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  1. I thought I'd post in here rather than waste space with a new thread. I am on a different save but still badly struggling to keep clean sheets and if I do its generally due to goalkeeping heroics as we seem to be conceding at least 15 shots a game. Literally every single chance and goal scored against me are the same, all coming down my left flank. Either the opposition winger picks up the ball in his own half and runs the entire rest of the way before crossing for a goal, the opposition winger is left entirely unmarked for a cross or the opposition winger is played in by the centre forward for a shot. Here is an example: As you can see the opposition left winger Assaidi has the ball and Janmaat and Anita are both closing him down. The problem is that for some reason Steven Taylor seems to think he needs to fill in at right back, which pulls the entire defence over leaving Arnautovic completely free for a long diagonal ball. I cannot for the life of me understand why Taylor moves across there. I am currently playing a 4411, control, structured. TI: Shorter Passing, Pass Into Space, Work Ball Into The Box, Close Down More, the idea being that we would have a solid block of the two CB and two DLP from which the creative players could press and build attacks on. At first I figured maybe it was due to the Close Down More instruction pulling Janmaat out of position so I added the PI Close Down Less to him but the exact same scenario happened twice more. Looking at it now, its Janmaat's man I have no problem him closing him down so I'm thinking that wasn't the problem. Has anyone experienced this wondering CB problem?
  2. I personally don't think moneyball translates into football, let alone football manager, as the sport is not broken down into individual moments/plays like baseball is. I don't really see a footballing equivalent of a player's on base % for example. Having said that if I was going to try this, I would probably holiday a season in so you have a season's player statistics to work with. Then you could start looking at relevant statistics, for example shortlisting strikers who won a high percentage of headers. You could then filter this down to players who got a high percentage of headers on target. Combine this with a winger who had a high percentage of completed crosses and you might be onto something. However the problem arises in that even the best players can suck if you have the wrong tactics and conversely a poorer player can shine if you have a good tactical setup which might make all these statistics irrelevant. Additionally a player who for example has a high percentage of successful crosses probably has high attributes in all the right areas and so will be pretty valuable.
  3. Little update: as luck would have it, we actually played Sunderland again in the next game so a perfect chance to change things around and see how stuff goes. I changed the flexibility down to 'Fluid' and removed 'Look for Overlap' and 'Mark Tighter'. I also changed the BBM to a DLP(s) after reading a Chelsea thread on here and added 'Whipped Crosses' (I assume this is what is meant be drilled crosses? I couldn't see that anywhere...) The result? A nice 5-1 victory, pleasing to see that we didn't sacrifice much of the attacking verve we showed before but did look more solid defensively. Sunderland did have a lot of shots but looking back through the post match analysis they were mostly from corners and long throws, not due to my side being sliced wide open. Need to sort out my corner instructions it would seem! Again, thanks for all the pointers!
  4. Definitely sounds helpful, I will see how things go! Thanks for the tips, having read this it all seems quite obvious but I guess sometimes its hard to see the mistakes staring at you straight in the face. Having thought about what you have said, I think the marking could have a lot to do with it, as I don't have a DM my CB probably are stretched too much trying to cope with AM and ST so my fullbacks end up coming inside to mark the strikers and so the wingers are left free. I'd say most goals conceded come from the (opposition's) right wing, as the winger is all to often left unmarked, hopefully these changes will put a stop to that... Thanks a lot for the help!!
  5. Please help me spot the huge, gaping chasm in my defence. I am playing as Arsenal in the first season, attacking wise everything is beautiful, we play stunning football and score some really nice goals. However some thing happens to my side after half time and we just collapse. So far I've thrown away a 3-0 lead to Bradford (I managed to scrape a 4-3 win in the end), a 2-0 lead over Lille (finished 2-2) and have just thrown away a 4-0 lead at Sunderland (lost 6-4 in the end). I literally don't know what to do, we dominate possession, often 60+% but the opposition manage 20+ shots a game easily even with less than 40% possession. Sunderland had 47%, 30 shots. This is how we are playing: Control, Very Fluid. GK: D FB: A CB: D CB: D WB: S W: S BBM: S CM: D WM: A T: A P: A TI: Retain Possession; Shorter Passing; Work Ball into Box; Look for Overlap; Play Narrower; Stay on Feet; Use Tighter Marking; Prevent GK Distribution; Be More Expressive. Only PI is GK: Distribute to Full Backs Any help will be very much appreciated and maybe prevent my laptop being thrown out the window.
  6. Nah, I think it used to be possible on some of the older versions but not on 15. A possibility would be to manually swap the players around every 10 mins or so using the quick sub menu. Or alternatively make three identical tactics with the AMs in different positions and keep changing the tactic.
  7. As someone who has tried (and for the most part failed!) to be successful with Newcastle this thread is very inspiring! Excellently laid out and explained as well You sold my favourite player, Abeid, though , but for your success I guess l can forgive you Interesting that you can squeeze some form out of Riviere, he was shocking for me in my latest version but did struggle to get any game time due to the awesomeness of Ferreyra. De Jong was another I really struggled with, just didn't fit in anywhere...
