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  1. But does it not work like that . If you select long kick for the goal keeper does not mean he will kick long every time . I though when you select those options like any player they would use it if they found reason too rather than always .
  2. Do players in real life play with percentages on top their heads ? So there is the answer
  3. If your not going to reply or say thanks then why bother posting . Complete waste of peopkes time
  4. 18 is very slow for me . The others are fine . Try clearing your cache
  5. Current games always tend to rate well until a new release comes along as last year plus the recent and new game are only a year apart and closely resemble each other but the latter has better and more refined features .FM19 was a strong leader last year but not going so well this year but FM20 is . Still surprising though they are rating the match engine high for FM20 since i see a lot of complaints on this forum with the free kicks and one on ones ? FM17 always rates well for an older game so makes you wonder where they went a bit wrong .
  6. Saying i dont want to be rude here doesnt make what you said ucken nice and neither do smiley faces !!!. Think i will pass on your stuff
  7. Vote for your favorite game , 3D display and match engine
  8. Expanding the capacity of your stadium via the editor will increase seating and make a bigger stadium
  9. Im a bit confused ? Which is the most recent 3D Match Pack-1-0-3-1596305734 Downloaded 11/08 3D Match Pack-1-0-2-1597552082 Downloaded 17/08
  10. Clear your cache then reload skin or game and see if it works
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