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  1. How do you know your 3D kits will be compatible ? They changed in FM18 so im thinking they might change again because of the new graphics being talked about
  2. Is there some reason that all the news seems to be on Twitter and not on this forum ? Why does not Miles convey the news on here . Not everyone like myself have Twitter and I find it a bit weird that the only news I am seeing is someone posting screen shots from Twitter . Is this not the main forum ?
  3. You had 24 ? Should be 36 ….. Works but you have a issue in stage 3
  4. They have had all year ? But a date is a date I guess . Hope the game is actually ready by then . Hope we get a lot more info before it's release too instead if this Twitter stuff . This is there forum yet nothing is being said by SI unless your on Twitter.
  5. Who is whining or having a hissy fit ? Think you are confused . Yes you do bitch about flaws in your cars ? Don't get why you seem so aggressive ? Don't reply to my opinion if you don't like it as you have others to reply too
  6. No its called striving to be better and hoping its a better game than the previous
  7. I'm thinking 6th December !! Think a delay is coming due to the lack of infomation ... and just a gut feeling something isn't quite right
  8. Depends where you are in the world ? Not everyone is from the UK
  9. No one expects you to pre order but they dangle a carrot of 10% off for pre orders
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