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  1. 5 seasons in on a save in Gibraltar. Been quite successful, winning a number of cups and the league 4/5 seasons. All my stats are creeping up but determination has not - How do I go about increasing this, please? Thanks.
  2. Thanks for the comment - Great thread you have going there. I will definitely be taking some of those ideas on board. "Main basis" was perhaps the wrong choice of words for the article I added, but it will be the starting point for me. I have found that I can't simply set up my players to play a certain way if they are not suited to it, so the idea will be to create something that will get the best out of what I have. Game has just arrived so I am going to get involved!
  3. Since the game changed from FM11 to FM12 I have not been able to get to grips with the tactics. Before it was a simple case of deciding how you wanted to play, choosing your players, signing better players and eventually becoming the greatest human being that has ever lived. But since the game has changed I have failed to grasp how to come up with a decent tactic in order to play, I have posted on the forums and have received plenty of useful advice but it still has not been enough for me to be able to come up with a tactic I am happy will work. By work, I do not mean smash everyone 5-0-work, by work I mean I will not get smacked 1-5 by Roma at home not knowing why my team is playing like absolutes *****. Over the last few years I have taken to using plug and play tactics, this does not fill me with the same sense of enjoyment I would have when I was telling the teams I managed to play 'my' way. The purpose of this thread is to primarily help me write down all of my findings and slowly work out how to come up with tactics that are feasible and that will eventually lead to promotions and titles. In addition to this, I hope it will give people that do not have a clue what is going on a step by step guide showing how to see where tactics can go wrong and how to address them. Finally, it will also give the opportunity for anyone else reading to chime in and say "the reason why you are conceding so many is because you have your MC running around like a ******* as a BWM". The main basis for the creation of tactics will be this article: http://www.footballmanagerstory.com/fm-2015-tactics-guide-create-tactic/ I read that thinking to myself, "it is so ****ing simple! of course I can do this" knowing full well I will be tearing my hair out as I get sacked from my first job. Fingers crossed, hopefully things will go well. I shall post the early stages later on this afternoon.
  4. Thanks dude, good to know I am not the only one!
  5. Been playing in Skrill South with Boreham Wood, can't manage to win the league in first season and I keep starting a new game in order to do this. I've managed to find a tactic and squad that I am happy with and should be able to get me through the season, I normally start off well, most recent one started off undefeated in first 7 games (6w/1d). Then went 5 games without a win (4l/1d), (including two vs Herne Bay in the FA Cup qualifiers - A team like mine should be swatting them aside, I have noticed that I very rarely perform in any cup competition). In a previous save my season fell apart with three wins from 10 games at the business end (was convinced I had finally cracked it). Is there anyway to stop a loss from turning into 5 on the bounce - As you can imagine, its very frustrating when you see your team destroy teams, then forget what a football is when Herne Bay turn up at your ground. Would appreciate any advice.
  6. Signed a keeper at the start of the season... 1/4 of the way in a soon discovered he was stealing a living off me and is a liability. This other keeper on the market came up, quality for Skrill Premier. Negotiations have broken down a few times and since then I have got the same page when trying to offer a contract to him "My client is not willing to re enter negotiations with your club following the previous break down in talks". It has probably been 3/4 months and I have never had this screen stay on for as long before. Do players grow to dislike a club if contract talks break down enough times or is this a bug? Cheers
  7. Cheers for that! Looks interesting. I have messed about with putting wingers further in and having the fullbacks on attack - Do not normally like to go all out though as I don't really think the players will be of a good enough standard. With that said I will deffo give it a look as I want my team to keep the ball when we are the one that is superior.
  8. Cheers for the reply guys. I had push higher up along with closing down. I found that direct passing lead to me just hoofing the ball up aimlessly and the short passing with drop deeper would mean that I would not get anywhere near the opposition goal. Closing down worked well with push higher up, my thinking being that conf. south standards would be quite low and no one would be able to properly deal with a high pressure tactic. I gave the RB a defend duty to make sure that I would not be over committing players forward. Cheers for the replies guys. Think I am going to start again (don't like wasting seasons in divisions I know I can get out of first time). I will post a short update with changes that I made and how I got on.
