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  1. Thanks for your reply. Hmm well it seems like I am barking up the wrong tree then really, I shall have to reconsider my approach. Yes, I have come up against many defensive sides, the worst being a narrow 3421 formation with 3 centre backs, defensive wingbacks and two CMDs. As you say they don't react to the overload and my players on the overload side seem to just run into a cul-de-sac. A pity this doesn't seem to be a fruitful tactic anymore, having not played an FM between 14 and 20 it seems like I missed out on what seems like the peak years of 17/18!
  2. First of all, have to say @crusadertsar - what a thread! Clearly so much effort has gone into it and it is incredibly interesting and well put together so thanks! And thank you to all who have contributed, not often you sit down and just read through a 15 page thread in one go! I have been trying to implement an overload system with Arsenal similar to those discussed in the earlier part of the thread but I don't seem to be creating the overloads that other people have reported with their tactics so looking for some help. My tactic is below: This is the theory behind the
  3. Thanks! Ended up finishing the season in 8th, missing out on European football by a point despite making no signings all season. As mentioned before we were pretty defensively solid and ended up with the 5th best defence, conceding 38 goals and keeping 16 clean sheets - the 4th best in the league. In terms of goalscoring we were 11th best with 47, Joelinton coming in with 14 of those. Despite all this, I'm gonna scrap the save and start again, kinda got bored of our football and stopped putting the effort in for the second half of the season and just wanted to play the games and get thro
  4. Oops, I forgot I made this thread. Thanks for the advice, do you mean maybe tone down the pressing for example? Things have progressed on and I've actually managed to settle on a tactic (see below) that so far has provided some moderate success, 7th in the Premier League after 16 games (although we did get absolutely shafted in the League Cup by 'Boro). There are a few PI, nothing major and they are mostly in a desperate attempt to stop my wingers/wingbacks endlessly shooting when another player is wide open for a tap in but when has that ever worked hey. Part of t
  5. Hi all, Was a long term player of football manager from CM4 days up till around 2015 where I started to struggle and get pretty frustrated with the game, as I never really grasped and fully understood the tactical side of the game. I discovered FM20 was available on the Switch in the Touch format and decided I would give it another go and see how the game had progressed. While on the surface the tactical side of the things seem a lot more simple now (i.e. the multitude of mysterious sliders seem to have been replaced with much clearer instructions), I have been struggling to create a tac
  6. I thought I'd post in here rather than waste space with a new thread. I am on a different save but still badly struggling to keep clean sheets and if I do its generally due to goalkeeping heroics as we seem to be conceding at least 15 shots a game. Literally every single chance and goal scored against me are the same, all coming down my left flank. Either the opposition winger picks up the ball in his own half and runs the entire rest of the way before crossing for a goal, the opposition winger is left entirely unmarked for a cross or the opposition winger is played in by the centre forward fo
  7. I personally don't think moneyball translates into football, let alone football manager, as the sport is not broken down into individual moments/plays like baseball is. I don't really see a footballing equivalent of a player's on base % for example. Having said that if I was going to try this, I would probably holiday a season in so you have a season's player statistics to work with. Then you could start looking at relevant statistics, for example shortlisting strikers who won a high percentage of headers. You could then filter this down to players who got a high percentage of headers on targ
  8. Little update: as luck would have it, we actually played Sunderland again in the next game so a perfect chance to change things around and see how stuff goes. I changed the flexibility down to 'Fluid' and removed 'Look for Overlap' and 'Mark Tighter'. I also changed the BBM to a DLP(s) after reading a Chelsea thread on here and added 'Whipped Crosses' (I assume this is what is meant be drilled crosses? I couldn't see that anywhere...) The result? A nice 5-1 victory, pleasing to see that we didn't sacrifice much of the attacking verve we showed before but did look more solid defensively. Sund
  9. Definitely sounds helpful, I will see how things go! Thanks for the tips, having read this it all seems quite obvious but I guess sometimes its hard to see the mistakes staring at you straight in the face. Having thought about what you have said, I think the marking could have a lot to do with it, as I don't have a DM my CB probably are stretched too much trying to cope with AM and ST so my fullbacks end up coming inside to mark the strikers and so the wingers are left free. I'd say most goals conceded come from the (opposition's) right wing, as the winger is all to often left unmarked,
  10. Please help me spot the huge, gaping chasm in my defence. I am playing as Arsenal in the first season, attacking wise everything is beautiful, we play stunning football and score some really nice goals. However some thing happens to my side after half time and we just collapse. So far I've thrown away a 3-0 lead to Bradford (I managed to scrape a 4-3 win in the end), a 2-0 lead over Lille (finished 2-2) and have just thrown away a 4-0 lead at Sunderland (lost 6-4 in the end). I literally don't know what to do, we dominate possession, often 60+% but the opposition manage 20+ shots a game easily
  11. Nah, I think it used to be possible on some of the older versions but not on 15. A possibility would be to manually swap the players around every 10 mins or so using the quick sub menu. Or alternatively make three identical tactics with the AMs in different positions and keep changing the tactic.
  12. As someone who has tried (and for the most part failed!) to be successful with Newcastle this thread is very inspiring! Excellently laid out and explained as well You sold my favourite player, Abeid, though , but for your success I guess l can forgive you Interesting that you can squeeze some form out of Riviere, he was shocking for me in my latest version but did struggle to get any game time due to the awesomeness of Ferreyra. De Jong was another I really struggled with, just didn't fit in anywhere...
  13. I certainly think the narrow formation can work, the AI sides that use it (Liverpool, Manchester United and City in the games I have played) are very effective at it and although I do get some joy down the flanks against them I wouldn't say it is significantly more than against other sides. Admittedly they are all top sides (in FM terms anyway) so could be a different story for sides lower down the ladder. I have tried in the past to use a narrow formation and did have some success with both a 4312 and a 433 (with all three strikers narrow at the top) but we were noticeably weak down the fla
  14. I generally take the full backs off the post and get the best header of the two to mark the 6 yard box. Put a player on the edge of the area and two pacey players to stay up front. You'll still concede some goals from corners but it at least stops the annoying ping pong around your box that can often come from a corner and inevitably end in a scrambled goal. Similarly with free kicks I try and keep a player forward so if we clear it it doesn't come straight back.
  15. Quicky: Which of the central midfield roles (in the MC strata) gets furthest forward?
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