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  1. Director but they took half the camera angles away from FM17 and 18 .
  2. H I just downloaded it and its fine … Also on Windows 10 ….. Have you tried to reinstall it ? Or delete your Cache file so go to C:Drive\Users\Then find Your Computer name \AppData\Roaming\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2010 . You will see a cache file . Delete the cache file and start your game
  3. Seems like your date range in competitions screen . default is January 0 to January 0 . Change it to what you want it to be
  4. Is this a league you created or the one in the game
  5. You need to create a Basic rule Competition first ( Save it as a precaution ) then go to the rules tab then convert it to advance rules ( then save it under a different name ) .
  6. Its probably just agreement updates of licencing updates
  7. Think its hard coded . Never come across it in the editor
  8. One thing I have tried to do is get the past meetings back into the game for all the teams and not just the one you manage . It was in up to FM15 then they removed it . I have had success getting back in the tactics screen under the tactics pitch . Tactic Overview Panel I think . But no success getting it back into the schedule panel . Maybe this is something you could put your knowledge too
  9. I don't believe graphics should be at the bottom of the list . The game itself is mainly fine and a overhaul of the ME and graphics would please a lot of people .
  10. What I was saying is that the 3D graphics in FM19 and the way it behaves ( ME ) is of poor quality and hence for me anyway spoils the game . I love the game but the ending spoils it . Just like a good movie with a bad ending is you only remember the ending
  11. I disagree . A great film with a bad ending ends up being a bad film
  12. Simple !! I get threatened with a ban every time I voice my views so I cant say too much . But thanks Runner - Up
  13. Talking about direct competition ? FIFA Manager was the only game capable of taking on Football Manager
  14. Oh please …... Cry me a River ….. they would not be in business if they were not raking it in . Do you know what car they drive ? It isn't a Mini I can tell you . heheheheh
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