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  1. Hmm. These smaller clubs could be full of grey players. I don't know how much memory will all these grey players cost. But maybe you guys can adjust the database. For instance, having less players from other leagues. Because in that case, maybe one can only select up to 4? or 5? top leagues from different nations, to have a fairly full database. And of course, I mean 7 European leagues. Now I would cut it to 4 or 5. Is that OK?
  2. Thank you for replying to me, of course I would like to see it happen. (FMH is based on CM/FM, after all) Anyway, I can still get over with it, even playing without a lot of players. I mean if it's too heavy work to rewrite the database system... then maybe it's just not gonna happen.
  3. No I don't but I know they are really genius, I can never make such a brilliant game. I love it, that's why I want it to become better. Peace.
  4. OK, how many teams in Liga Adelante have great players like Gerard Deulofeu or Jese Rodriguez? I guess not many. Same with other leagues. That makes me consider them part of "Rest of the World" just like Eastern European or South American wonderkids. I guess it's not very easy to have more leagues. Licensing issues, memory issues. But well... as I said, FMH is the champion of managerial games on tablets/phones. So I think SI will just keep sitting at the top and making big money rather than paying attention to these tiny issues.
  5. Come on. Even the second division of a "top league only" nation is full of greyed out players. Plus since these are playable countries the players already existed. And btw, isn't it the same when we have England leagues only? Now we just make L1-BSP north/south full of grey players. And we make some other leagues playable. Thing is, the leagues number we play are the same, it's not about one or seven nations, it's about how many leagues we play.
  6. I don't quite get it. What's the differences in required processing power/memory space between 7 leagues in one nation and 7 leagues in multiple nations? OK I'm sorry for using capitals, but I really want to get this worked out. This is so...
  7. Issues: As we all know in FMH 2013, we can choose playable leagues from 4 countries, with one country have all leagues and other 3 top leagues only. That's not the case in FM2013, in which you can choose playable leagues whatever you like. Like, in FMH2013, when I choose England, the playable leagues will be: EPL, Npower champ, League 1, League 2, Conference, North, South (7 leagues total.) But what if I don't want to play the lower leagues? What if I want to play just Championship and Premier league, but not L1 and lower leagues? I cannot do that in FMH2013 because If I don't choose England as the main playable nation I can get no more than EPL. That's really frustrating. I am sure that FMH will be the best football manager game on tablets or phones, but that doesn't mean it's perfect. Just like I said, you guys can make it more like FM2013, and give us more options to choose playable leagues. For example I might choose EPL, Npower championship, Bundesliga, Serie A, La Liga, SPL, and Ligue 1 as playable leagues, and that sums up 7 as well. You see if one only interested in playing bigger leagues, this is going to be very interesting for him. And it's also frustrating that the database is smaller when you select multiple leagues. I can understand that this is because more processing power is required. But well, let's take a look at this. You have close to none in Russian and Turkish leagues when you select more than one league. But it's not meant to be like that. You can play up to 7 leagues (when choosing England) to get a more detailed database in Russian, Turkish leagues etc. As I mentioned above, 7 leagues can be distributed to one country only, or to multiple countries. What I'm trying to say is, I'm basically playing top leagues (at most second tier) in FMH2013, and I think it makes sense, since it is beyond our phone's processing power to play both top leagues and lower leagues in multiple nations. So, why can't I play top leagues only in more than 4 nations, since I do like to play more top leagues rather than lower leagues. I'm not saying it's bad, but SI, you aren't giving us an option. Those who like lower leagues can stick to their lower leagues, while those who like big leagues should also get a chance to play more top leagues. Solution: So, SI, the little feature I'm trying to convince you to add is like this. It's like in FM2013, where you can choose leagues from any countries, and you can specify leagues you want to play in these countries. And on the database size/detail matter, you should point out in the game setup. For example, when player select 1-7 leagues, the database detail will be "large", and when he selects 8-12 leagues, the database detail should display as "medium", and there is surely a limit to playable leagues, let's say 15, when he selects 15 leagues it will be "small". I mean, when one select only 7 leagues, there should be more players in Eastern European/South America leagues than when he selects 15 leagues.
  8. I have the same problem. I have been playing the German league and got England, Italy, Spain running as well. Now Blackburn, Bolton, Wolves, Cardiff are filled with wonderkids from many countries of the world. Mostly French, Dutch, Brazilian and Argentinian players. I'm currently playing an older version of FMH2013, that means I didn't download the updates... I hope you can get this thing fixed when you guys update the database.
  9. Casillas Balzaretti Ramos Piqué Jordi Alba De Rossi Pirlo Iniesta Xavi Cristiano Ronaldo Balotelli POTT Xavier Hernandez
  10. Lewandowski, or BLaszczykowski
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