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  1. Yesterday, after i downloaded the latest update on steam, my password to take Control of my team doesn't work. I'm 100% sure im using the right password What can be wrong?
  2. FM11: Official Nottingham Forest Thread

    Yeah, agree, the squad is good. In my 4-1-2-2-1 formation with two offensive wingers denneboom is perfect. Backup is needed, cus' the bench is weak. Do you recommend any signings in transfer window in january 2011? I need backup for moussi and I think i'll go for a left off.winger too. What about Rivaldo? Good signing?
  3. FM11: Official Nottingham Forest Thread

    I can confirm Jay DeMerit(free) is an excellent signing. I havnt seen you guys mention Romano Denneboom(free) yet, he's an excellent right winger. This is all you need to fight for a promotion btw,Tyson is one hell of a sell too
  4. city ground

    Ok, so there is hope if i save a loot of money I dont need money to buy players to beat Leichester...i'll use my u18 squad thanks mate
  5. city ground

    another quick question. I accept a national team, they ask me, but i never get control of the team. Bug? A friend of mine have experience the same thing.
  6. Hi, I've been in PD for 5 seasons and I have been told that they will expand city ground a couple of times now...but nothing happens. I got 50.000.000£ and I would love to make rom for some more fans on home matches. I have ask the board to expand city ground, but I was told that there are no space to expand city ground. Maybe I should do like Gjelsten and Olsen did with Wimbledon..move the club to a bigger city? Thanks