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  1. https://sites.google.com/site/michaeltmurrayuk/files/FM2015 Try this one but its for 2015
  2. He is talking about the stats rather than the result for which you have just posted the result . Im sure the above game did not have Man U having 47 shots to MK Dons 6
  3. Im a bit bemused that people think that FM20 has the better match engine ? Whether they are mistaking it for graphics im not sure but with so many complaints and the free kicks not fixed and the goals on target and off target not calculating properly how can this be Please inform me why its better because its a very boring match engine i think
  4. Forget it !!!!! It doesn't work and SI wont do anything to fix it . Logged this in bugs for the last 5 years or so with no response so best just to give up
  5. Try exporting uncompressed
  6. In all honesty, possession has never and will never establish the winner of the game, but goals do. It’s simple logic that, teams which score more of their shots that are on target, would be the eventual winners, than the team that holds on to the ball for longer
  7. The main reason I don't play it . Gone back to previous versions
  8. People always look for negative responses as its human nature . I am on your side with this as its the same issues every year and you know what I would not mind as much but they promote the game as a Realistic management game with 3D match play to enhance the experience . Now I pay my hard earned money and I don't get what it offers , then post bugs in the bugs section that don't get fixed , Then have to wait for patches to try to make the game playable which more often that not make the game worse , then say that's all the patches for this version so will have to wait until the next version in hope things get fixed and it starts all over again . So I should have a right to be negative but then moderators tell you you cant bag the game unless its constructive but the issue with that is it doesn't get noticed as much . Ive had every issue of the game since FM08 and the last 2 instalments have just taken a nose dive ( My opinion ) . Just not happy the way the game has gone now and it will have to take an enormous turn around for me to make anymore purchases . The game was great but now its average and it still amazes me how PCgamer and those businesses that review games give them 8 or 9/10 even before they are released . They never review them after 6 months or look at Customer feedback .
  9. Depends what the bugs are . The free kick bugs in this game and general overall gameplay has killed this franchise for me . Its refreshing to go back to FM17 or FM18 and experience the gameplay in those games . They are not without faults but at least the 3D game is more enjoyable .
  10. You can add it yourself . Somewhere on the skinning site is an option or google it
  11. can you take a snap shot and upload 3 pics like these for me to see and your config file too
  12. WA XFL 2.fmf You can use this to give you the ideas you need . This is my league and the same format you are trying to do 2 x 10 Teams north and south with top 4 play offs with a final north vs south . Its sort of complete so can be played fully but im having a issue with the playoffs because it seems when I test it the 4th team usually beats the top team to make it to the finals Anyways see how you go
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