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  1. When trying to get a player tutored does it only let you do if the game thinks there is a player suitable? Like over a certain age, certain attributes etc.? I'm trying to get a few tutored but no learn from player options are there. Do you think it's because the oldest player in my team is 24? Thanks.
  2. Anyone now how i set a player to tutor a youngster? can't seem to find it. And whats PPM? i hear people talking about it. I used the search but it never finds what i want, thanks.
  3. It seems so simple when someone shows you lol, thanks Heath EDIT - You would of thought when i went to my transfer centre it would be in there somewhere, maybe thats just too easy!
  4. Thank you DirtyACE, quality answer. Yeah i meant the one you pointed out so i can see passes, passes completed and assist etc. Another one though, i cant seem to find my shortlist, in older games i could click shortlist and it would show me all the players i've bid for, scouted and all players i've added to the shortlist etc! I'm thinking its not there but hopefully its just hiding from me like the stats.
  5. IS there no longer the option to see players stats while the game is in play? Like passes, tackles, assists etc? I cant see it anywhere.
  6. hi guys, stupid question 1 and 2 from me! I want to use a training schedule i just seen in this forum but i have no idea where to put it after downloading it! Also the same goes with tactics. I haven't played football manager since 08 and totally forget where everything goes, any help would be greatly appreciated.
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