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  1. I wonder how a stareditor like you missed its possible to update from 12 to 13. Well there is a post here on the site howto. Not everything get over without errors, so you have to fix them manually. Im very sorry if you think I stole your work, that was truly not the point of this. I actually asked in your thread if you were gonna update and you said you didn't meant to, thats the only reason i took the liberty of updating your great work. If it means something to you i will delete it from the Internet and just use it for my self it was really not to offend you, just to share so that other people also might enjoy it. Also im very sorry for hitting the wrong key in the headline, and btw so far in the testing it haven't showed any errors, so it seems your fear of what else i might have done is misplaced, but im certaintly not done testing it.
  2. For those of you interested I have updated this world league for FM13. You can read more here http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/327758-FM2013-Kenco-s-Woirld-League-Updated-by-Gram
  3. I know a lot of you guys played Kenco's world League for FM12, i did to. So i was very sad when i read on this forum that he did not intend to do one for FM13. So i decided that i would update it and here it is. Well its somehow time consuming to do so many leagues, so for now its mostly the most prestigesus leagues i have updated. I didn't change much, just updated and fixed all the errors the converting came up with. So the experience should be mutch the same. I dindn't do this edit. All credit goes to Kenco ---- What it is: There will be an 8 Tier World League, starting with 2 World Divisions, then having regional splits from Tier 3 downwards, with a total of 50 divisions of 16 teams. This means a total of 800 teams from almost every nation in the World. Continental competitions will continue as they are, I decided that these are very good already and don't see the need to change them. I am also creating an FA Cup style competition for all World League teams. Kenco figured out how to get all teams to play in there domestic leagues as well as the World League. It is done so that in the fall teams play domestic league and it the spring they play world league: "Because the World League takes up a big chunk of the calendar, I will also be creating new domestic league structures for as many nations as possible, with mini 8-team leagues at the top of each structure and adding in some regional splits so that clubs aren't pushed too far down the ladder. So England for instance, will have a Premier Division Elite League of 8 teams, followed by Premier Division North and South, each with 8 teams, then Championship North/South with 10 teams each. Other, smaller nations may just have one division of 8 teams as I aim to make as many of the 800 World League teams playable as possible. " The key to all this is the new add/remove leagues feature, which will allow us to play as virtually any team in the World League by switching on their domestic league, which is why I want to create/alter as many leagues as possible. Allthough i dindn't run any test seasons it should work just as in FM12. Atleast it startup with no problems, but please let me know if you have any problems. The Editor is giving somekind of error msg about brazil and finland. I did not do Finland and i think Brazil is not a problem. IMPORTANT INFORMATION - MUST READ There should be 21 files in there, you need to extract them to: User \ Documents \ Sports Interactive \ Football Manager 2013 \ editor data Start a new game Ensure that all 21 files are enabled, and any other editor data file you have must be disabled At the nation select screen, you must select England and go all the way down to the bottom level (Regional Premier Divs). Failure to do so will end up with a crash Then you choose what country you wanna play in. You can enable more than one, and with all the leagues you want. You can only choose the countrys i have done, there is a .xml for each i have done, or here are the list: - Algeria - Argentina - Australia - Belgium - Brazil - China - Denmark - England - France - Germany - Holland - Italy - Portugal - Russia - Spain - USA Download removed as Kenco seems to be offended by this update of his work Please let me know if there are any problem, balance, error msg or anything. I will have a lot at it. Im not sure i will be able to fix it, as it is not me who created the edit i merely updated it.
  4. Is it possible to export a team and then put it into a new game in a career mode? Or is it only for versus mode? IE can i export my season 5 Football Club Copenhagen into a new Danish Superliga carrer game?
  5. Thats not quite what i was looking for. What I was looking for was to export a team from a game in let say 5th season and add it to another league. IE. Export Football Club Copenhagen season 5 into a new game in the Danish Superliga season 1 or to switch Football Club Copenhagen English premier league season 1
  6. I would so much like to have the instant result buttom from FMC in the full FM... Soo many times u just wanna skip the match and get on with the game
  7. First of all a huge thumps up for FMC. It was the reason for me to buy the game and it did not disappoint. Im in my 5th season and right now in top10 of the leaderboard ^^. There are a few things i would like to see. There are several places in the game where i think there could be added information availible for the player, as long as it does not require attention form the player. People might have different opinions about what they would like to see but here are what information i miss, that do not require players to look at them Youth Squad - No options avalible just so that you can se the players Finansial information - As other have mentioned its nice to see from where money come and where they go. Still no actions required from the player Uefa koeificients for both teams and country - Its just information, you can look at them or you may not On a sidenote i cant see any reason why the instant result option is not avalible in the full FM. Sooo many times you just want to skip the match and get on with the game.
  8. This was a great database for FM2012 played it a ton. Thank you. Also will you be updating this for FM13 ? Would love to play this in fm 13
  9. Is it possible to do anything but versus games with exported teams? Seens exported teams are in tex files are they editable ? Can exported teams get into new games or be used in the editor ?
  10. Has anyone ever succeeded in exporting the MLS system, or adding more teams to it? The system of MLS is completely different from the rest of the leagues and this gives a funny alternative to the transfer market as we know it. My question are, did anyone manage to get new (More) teams into the MLS, og to put the system into other leagues? Without removing the MLS regulation? I know that there have been several attempt to do the opposite, creating a standart European pyramid of american team, but thats not what im looking for. Im looking for a way to add more teams (preferable the best european teams) into the draft/salary cap/transfer regulation of the MLS. It would be nice to also have a larger pyramid below MLS but thats not the important thing here, the important thing is to get lets say Man U, Barca and Real Madrid into MLS so they will get drafts picks, there youth players getting into the MLS system with the right contrakts and so on... I have ofcause tried just to swap the teams but that will just make a mess with the teams not being able to field a team because of the wagelimit and they did not enter the draft and regulation... Can it even be done?
  11. Hmm seems you are right the comps file is there and suppose to be for FM2012, but the directory where it use to be placed does not exist in FM2012 (tools/editor/data/format.) I have tried to put it into Editor\data\format but that dosent seems to work...
  12. I have tried to work a little with the advanced editor for FM2011. Im surprised to find out that after extensive search i cant find anything about the advanced editor for FM2012. Have it been removed, or how to activate it? Im especially looking for the possibility to edit competition advanced not at least the continental of Europe, and im also missing the funktion like 'Fate'.
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