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  1. Sorry guys, Christmas was very busy and now got exams coming up so am concentrating on those. Going to aim to continue it once exams are over.
  2. Haha yeah could do. Haven't loaded those leagues though because my laptop isn't the best.
  3. 2013 Start of Season Preview Last season wasn't a total disaster, but not the season I wanted. This season I want to improve, and if that doesn't happen then it may be time to jump ship and cross the border to either Belarus or Ukraine. During the pre season I made 3 additions to my squad, one central midfielder for 85k and two free transfers, one striker and one left/centre back. Pre-season was much the same, playing lesser opposition and getting 4 easy wins. Unfortunately I had to let two main players go. Ivan Starkov for £170k because he wanted to go and was unhappy, and Andrey Pazin because his contract is coming to an end and he wouldn't sign a new contract so I unfortunately had to sell him, and only got a measly £35k for him. Transfers Friendlies Key players this season are likely to be: Rainford Kalaba (AMC) - as per usual. My key player. Rustem Kalimullin (ST) - a new signing on a free. Hopefully can form a partnership with Piyuk up front. Yegor Tarakanov (CB) - Hopefully can again be solid at the back and help us keep some more clean sheets. Squad
  4. 2012 End of Season Review - SKA Khabarovsk Competitions: At the start of the season the media predicted us to finish 8th and board wanted a respectable league position. However, I was aiming to be pushing the top 5 again. I may have been over ambitious. We ended up finishing in 10th. We were just too inconsistent, winning 4 on a trot, then only winning one in 6 etc etc. Also we draw more games than anyone else in the league, so I will be trying to turn these into wins next season in order to achieve my aims. In the cups, I again faced lower league opposition in the 5th round (1st round I was entered) and won after extra time. In the 6th round I faced Premier League team Sibir and heavily lost 3-0. Table Cup Key Players: Rainford Kalaba (AMC) - Again Kalaba was one of my best players, acting as the link between midfield and attack. Not as consistent as last season in my opinion, but ended with a better average rating. He scored 6 goals and ended up with 15 assists. Also got entered into the Russian First Division team of the year and was voted Fans Player of the Year. Igor Neorezov (DC) - A rock for us in defence. Only missed 3 league games all season. Also chipped in with 7 goals with headers from free kicks and corners. Was one of the first names on the teamsheet for me. Yegor Tarakanov (DC) - Neorezov’s partner in crime. The two of them formed a solid partnership at the back. Only missed one league game all season. At 25 years old I hope he can continue to be solid at the back for us for a good few years to come. Igor Piyuk (ST) - Top scorer for us again with 12 in 17(3) appearances. We missed him when he got injured for 5 weeks. Squad Best Eleven Aims for next season The season didn’t go as planned but not overly disappointed. I would have preferred to finish higher, but 10th isn’t the end of the world. However if we don’t improve next season I may resign and look for a job in my next country (either Ukraine or Belarus). I think the area that needs to be strengthened the most is up front and maybe another central midfielder, as towards the end of the season I started playing a narrow diamond because Pazin wasn’t playing as well as he could down the right and Starkov made it clear he wants to go and was sold for £170k. Realistically I think I can push for 4th or 5th, and if I’m lucky maybe even promotion. If we don’t look like we’ve had much improvement I’m going to be tempted to resign, despite enjoying my time at SKA Khabarovsk.
  5. Thanks DSYoungEsq I'll be back up an running later today and will have a full end of season update by this evening.
  6. [FM11] "More Clubs than tiger woods pt 2"

    Great read of your career and good work with Antwerp. Looking forward to the next update and hopefully you'll be offered a new contract.
  7. Just so whoever is following this knows, I am still playing this save, just can't play it at the moment because of the problems loading saved games with the Polish league loaded in the new patch. Once this issue is fixed I will continue with this and an end of season update will be following soon.
  8. BREAKING NEWS - BIG AL HEAD-HUNTED Halfway through July and I get this message in my inbox. Alania Vladikavkaz chairman has sacked manager Vladimir Shevchuk and wants me as manager at the end of the season, despite me saying to a newspaper that I wasn't interested and not applying. I have to say that it is a very tempting offer. They are a bigger club than me, and I have been offered a £4.3 million transfer budget with £25k p/w more room for wages. They were relegated from the Russian Premier Division last season and are predicted to be in serious contention to go back up, although they are currently two places below me in 10th after 20 games. As I said, it's a very tempting offer, but I have decided to reject it. Although they are offering me a very good transfer budget, I still have about 18 months left on my contract and I am very much enjoying my time at SKA Khabarovsk and think, with a bit more work, I can get them promoted. I tried to delay it until the end of the season, but this option was greyed out (probably because there is still 18 games to play) so I have reluctantly rejected it. Maybe I should have taken it, but who knows, only time will tell.
  9. [FM11] "More Clubs than tiger woods pt 2"

    Well done on avoiding relegation. You seem to have really good finances as well. Good luck in the next season.
  10. [FM11] "More Clubs than tiger woods pt 2"

    Good first season with Antwerp jackripper, well done on getting promoted. Gudjohnsen will hopefully be the goalscorer you need to keep you in the top flight.
  11. June 2012 Update This season hasn't been as successful as last, SKA Khabarovsk are 10th in the table. However, I am only 6 points off 4th place. My problem has been that I have drawn too many games (8 out of 17). Although I am not as high in the table as I would like to be, I think I have been playing pretty well and hopefully will manage to work my way up the table in the second half of the season to be where I want to be. With 11 league games in the next two months, by the end of August I should know how our season is going to end. Rainford Kalaba has again been my best player with 2 goals and 8 assists in 13 games, but he is injured for 4-5 weeks at the moment, which is annoying seen as I have 7 or 8 games in that time. Igor Nedorezov has been solid at the back for me all season and has also managed to score 4 times for us. Table Squad In other news, Spain won Euro 2012. Ukraine, Poland and England all lost their managers to retirement after the tournament
  12. Strangest Managerial appointment

    I've just seen Chris Sutton been appointed England Under 21s Manager after Stuart Pearce replaced Capello after Euro 2012
  13. Not sure if we're quite ready yet, seen as only 2 teams go up. Aiming to push for it though, may have just scraped it last season if it wasn't for my rubbish July.
  14. Thanks rancer. Ah right, cheers for the info Luckily I can't see Brazil capping a player from the Russian First Division lol
  15. [FM11] Far East Movement

    Have been following this. Well done good season at Yanbian, hopefully you can push for promotion next season.