  8. I certainly think the narrow formation can work, the AI sides that use it (Liverpool, Manchester United and City in the games I have played) are very effective at it and although I do get some joy down the flanks against them I wouldn't say it is significantly more than against other sides. Admittedly they are all top sides (in FM terms anyway) so could be a different story for sides lower down the ladder. I have tried in the past to use a narrow formation and did have some success with both a 4312 and a 433 (with all three strikers narrow at the top) but we were noticeably weak down the flanks. This thread has got me intrigued however and I'm now quite keen to give them another go
  9. Please, please, pleaaaaase sort out the Director of Football position, especially in terms of transfers. I have just started a game as Newcastle and to make it more of a challenge I brought in a DoF to be in charge of transfers, the idea being he would sell off my best players and I would have to look to the youth teams/suggest targets for him to sign and use the players he chose to brought in. I haven't got far enough in the game to see how he deals with the large amount of bids for my top players I am expecting (I have played as Newcastle before and was constantly turning down bids every transfer window) as I play with first window transfer budgets turned off. However I have asked him to sort a few deals in and out and he has failed utterly in every single one. First up I got offered an unattached 16 year old Croatian midfielder who, although not a world beater, looks much better than anyone else in his age group at the club. I add him as a transfer target and continue but the next day I get a message saying transfer has failed. I take the matter into my own hands and am able to sign him to a deal around 1k a week (what he asked for). Admittedly maybe this is quite a large wage for a 16 year old so I'll let him off. Next I want to sign Ferreyra on a permanent deal. There is an agreed fee of 6 million in his loan deal, so I tell him to sign him as a key player bidding no more than the asking price. Again he fails to sort a deal and I am forced to do it myself and sign him for 6 million. The worst of the bunch was trying to sell Rivière. FM has done an excellent job in replicating his utter inability to play football so it was an easy choice to get rid. I add him to the unwanted list and say sell for value (5.75 million). Again I get a message saying the transfer attempt failed, I immediately offer him out myself at his value and receive 4 bids of the full amount straight away and he is sold in a couple of days. What on earth does the DoF do when you ask him to sell/buy players?? The AI has no problems signing players when it is a manager so why should a DoF be any different. I understand their attributes can affect things but I looked up the key attributes and signed a DoF I thought filled the right criteria. In any case I fail to see what attributes can prevent him offering a player at the value I asked him to... When it first came out I could understand the feature not working properly but its been around for a few versions of FM now and it seems to have been completely ignored since its arrival! Sort it out!!
  10. I generally take the full backs off the post and get the best header of the two to mark the 6 yard box. Put a player on the edge of the area and two pacey players to stay up front. You'll still concede some goals from corners but it at least stops the annoying ping pong around your box that can often come from a corner and inevitably end in a scrambled goal. Similarly with free kicks I try and keep a player forward so if we clear it it doesn't come straight back.
  11. Quicky: Which of the central midfield roles (in the MC strata) gets furthest forward?
  12. Mine's right footed (although just looked and has fairly strong left foot as well) - Remy Cabella. It looks like I'll have to rethink this tactic again, every match we play we just get worse and worse. Fist game of the season we put in an amazing performance and smashed Sunderland 4-0 at home, my players were pinging first time 50 yard passes to the feet of their target, now we can't even make 5 yard passes. The idea behind having the two central players on defend was to hold and allow all the attacking players to rush forward (originally I did have the RB on attack but reduced it once stuff started to go downhill). I've found having players in the DM strata totally useless on this version, might as well play with 10 men which is why they are pushed up.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll have a tinker...another issue I'm having is the striker isn't really scoring any goals. I'm never really sure how to set up a lone striker so there are no reasons he is a F9, I just ran with it.
  14. I've been developing a new tactic using the Raumdeuter role and really pleased with it in the attacking phase, however it leaves us very exposed on the left flank and we concede a shed load of goals from crosses on that side (RMD is in the AML position). Just wondering how other people had managed to counter this and provide a bit more cover on that side. I tried setting him to man mark the opposition full back so he would track back and it seemed to work for a couple of games but now the goals are starting to flow again. Currently lining up like this: GK: Sweeper Keeper (Support) [Distribute to Full Backs] DR: Wing Back (Support) CB: Central Defender (Defend) CB: Central Defender (Defend) DL: Wing Back (Support) MCR: Deep Lying Playmaker (Defend) MC: Central Midfielder (Attack) [Roam from Position] MCL: Central Midfielder (Defend) AMR: Winger (Support) AML: Raumdeuter (Attack) ST: F9 (Support) [Roam from Position] TI: Shorter Passes, Play Out of Defence, Hit Early Crosses, Push Higher Up, Close Down More, Use Offside Trap Attacking, Structured Any additional points would be very welcome as well
  15. Open your applications folder (on the left side of the finder window) and drag the FM15 logo to your trash.
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