  9. So I went with stand off for the playoff matches, got through comfortably to the final, then lost 8-1 in the final. Needless to say I was not best pleased. Going forward into the new season and I have 8 points after 6 games. Not good enough considering I was hoping to win the league. Early days yet though. I am tempted to go back to my original tactics as I had less chances created against me (even though they only needed one or two). Would appreciate any help. Thanks.
  10. What would the result be if I selected neither Stand Off or Hassle Opponenents? I'm thinking Stand Off would prob make me more solid etc.
  11. Cheers mate, will do. Hassling opponents in the lower leagues would surely be of benefit due to low technical ability no?
  12. http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/redrock1986/media/Untitled1_zps87cf9066.png.html?sort=3&o=0 http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/redrock1986/media/Untitled_zps850c4fac.png.html?sort=3&o=1 Cheers for the quick reply. I've looked at the guides on here (very good btw, recommend anyone reading to check them out) and found that it was easier to build something simple yet effective with weaker players. I basically follow all of the main rules except for slow defenders and pushing higher up, however if I do not do this I find that I do not pose as much of an attacking threat.
  13. Story of my season, other teams only need one or two shots to score whilst I need 10+. Is it a simple case of getting better players. Just played Hayes and Yeading and they had 41% possession, 4 shots, 4 on target, 4 goals. This is an extreme, but the same basically happens in a fair few matches resulting in losses and draws. Would have easily walked the league otherwise.
  14. Was with Boreham Wood in my second season. Got off to a decent start in the league and was first, due to a FA Cup replay and a draw and a loss I fell to 8th (winning my two games in hand would have put me 1st or 2nd again). The board lost their **** and told me I needed 11 points from the next 5 games, I ended up getting 10 and sacked. Was expected to get promotion for the season (not win the league) and I was sitting in playoffs 4 points off top (if that). Feel quite hard done by because 4/5 games were away from home and the financial status of the club was pretty good (was operating 1k under my wage budget) and after 3 of the 5 games I was actually first (I went to look to see if I could call off their ultimatum but I was not able to). Also, I was still in the FA trophy and got to first 1st round of the FA Cup. Surely they have been too strict with me and this has to be an issue?
  15. Can offer them top facilities, trophies and european football every season - Some of these players are in Ligue 2. I would understand if I was trying to poach off Barca, Madrid, Milan, etc.
  16. I thought that club rep might have something to do with it so I tested it on a player from Auxerre (Ligue 2) and he wasn't having any of it. If my rep increases enough will these demands be more realistic? Also if anyone can suggest how I do that with Celtic (without stating the obvious/impossible win the CL) I would appreciate it. Thanks for the replies.
  17. I am playing as Celtic and I am trying to be a dirty poacher. I can sign some high class regens for reasonable wages considering the talent they could hold - However they want to be part of a squad rotation system and have no desire to be hot prospects. These are literally kids of 14/15 years old asking to be part of the first team. Any reason for this? Thanks
  18. http://s1348.photobucket.com/user/redrock1986/media/Untitled2_zps0260face.jpg.html?sort=3&o=0 This is what I am using. I normally go for a 4-3-2-1, playing long ball with a poacher up front (it is what worked for me on FM11) but I haven't have any chance of getting that to work. Basic 4-4-2 has given me best (if that is the correct word) results.
  19. I totally get that. And I know the type of football I can play with them is not going to revolutionize the game, but the amount of chances I create and the amount of possession I have is terrible considering the fact that I have been able to get hold of a couple of players that should know how to kick a ball. I checked out the LLM threads and took all the advice there i.e. Keep it basic, play to your strengths, be patient, etc. I will post my tactics up in a minute.
  20. Got hold of FM 13 and started a Truro save. Build up standard tactics that I normally use to get through the leagues but I am getting dicked every match and barely creating any chances. Tried watch full matches etc but nothing seems to be working. Could someone please enlighten me and tell me what I am missing? Is there someone about the match engine I should know about? I have read various posts and articles saying LLM is harder this year. Thanks.
  21. I always ask myself; "If you lost a match and the game crashed and then won the replay, would you keep playing the match over until you lost again?" The answer is no - So I just take the next result on the chin, win/lose or draw.
  22. Cheers for all the advice guys. Thing is I literally do not have the money for a brand new PC and don't know at what point I will be able to afford one. I think I could scrape together the funds to boost the RAM (and perhaps the motherboard if need be). I've already asked, RAM alone will cost like £30 apparently - So if all goes well I could be back on manager by Monday! Thanks again!
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