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  1. I think that the wage system for a manager is absurd. I've won the EPL, FA Cup, League Cup, Champions League and World Club Championship with QPR over the years. Yes with QPR!!! And yet when my contract is almost up, they offer me a pathetic sum of not more than 20k a week to stay with them. They will not even oblige on a 1k increase when I tried negotiating with them. So I decided to resign after my contract ended and guess what.....the next manager that they signed was being paid 80k a week whom got sack 2 years later. Same goes for a transfer offer of my players. For example my player A is valued at 20 mil but they only offer me like 4-5 mil plus other add ons but they have no problem spending 70-80 mil on players from other AI teams. This seriously is absurd.
  2. Wow 12 leagues running? With a huge or normal database? And do you also open other applications while playing like itunes, internet explorer etc? Do you experience any lag at all? My FM 14 is lagging like crazy on my old imac whereas FM 13 not so much even while surfing youtube. And yes I am thinking of upgrading the 4GB RAM to 16GB.
  3. Hi guys, Just need to hear of your expertise regarding this matter. Is Mac Mini powerful enough to run FM 14 with 3d match engine and a large database? I am thinking of getting the 2.3GHz Mac mini Specifications 2.3GHz quad-core Intel Core i7 4GB memory 1TB hard drive1 Intel HD Graphics 4000 OS X Mavericks Your inputs will be greatly appreciated.
  4. You even have to instruct players on how to take a throw in? Isn't it pure common sense that you should pass the ball to your own team mates instead of throwing it straight to the opponent?
  5. Why do the players keep throwing the ball straight to the opponent??? This is really annoying and dumb!!
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