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  1. Is this something you created or downloaded or the one that came with the game .
  2. Also the fact there are 6 less viewing cameras in FM19 than FM17 ? Why did they take them out
  3. That's right FM12 isn't the best but it is the most enjoyed in certain age groups . For me FM15 and FM17 was my go to game once all the mods were added on
  4. Why is FM12 popular for all the wrong reasons ? Even the 3D match is better
  5. Gee thanks for your extremely limited input . How degrading . Its just a fun snap shot so not meant to be an in depth look . Maybe do one yourself so I can be enlightened by your expertise . I look forward to voting in your poll
  6. Amazing that FM12 was the highest rated game last year and still came in third this year behind FM17 and FM19 . New games always rate high I guess . FM17 was a surprise but I guess with the failure of FM18 people went back to that game before FM19 was released . Even FM07 was more popular than the FM18 game . Age bracket seemed to drop off after 45 with a lot playing there favourite game up to the age of 44 and many from 22 to 34 . Keep voting if you wish but its clear what the best games were . FM12 had a lot less micro managing so maybe this is the way to go with the new interfaces and Graphics of today world
  7. Having the date you set meant it was missing 3 teams because of Relegations and promotions Should work now
  8. Your dates are wrong yet again You cant start a cup in September if league 1 you have January to May as a date . Change it to August to May new land cup fix.fmf
  9. But the in game camera is a lot better than FM19 ? A lot more viewing options in FM17
  10. Exactly what I done and its a lot more exciting . The 3D graphics etc are a lot better as is the ME . I went on to FM Scout and downloaded add ons like real pitches and better Footballs and nets etc and its a lot better . FM19 is disappointing really . The interface is good but its window dressing ? I also notice they remove a lot of stuff that is in earlier versions then add new stuff saying its new .
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