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  1. There is definitely monthly updates . I've had them . It could tie in with meetings or an option in the finance section
  2. Not if you live in Australia? We only think Sam Kerr plays 🤣
  3. Totally agree . The stadium editor half exists in the Pre Editor so why not finish it so it can be used properly.
  4. 3D looks nothing new . Same old stadiums .. yawn .. The game and the game play needs a shot in the arm along with the stadiums and visuals .
  5. Must be your game then . Crosses are ok in mine as are throw ins
  6. Well how do I get an answer now you moved it? Gee thx !! It very well might be a bug because its not working hence why it's in the bug section Just delete this post because it won't be solved in here
  7. Do players in real life play with percentages on top their heads ? So there is the answer
  8. If your not going to reply or say thanks then why bother posting . Complete waste of peopkes time
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