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  1. Yes. This is a big issue for me too. After and during every training camp. The game calculates the full salary of the 23 biggest salaries on your team. I just finished a pre-season where I had to trade a big salary away, just because I was "over" the cap by 55,000$. I would have been cap compliant once the season started and the game accounted for two-way salaries. It didn't matter if I demoted players with big salaries or waived them. Couldn't continue to play a pre-season game. Another small issue is why the game doesn't like you to have more than two or three goalies on your roster during the off-season exhibitions. It always says that continuing might result in player transactions and always one of my waiver exempt goalies ends up in the AHL. Also what I notice is that AI teams don't really have to be cap compliant. A few seasons in and a few teams have been over the cap for awhile now. All they do is put some big contract guys on the block. No moves or trades have been made. Every few days the same players are just put on block. Yet they are allowed to play their regular season games just fine. No need to waive guys or anything. And Riz. If you ever have the time to do an update, could you please fix the prospect generating. A few years in and the prospect pools seem to be very slim. Even the top end talent is very poor. Players are way too one dimensional. They are either very defensive or very offensive... That's not NHL quality. You need to be excellent in the other end and at least capable in the other. Especially the goalie generation is awful. There is not a single good goalie... ever...in any draft. What I have noticed in young goalies in the game is that there never is a good combination of rebound control and recovery. Every goalie has one or the other in the reds... And to my knowledge those are very important attributes for a goalie in the game. And they don't even develop.
  2. OK now I see. My game preferences look normal. It does it only when I'm trying to save to my dropBox folder. Like I have done since the beginning to keep my game updated wherever I go. When I made a copy of wild.sav to the root of C:\ and loaded it up from there and also save it there it works just fine. It basically works any other way, but when I save straight to dropbox. Now the question is, why has the game started to hate my DropBox? or vice versa. I have tested saving the game on three different machines and all have the same problem, so it's not system related. I also tested saving a word document to the exact same folder in my dropbox, where the EHM save is and it worked. So maybe from now on I just have to copy it manually to my dropbox? It's no biggie...
  3. I have now uploaded my save. It's named "Wild.sav". I hope there's a solution.
  4. I have a game that I've started with the very first released version. After the latest update came I cannot save it anymore. The game shows all sorts of error messages and in the end of the saving process it says "could not be saved" or some times just crashes in the middle of the saving process. The error messages during saving differ. Some examples; "Fatal, V15.15b news_manager.cpp 1893", "NOTES::save_to_disk() : cannot open zip file", "CONTRACT_MANAGER::save_to_disk() : unable to open save game", "SIMULATED_STATS::save_to_disk() : cannot open save file" I haven't tried with a new game if the same problem persists. I believe it won't and this is just with my current save, which I really REALLY don't want to come to an end.
  5. OK, I started up EHM again today and the user data folder path was magically changed back to my dropbox folder. Sorry to trouble you my dear fellow EHM fans.
  6. Hey, After the latest patch 15.14b EHM reset all my preferences once again, but only this time it won't allow me tho change my user data folder to anything but the default. This is a problem, since I want to have my user data folder in my dropbox folder, so I can keep my save games in sync across all my devices. Could you please do something about this. Your longtime EHM and FM playing fan, Banxie
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