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  1. R u talking about 2D kits or 3D kits as this is for 2D kits . Also check 832218 is the right number for the team
  2. Does it work or can it work with created leagues
  3. You have to have a config file in that folder ? Why don't you upload it here
  4. Well I'm sure not everyone can be please with the bang um in from way outside scoring for every goal that I'm seeing .
  5. Seeing an enormous amount of long range goals . 4 in 2 matches from my team and 3 from the opposition all from outside the box . All goals were from 30-40 m away .
  6. In FM17 Var wasn't not present so did not the Game / Computer define what was a goal of not anyway is my question
  7. I don't seem to get the concept of VAR or goal line technology . If neither was present does not the Game / Computer define what was a goal of not . Surely the game did not make mistakes in the past Series ?
  8. VAR is ruining all sports . Needs to be abolished big time
  9. Yeah tried to add colour but as you said it doesn't work . Must be hard coded but I cant understand why it would be .
  10. Think those are there for future use by developers . While the editor works its not 100% usable so there are aspects that don't work
  11. Not sure what your asking ? You want info on how to install downloaded logos or want info on the pre game logos . Custom logos you download into yoyr graphics file ... documents ...sports Interactive ... fm20 ... graphics folder . Create folder if it isn't present . You also need to create a config folder if it isn't present in the file
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