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  1. Simulation gaming perfected. Take charge of the club you love and create your own footballing story. Complete control of this stunningly realistic game world is yours - every decision in your hands, or yours to delegate. This is whats on there Web Site so should I not expect this ? Isnt it fair to expect whats promised
  2. Computer Type: PC CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz (8 CPUs), ~4.2GHz NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 17134) (17134.rs4_release.180410-1804) Ram : 16384MB RAM Benchmark A 2 min 32 sec Benchmark B 5 min 11 sec
  3. Change them in the game ? Preference - Interface - Player Screen
  4. I've been playing FM17 since patch 19.3
  5. STEAM ONLINE does not have this as an option anymore . They only have the Demo of FM17
  6. EB Games in Australia might be more of an option .
  7. Well 30 - 0 is also feasible but it doesn't happen in the premier league
  8. FM19 is a simulation of real world management Simulation gaming perfected . Take charge of the club you love and create your own football story. Complete control of the stunningly realistic game world is yours - every decision in your hands or yours to delegate
  9. It's not that we are morons but if they are going to promote a game saying realistic , 3D , Best Management game yet etc etc then should this be what we should expect . This is the issue with today's technology. It's not as great as it's promoted whether it's phones or cars or games etc
  10. Yes but shame there wasn't more . Seems less every year
  11. Yeah don't get why camera options were taken out ? Also Past meetings for other teams has been taken out ? And the fun is taken out . Older FMs seem to have better match engines from FM17 and before . But I do like the new refreshed interface .
  12. I think a lot of people get frustrated because we try to advise them what is wrong with the game like in the bugs section yet we are left with no answers . The best idea would be a forum that the developers could answer and connect with the players to solve some issues . I would love to connect with the developers to have some input . They could also explain why some things are not possible to fix . The way it is now is that they don't seem to listen or understand but im sure this isn't the case but it does become frustrating when on the promotions and Box or on Steam its touted as realistic and the best ever etc etc yet every year we wait for patches to fix issues . Personally I think they should skip FM20 and make FM21 but of course the good old money making machine wouldn't happen . I agree with shirajzl as every year its the same old thing that they release the game then a small patch followed 4 months later by a bigger patch then that's it . That's been the formula since 2010 im sure . 3D has always been disappointing for me personally . Its like a great movie with a terrible ending that you cant recommend it coz the ending was bad . Just wish they would concentrate of the end product being as good as the game itself . Anyway just some of my own constructive views so don't throw stones lol
  13. This is what it looks like in the OPZ Skin Its save game compatible too
  14. I have managed to add Past Meetings for all teams rather than just your own For FM19 . It will be in the tactics section under the pitchpanels.fmf This does not work for all Mod Skins so if you like you can change it manually in there skin folder You need to edit the 'tactics overview side panel' xml file found in the panels/tactics folder (if it's not present you'll need to extract it from the default game files instructions here) In that file locate this code 3 quarters down <!--analysis--> <record class="tactics_recent_match_analysis_panel" entity_layout_id="it22" id="anLy" /> And change it so it reads like this: <!--analysis--> <record class="team_next_match_opponent_panel" entity_layout_id="it22" id="oppo" /> REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR FILES !!!!!
  15. Yup I had 39 shots on goal for 1 goal and my opponent had 3 shots for 1 goal
  16. Sorry for being a negative Nancy but this update was rubbish . Did they not read what we posted in the bugs section ? Strikers still not scoring just mid fielders . And the amount of shots to goals ratio is just a laugh. Left this game and went back to FM17 but tried FM19 after update . Cant believe they have ruined this game yet again . Im not buying them anymore ive had it so back to FM17 I guess Anyone else unhappy ?
  17. Matches then click on the V or schedules fixtures list of that team
  18. Always been a DUD this option since the series started . When I print the format is completely wrong. Maybe ask in the bugs section
  19. Gone back to playing FM17 . Just a better game all round
  20. FM10 works fine as does FM08 so im assuming 09 wont be an issue
  21. well no one can help unless you upload your file ?
  22. Yeah its annoying when you would like to add a comment or more information but then they close it. Forums are very useful for information .
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