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  1. prot651

    Defender scared of the ball

    I was just think how improved the Match engine was then this happened . Not sure why he would just back off when he had possesion 90.2 minutes in Armadale SC v Perth Glory Youth.pkm
  2. Australia 24.fmf See what you think . Can give Competition Badges and team logos if you wish .
  3. WA NPL has now only 12 teams as of 2019 … Also wheres the prize money . Looking good though . Would prefer Wellington in and Tasmanian team out .
  4. Logically you don't have a division in your Nation. But then the Editor isn't logical . Upload your file
  5. Go to money section in the league set up . Then final placing section . Set figure for placing and it will calculate it for you
  6. As stated it's save game compatable . This means you can continue with your game and updates will be in your game .
  7. prot651

    Additional editor options [DOWNLOAD]

    Don't mess with the editor is my moto
  8. You answered your own question . Download demo
  9. prot651

    All-Star competition

    It can be made but the issue is it wont get players from the teams selected . It just uses regens
  10. Im sure its got to do with Squad registration rules in the Fixture Rules . Delete them and run a test
  11. Nope all good this time
  12. prot651

    Average Gamer Age

    I'm 56 .. FM10 was my first but long time player of Football sims . Been playing since 1992 . First game was SOCCER WIZARD.. from WIZARD GAMES ..based in Scotland I think . Also had ONE-NIL 95 and another called GOAL all from the same company . You can still find these online and free to play . FA PREMIER LEAGUE 99 was also a game I had before CM01 came out . Also played FIFA MANAGER - TOTAL CLUB MANAGER alot before and during the FM series . So 26 years of football sims . Urrrrghh i feel old
  13. prot651

    Good players not playing in simmed matches

    So how many foreign players can play in a squad
  14. prot651

    All-Star competition

    Yeah ive been trying for years . Maybe the next patch …. Sunderland is my Second team