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  1. Just to add, I don't know if anybody has encountered any problems for the FA Cup, or if it's just the Carabao Cup, but the 3rd round draw has just be completed with no problems, so it must have just been some freak glitch with one round of one cup.
  2. It's not going to affect me really this season. I won my first round game but I'm managing Derby so it's not like this has ruined my chances of a trophy etc. Just out curiosity, what happens to the game records for the list of winners? Will this year just be blank as if the competition had never taken place?
  3. I only have the 3-file rolling auto-save which has now progressed further than that date. All the draws are stacking upon each other as news items on the calendar. I've got four Carabao Cup draws scheduled on each day as I continue through the game
  4. I have the same problem. Every time I reach the day of the draw, it's pushed back further. I've just gone past the date for the 2nd round with no games played and the 3rd round draw is due in a few days. Not really sure what's going to happen then?
  5. Thanks for an actual response to my question. I've asked for scouting reports of 15-17 year olds from these countries so hopefully there should be some results shortly.
  6. I realise the methods, but you're missing my point. My point is that despite having decent levels of knowledge in scouting nations such as England, France etc, only young German players appear on my list of players. I'm wondering why if I have knowledge of other nations' young players, then why do they technically not exist as far as my club are aware? I'd have to manually scout them before they appear on the list of players in the scouting tab.
  7. I know. I've checked the youth intake lists and it's happened in countries like England, France, Germany and Portugal. However only German players show up on the scouting page when I look for players of a certain age. I was wondering if there's a way I can sort other nations' regens by value or attributes rather than manually checking each one?
  8. Hi, I'm currently playing a save as Borussia Monchengladbach and I've reached March and the regen intake dates. I've managed to scout and pick up a couple of promising players from Germany, however I can't find any on the player search screen for countries like England and France? I have an English and French scout so I have knowledge of country, but when I scout for young players from France or England, it finds no results?
  9. Just realised that they're "FMC" Unlockables. Does this mean they're unavailable for the full-featured version then? Brilliant. Looks like I've wasted my money.
  10. Do these get applied for current games? For example if I have a player who can't play due to no work permit, and I buy the No Work Permit add-on, will that make my player eligible to play immediately or does it only apply to new games?
  11. Bryan Oviedo's contract is up. Perfect signing for left back for my Derby side who will be playing their second season in the PL. He's 26, played most of his national side's games this year, has already played in England. He played in England for Everton this season. Yet I can't get a work permit for him so have had to ditch the deal and look for a player of lower quality who I'll probably have to pay for. Great.
  12. No club will take him, even for 0% wages which is strange because he's a good player and I bought him from an Italian club so it's not like he'd have an issue of playing abroad.
  13. Hi everyone, I've had every FM from 2005 onwards and played Championship Manager before that also. This is a problem that I've never come across before, I don't know if it's new or not. I'm playing as my favourite side Derby, and I'm in the summer between the first and second seasons after winning promotion to the PL. I've spent 1/3 of my transfer budget on a striker called Duvan Zapata, and he's arrived with no work permit. I can't apply for one for another 77 days and my only affiliates are lower league English sides. I had a quick google and saw a solution to get an affiliate from a country in the EU that has short nationality time requirements, but after requesting an affiliate to gain a work permit, my board found no suitable clubs. Are there any other solutions to get this guy a work permit or am I going to have to wait for him to become a regular for Colombia (which won't happen if he doesn't play for me) before he can get a work permit? Thanks in advance.
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