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  1. I have him as inside foward - atk, he's had one great season (21/22) and nothing else that good, but he looks ok-ish, is english and never complains about play time, so definitely worth keeping for me.
  2. Sorry, didn't catch Almada on those lists, my bad.
  3. Here is Doku in 2023Got for 15m in 2019 Some other ones I got for cheap and aren't often mentioned: Bought for 6,5m in 2020, sold for 60m in 2023 Bought for 525k in 2019 Bought for 4,5m in 2019
  4. @JJSaxton I'm also in 2023 as Leeds! But you've some better regens than I do, the first one you posted is specially amazing! How are your results so far? Here are some of my best ones: The first one is my best player since he was 17.
  5. Starting my 22/23 season. Got a 11th place, 4th place and 2nd place for the league so far and last season we won the Champions League! Got a pretty good team atm: GK: Oblak/regen DD: regen/Sam Byran DCs: Rivaldo Coetzee and Lisandro Martinez/Gonçalo Cardoso and regens DL: Firpo/Bennett MCs: Tonali and Kevin Philips/Shackleton and regens AMR: Jack Clarke/Doku AMC: Morilla/Thiago Almada AML: regen/Woo-yeong PL: Jovic/regens The league is sooo hard, but I really want to win it soon! I don't really expect to win the UCL soon again, but hope to do well again.
  6. Started my save recently. My first season was not as easy as most of you guys at all. Won championship with 96 points only one point ahead of West Brom. I also imposed myself not to buy or sell anyone for the first season. For season 2 I Ayoze Perez, Muslija, Rajkovic, Doku and Tonalli for my first 11, some reserves not as important and plenty of regens (figured I'll need some home grown and some players trained at the club soon). Brexit screwed me hard and I didn't get a work permit for a few players I really wanted. Spent £40m Also sold a bunch of people, got £42,5m and some good cash off the wage bill. I can easily see this season will be VERY hard. Do you guys know some staff to get? I mainly wanted 4+ stars coaches. Any recommentadion would be nice! ps: sorry for my crap english, I'm brazilian too.
  7. Winter window hit me hard. Lost my best defender, Upamecano for £95m. Decided to just use my back up DC for his place, so I didn't bring anyone. Also got a £136m bid for Bailey, but as I don't need the cash (got £514m selling players this season) I rejected it. Had to promisse him we're gonna win ECC this season. We have a good chance, but it's gonna be hard. I didn't have much luck for that role. After I sold Aranguiz on season 3 I got Pellegrini for DLP-S, but he's not thaaaat good. I never played Paulinho as ST, but he looks pretty good for that too. What season are you in? Hudson-Odoi should be pretty young I guess? How is he playing?
  8. He was always good for me, but now that I have a great goalkeeper I can see the difference even though he's young and not fully developed. I'd keep him until you can get someone that will take you to the next level. I had no idea Havertz was that great! He's being a total beast in the current season! He also loves me and the club so never wanted to leave the team. About Paulinho, my biggest issue is that he's always been too inconsistent. Played amazing for 3 games and then did nothing for 5. He was my number 1 AML for 20/21 and 21/22 seasons, but then this regen that was supposed to be his back up started playing so great and took his spot (regens are actually developing so well they already are 5 of 11 for my starters). In fact, Paulinho just handed his transfer request. He looks good and is worth £64m so I hope I can get some good money. How is Brandt playing as CM?
  9. Havertz is amazing. I play him as attacking midfielder - attack. He doesn't always have the best ratings, but he's always great in the field. He's looking great for me in 2023 and got 25 goals and 10 assists in 43 matches last season. Brandt was never good so I sold him, used as IF - support. He was replaced by Paulinho, who doesn't look as good as you'd think. Also always very inconsistent for me and got replaced by a regen. I can post pictures of how they look on my save if want.
  10. I have no recommentations for RB, but I've been interested in Vagnoman. Also bought Lincoln, and even though I don't play him much, he looks GREAT! Developed really well! Tonali is in my team too and looks good, kind of a worse Barella, I plan on playing both more this season.
  11. Yea, i think he's much more of a DC too, but I had two great ones playting there in the beginning of my save and good back up, but no back up to RB, so you know... Tried to get Barella for my 3rd season, but he prefered Man City over me. Little update: Got the Bundesliga tittle in the 3rd season! Bailey was a total beast! Lost the UCL quarter final do Man Utd though, but overall it was a great season. Brandt complained the whole season about wanting to leave and started to play like ****, so for my 4th season I sold him for only 55m, but Paulinho played most of last season and is looking pretty good. Got Antonio Marin as back up. Also sold Kohr (9m) and Akpoguma (20.5m) and loaned a lot of young players who will net me 7.8m. Man Utd made a huge 115m offer for de Ligt, he wanted to go, so I accepted, but he ended up refusing the contract. I had already paied 75m for Upamecano to replace him, but oh well, now I have 2 great and young DCs. Also got Joe Gomez for back up for 8.75m. Already have 3 good regens on my main team, and some pretty good ones to come, including 2 strikes that i'm very excited about!
  12. I've kept Weiser and Jedvaj for RBs. Weiser is great, Jedvaj not so much, but good enough (and being trained at the club is a nice extra). I use them as wingbacks - attack I felt like my offers for the Benders were too good to pass, but none of them performed really well after leaving us, albeit neither did Kohr (who i actually used on my first season) in their position. And btw, Barella looks great on my save (2021).
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