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  1. Time to start with my club Barcelona. Coutinhoooooo
  2. Cant wait to come from work tonight and give a go at Everton. My first save in this edition
  3. This video made me start a save with West Ham, finally some inspiration to start a save on FM after a few months.
  4. Im huge Barca fan and fan of their style of play. So im looking for a team that can play that kind of football.
  5. At start of this thread it say you get 25 milion € to spend on new players. But i only got 800k to avoid relegation, for winner i only get 1.6 milion €. Why is that ?
  6. Club: Swansea City Budget: 7 milion € Looking for: DC, DR, DL, DM Season: First Season (Pre-Season)
  7. Im looking for a team in Europe that has a lot of potential And doesnt have so much trophies... And good facilities also
  8. Im looking for lower division team in Europe: - That is young club - Has no history
  9. Im loooking forward to start save with Swansea. Can anyone tell me why is save with them fun to have ?
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