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  1. 3rd season and 3rd promotion, upgraded Junior Coaching again and the players coming through actually look better than what I've been used to! We lost 13 players throughout the season which is annoying, it's way too early to turn Semi-Pro but it would definitely help....
  2. A 2nd promotion in 2 years, we were guaranteed promotion but only guaranteed to be champions when Burgess Hill Athletic could only draw with AFC Uckfield Town. We lost 14 players throughout the season but I did manage to improve the Junior Coaching which is always a plus.
  3. Damn, hopefully things can sort themselves out for you to make more transfers! Has anyone else been linked with vacant jobs at least once every 3 days?
  4. Don't know if I'm too late to join the party but I'm going to anyway, started with Crawley United with the add players to playable teams option unticked so they started with just greys, I signed up the greys and decided that I wasn't going to sign anyone from transfers and I'm going to rely on the youth that come through. Here's how I did in the first season. Now it's the start of June and everyone is wanted by every club known to man. Fun.