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  1. I agree with what Hawar said. I hate regens. Many of them are Defender but have the attributes of a Striker. I think it would be fantastic if aparecece in the game a new Ronaldinho with 16 years old in 2016. But it would also be nice if the Regens were players who have retired and are not even in the game. For example, Zidane, Figo, Gamarra, Roy Keane, etc. Nothing fancy. Only players who were playing in the 90s and retired between 2000 and 2006. I think it would be fantastic and everyone would love the Regens!!!!! Cheers.
  2. I think the employment contract of the coaches should be improved. The contract should have bonus and the coach could get a sponsorship,both clubs and in teams. So the coach can collect the money and then you can buy a club and manage it as president and as a coach. A lot of players only develop up to 24 years. I think that like in FIFA Manager, players should move the attributes to the end of his career. What I mean is that the potential of the players should not be fixed. For example, Ozil is on Werder Bremen and has a potential of 185 but tomorrow he may transfer to Manchester United and exceed the estimate of 185 PA and go to 200 PA. The players appear today and are listed as new Scholes. But he can not go very far or can even become better than Scholes. Are only estimates, do you agree? So I guess the player's potential should not be fixed and I think that instead of going to 200, should go up to 1000. Excuse me for not speaking English so well. I'm still learning. Cheers.