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  1. dami

    Moldovan Monopoly

    wish he would continue someday:thup:
  2. Player:Yakubu Aiyegbeni Match: Nigeria vs Eritrea Description: Yakubu scores a sensational long distance goal which into the top corner
  3. dami

    Chairman manager 2011 V2

    Wow...that's a magnificent goal by Aguero
  4. Rustam Daminov Up to 3 Positions - MC, AMC, ST Preferred foot :Right 2 player attributes to set to 11 Player Attribute 1 -Creativity Player Attribute 2 -Technique 3 player attributes to set to 10 Player Attribute 3 -Passing Player Attribute 4 -Work rate Player Attribute 5 -Pace 2 player attributes to set to 8 Player Attribute 6 -Off the ball Player Attribute 7 -Decisions 3 hidden player attributes to select and set to any number Hidden Attribute 1 (and score) -Consistency 20 Hidden Attribute 2 (and score) -Ambition 19 Hidden Attribute 3 (and score) -Versatility 18
  5. dami

    Moldovan Monopoly

    Someone needs to injure Kolvalchuk again :D On the plus side i earn the most money per week:applause:
  6. dami

    Avoid The Drop 2.0

    No award for me:mad: but congrats to those who got awards Suggestion for award-Most trophies won
  7. dami

    Moldovan Monopoly

    Finally a move away from Gladbach:applause:
  8. dami

    Moldovan Monopoly

    Hope one of those teams make a bid
  9. dami

    Chairman manager 2011 V2

    Chelsea F.c Press Release The new board at Stamford bridge this morning announced that they have completed the signing of Sergio Aguero, Fabian Monzon, Mcdonald Mariga, Toni Kroos and Neven Subotic. This new signings add to an ever increasing assemblage of talent at Stamford bridge and are also seen as replacements for the aging squad by some fans of the club. Further details from the transfer such as price and length of contract have not been made public as of this press release"
  10. German Striker of the year...Bring on Round 2!!!
  11. good run tikki man but it looks over for you...
  12. Name: Rustam Daminov Nickname: Nationality/Second Nationality (optional): Crotian/Moldova D.O.B: 07/07/'89 Place Of Birth: Zagreb Height: 5'9" Weight: 69kg Foot: Right Preferred Position: Mc Secondary Position: AMC 2 Technical Attributes at 16: Technique, Passing 2 Technical Attributes at 15: First touch, Dribbling 2 Technical Attributes at 14: Finishing, Crossing 2 Mental Attributes at 16: Creativity,Off the Ball 2 Mental Attributes at 15: Anticipation,Work rate 2 Mental Attributes at 14: Decisions, Flair 1 Physical Attribute at 16: Strength 1 Physical Attribute at 15: Balance 1 Physical Attribute at 14: Pace Player Preferred Moves (Pick 3): Tries killer balls, Moves into channels, Runs with ball through center Retire at end of contract? OR Future Transfer after 20 years? - Future transfer to Hereford
  13. dami

    CSE United (v2)

    I'd suggest creating a manger for FC Wakefield, but determining his stats might be a problem...
  14. Name: Rustam Daminov Nickname: Dami D.O.B: 09/09/89 Nationality (2nd Optional): Crotian/ Moldovan Foot: Right Height: 5'9" Weight: 69kgs 3 Attributes to be set at 20: Finishing,Composure,Technique
  15. Player Name - Rustam Daminov Player Nationality - Crotian 2nd nationality- Moldovan The variables that you can set for your sweeper; Preferred foot (main foot set to 20, weaker foot set to 10): Right Up to 8 visible player attributes to set to 18 (all other visible player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Visible Player Attribute 1 - Heading Visible Player Attribute 2 - Tackling Visible Player Attribute 3 - Marking Visible Player Attribute 4 - Anticipation Visible Player Attribute 5 - Jumping Visible Player Attribute 6 - Positioning Visible Player Attribute 7 - Natural Fitness Visible Player Attribute 8 - Stamina Up to 3 hidden player attributes to select and set to any number (all other hidden player attributes will be left to be randomly generated) Hidden Attribute 1 (and score) - Versatility- 15 Hidden Attribute 2 (and score) - Ambition- 20 Hidden Attribute 3 (and score) - Consistency - 20 One Player Preferred Move - Stays back at all times Blue Square Premier Club - Tamworth Preferred Squad Number - 19