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  1. Nedd some help. Where is the location of this boxes?
  2. Tom, once again, you had made a great skin! Thanks! Have one question though. How can I remove the stadium seats image from the Team Overview screen? I don't use the stadium images pack, so it's a litle pointless to have that function active. Sorry if you didn't understood something, but English is not my native language.
  3. Can you tell how to make the auto-hide bar work in another skins?
  4. Training in FM13 was exactly the same as in FM15, except for some role aditions on FM15. You must be playing FM12.
  5. Michael where is located the info icons, the one's next to players name (Inj, Wnt, Lrn)?
  6. You can try this but it's far from perfect. To many things missing in normal mode, and I don't have the time and the skills to make it better.
  7. I was able to make it work but some features, like you mentioned, disappeared, and have some glitchs in players profile page. Shame this year no one is working to make available to normal mode, and I don't have the skills to do it. Thanks anyway Michael
  8. Michael is there a way to make the FMC skin work in the normal mode like in previous years?
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