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  1. SI is Doing Alright

    Easy to say when its not $90
  2. I can confirm that Wellington is Australian in the database.
  3. