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  1. It is what it says . Add a team to that league
  2. Should be an option before every match
  3. Individual leagues you had both at Zero ? You need one individual league at zero and the next at 1 …. Just like stages !! This has worked but you now have another error referring to stage 2 not having any teams
  4. The Pre Editor you can select away and a third kit ? Is this what you mean
  5. Is there a way to add the Past Meetings button back into the game for all teams not just the team you manage . I have looked at the panels in FM15 when this was in the game for all teams and compared it to FM17 and FM19 but I cant see a lot of difference in the panels .
  6. Nope I have stopped playing it . Found it was all hoo haa and actually has gone backwards . The 3D is so disappointing graphics wise its embarrassing . ME was better on the first release but somehow they have stuffed it up in 19.3 FM17 is far better . Last time I buy this game now . It would have to be a revolutionary step for me to buy again.
  7. MLS.MLB.03.fmf This file is a DIM13 file but its for FM17 . I tried to load it but had errors I couldn't fix . You can download it and see how you go . It has 30 teams split into 2 conferences with each conference having 3 divisions
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