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  1. @Kyle Brown It happened again. Same run through, just many games later.
  2. @Julius Flusfeder I only have one save that is much earlier when Discipline is only 7, which I have uploaded under the name : New_TPA (v02)1 All my other saves are much later for this particular run.
  3. Apparently the stat is now lower than 22 about 17 games later. I should of never gave the players that day off for winning. <Some time later....>
  4. I forgot to add, I don't use the mod/editor and no mods.
  5. Summary: Basically one of my manager's stat is over 20 Description of Issue: Discipline is at 22?? Steps to Reproduce: I am not sure, issue a lot of fines? Uploaded a file, name is "New_TPA"
  6. Do you think it is better I start a new save than continuing on with this one? I am worried this gegenpress disease will spread and they will all stop playing beautiful soccer.
  7. Sure thing, I uploaded the rolling save so the files are named Matlock.fm, Matlock (v02).fm, and Matlock (v03).fm. I am also uploading the very base save start of the game which is t1Matlock.fm
  8. Playing as Matlock Town FC in the English Premier Division and after promotion, I suddenly noticed for the first time after 8 seasons this issues with my staff. Most of the coaches are supposed to be tiki-taka, vertical tiki-taka, and control. As you can see form the date in the pictures, in the matter of a few days, most tactical styles are showing up incorrect. Even before, not everyone was vertical tiki-taka and later, I don't recall anyone being gegenpress. All of my rolling saves have this issue. I use plain vanilla FM 20 (no mods or editor). OS: Windows 10 64-bit CPU: i7 - 97
  9. I don't find that "cheat sheet" too useful, it does little as to explain why as well as doesn't clarify the whole: 'Calm/Assertive/Passionate' Maybe I am doing it wrong, but when people use "/" to separate words, it means "and/or". This just says use passionate for everything. I wouldn't mind seeing something that explains a little more.
  10. Are there any good team talk guides for FM14? For me personally, I still fully haven't gotten the grasp of when I should be using a certain "tone" to my talks. There are time when I would personally think that passionate tone would be more appropriate over assertive for example.
  11. The coaches personality. If you go their character screen, you will notice what they are more inclined to do (man or zonal marking, closing down, etc.). Knowledge of players also effects what instructions the coach will recommend, but I haven't found an AI coach I agree with as far as opposition instruction.
  12. One thing that wasn't mentioned was age. Players when they reach the end of the game, they will decline and your assistant will always report they are failing in training. At that point, the best thing to do is train them as much as possible in stamina if you are looking to get the most from them.
  13. You could just screenshot and put a bug report for what you feel 'is not right'... Having said that I think my next bug report will go along the lines of... "Ball Mechanics seem awkward when my striker... screw it, just come over... I got beer and we can talk about it, maybe afterwards hit the bars and get toasted. I can try to dig up an old 5 1/4 floppy drive to save a pkm too, not because it has to be on a 5 1/4 but why the hell not' Seriously though, I am with the OP- if anyone from SI wants to cruise over and have a beer- that's cool.
  14. Don't put any value into the leaderboards, there are so many ways to exploit to achieve those scores that while I think the intent is great, it's pointless because people are just going to cheat. Basically, you can reload saves to play matches until you get the score/performance you want and I think people can database or save game editors without taking any hits. If you want to put any value to it, use it amongst your friends and personally- I think it's unnecessary distraction when my game goes to show me the "rankings". It is also broken in some leagues, such as Italian Serie C2 as C2 bec
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