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  1. Atherton I've only had for a year but he's dropped 3 points in determination, in fairness both my team leaders were lower than him at about 8 and 13 determination but it feels a bit extreme. Harkin has been here 2 years and dropped 2 points, the first year I'm not sure of the Team Leaders but in the second there was the 8 and 13 (same as above) but he still fell, so I'm guessing he liked the one that had 8. Craig is a player who has slightly gone up, same Team Leaders as Harkin but it's strange that he's so slow compare to the steep drop of the others. I don't have too many players that increase as I usually focus on getting high determination players. This season I've sold my 8 determination team leader and I'll post anything I notice from that (just started the season). I appreciate the answer back, I'm not positive it is a bug just trying to rule it out as it does seem more focused in reducing the attribute than increasing.
  2. Only 1 of the 8 determination is a team leader along with a 13 and another 8 determination in highly influention with 4 others above 10. I'm thinking it's a bit strong myself but I'm going to try mentor some of them and see if it starts picking up
  3. My squad started with the season with almost all of my guys over 10 determination and most of them sitting around 14, but over the season they've been regularly dropping in determination because of Less Desirable Characteristics. The squads personalities are usually balanced or fairly determined or fairly proffessional so I have no idea why it should be going down. Any ideas on why it could be happening? I also don't think it's due to the recent hotfix as the players are slowly decreasing and it's not a mega jump by a few points
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