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  1. You think you broke the game and you decide to tell on it? Next time give us a couple of months :-)
  2. Oh my! How could I not find myself. Thanks.
  3. Hi, Is there any way to disable the in-game editor? I like to make smaller changes for a new save, but don't want to be tempted to remove let's say a 7-8 injury by a single click. That would remove the gameplay faster than you can say; "Donald Trump".
  4. To all with lagging issues on your macs. Try setting the graphics at medium or high and only untick "crowd". On my MBP with the same specs as OPs, there's quite a difference in smoothness on the graphics plying without a crowd, and it's something SI should look in to right away...
  5. I don't get any messages. I just tried to find a an explanation to why my Mac was so stressed when playing in windows mode. It all started when i tried to play the game in window mode on an external screen. It works but it's a living hell to get the game changed from full screen to window and get the buttons to work as supposed. Please check my two videos for better understanding: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/z3a7dcgk9rk8tcw/AACe3Y4d9nALzPpSDKPTxvOTa?dl=0
  6. Just did a reinstall of Steam, rebooted the computer but the gameoverlayui still crashes. FM17 works fine in full screen though.
  7. It seems that a program that steam loads, gameoverlayui, crashes every time I load the game in window mode. The game works but the computer starts heating up on all matches, especially when crowds are ticked on. I should notice that I'm using a external screen but it also happened that one time i just windowed the game without my external screen. Everything works perfectly when in full screen and external screen isn't attached. I've tryed reboot both steam and game, but it happens every time. Same issue after rebooting my computer.
  8. I'm completely powerless when the opposition goes to 4123 DM Wide. Changing the Full Backs to "Defend" and man marking the wingers, seems to help a bit, but overall the opposition just look massively over powered in that formation. I know it's Beta but this is ridiculous.
  9. Im using it too with my tiny Bromley FC. Working wonders so far but the lack of quality among my players shines trough from time to time. Defending against crosses are hell, just like with any other tactic :-) Also I haven't yet found the recipe to stand against teams that only plays counter attacking.
  10. When you think that the Match Engine is how football should being played in real life ...
  11. What happened to the first version? Can't find link here or on fm-base ...
  12. My sweepers are retrained DMC's and the tactical position is Libero/Attacking, not sweeper. Works quite well.
  13. I'm actually having great success with this setup, and have spend 2-3 seasons on tweaks and stuff. Enjoying the game right now (ME not included) as I'm normally not that good at implementing my own tactical ideas. I can PM the tactic if you want.
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