though.