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  1. Premier Legaue Allstars 2013

    Silvestre should be nowhere near the United one, which should also include Ronaldo. Besides that, I'm interested to see how this develops.
  2. [FM12] - Become a Pro!

    Player Information First name: Jamie Last Name: Clegg Nickname (optional): DOB: 06/06/1995 (16yo) City of Birth: Rochdale Nationality: English Second Nationality (optional): Welsh Height (CM): 183 Weight (KG): 77 Ethnicity: Northern European Hair Color: Light Brown Favourite clubs (optional): Manchester United, Rochdale Disliked clubs: (optional): Liverpool, Man City, Oldham, Bury Favourite personnel (optional): Sir Alex Ferguson, Ryan Giggs, Paul Scholes, Gary Jones (Rochdale) Disliked personnel (optional): Steven Gerrard, Carlos Tevez, Jamie Carragher Player data Contracted Club (leave blank to be a free agent): Rochdale Preferred position: ST Preferred foot: Right Preferred squad number: 13 3 x Technical Attributes: Finishing, First Touch, Dribbling 3 x Mental Attributes: Composure, Anticipation, Off the Ball 2 x Physical Attributes: Acceleration, Pace 2 x Bonus attributes: Determination, Stamina Personality (highlight 2 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Adaptability Ambition Controversy Loyalty Pressure Professionalism Sportsmanship Temperament Preferred Moves (highlight 3 x strengths below - use bold or put an X beside your selections) Shoots With Power Tries Killer Balls Often Plays Short Simple Passes Gets Forward Whenever Possible Moves Into Channels Gets Into Opposition Area Runs With Ball Through Center Runs With Ball Down Right Runs With Ball Down Left Places Shots Curls Ball Likes to Round Keeper Likes to Try To Break Offside Trap Argues with Officials Likes to Lob Keeper Plays No Through Balls Dwells On Ball Arrives Late In Opposition Area Tries To Play Way Out Of Trouble Stays Back At All Times Dives Into Tackles Does Not Dive Into Tackles Hits Freekicks With Power Runs With Ball Often Runs With Ball Rarely Shoots From Distance Avoids Using Weaker Foot Tries Long Range Free Kicks Cuts Inside Comes Deep To Get Ball Hugs Line Looks For Pass Rather Than Attempting To Score Marks Opponent Tightly Plays With Back To Goal Possesses Long Flat Throw Stops Play
  3. Let me know if there's any mistakes with this. Figured I'd get a last minute entry in as this looks interesting! Nationality: Saudi Arabia Name of Club: Arabian Knights Chairman Name: Mustafa Mustafa Chairman stats will be random, with the exception of loyalty. Don't want you leaving, do we? Home Kit: All green Away Kit: All white Stadium Name: Allah Sami Yen Preferred Manager: Gabriel Batistuta (not sure if he is in the game, if he isn't then Roy Keane) Chairmen have been granted £100m each to spend on the following areas: Youth facilities (£1m per level): 15 (15 million) Youth academy (£10m): Yes (10 million) Training facilities (£1m per level): 15 (15 million) Stadium Size (starts at 15000, £5m for each additional 5000): Extra 10,000 - stadium size of 25,000 (10 million) Reputation (starts at 3000, £4m for each additional 500): 6000 (24 million) Transfer Funds: 10 million Bank Balance Whatever is left over: 16 million Is everything fine with that?
  4. I definitely can't register my card with Google Wallet (my card is a Maestro) as the number on my card is not valid according to Google Wallet. I'll probably have to go down the route of buying a disposable card. Thanks for your input!
  5. This is only a brief question and one I most likely already know the answer to but is the only way to buy the game on Google Play via a credit card? I only own a debit card and I can't find anywhere to register that card as it only ever requests the details for a credit card. Like I said, I'm presuming I already know the answer to this but I'd love to be wrong as I won't be able to play the game on my phone otherwise. Cheers for any responses!
  6. It works nicely for me. Some of them are obvious but the differing talks regarding drawing games as the favourites was a nice suggestion I didn't think of.
  7. Babalan didn't play for no reason though, he was awful.
  8. Ordered mine from Gamestation on Wednesday night, arrived here about half an hour ago via postman. I'm impressed and will order from them again.
  9. FM 11 player with most '20's' in stats

    Ukrainian league isn't the highest level, nor is it the level below that. He has looked decent for Croatia though.
  10. Mine is on course to come tomorrow, which is great news as I ordered it at about half 5 last night (add on the 2 business days delivery and I presumed it'd be Monday by the time I got it). Got the email from Gamestation that it has been dispatched and is on track to be here by release day. Won't get much of a chance to play it till a day or two later though.
  11. Bit of a late pre-orderer, just done it now from Gamestation for 24.99. Hopefully they're a reliable bunch as I've never ordered anything online from them before.
  12. This is working really well for me, dished out a couple of thrashings (7-0, 6-0) so far and often have 70+% of the possession. I'm Barcelona btw, didn't fancy like risking a poor team with this tactic yet lol.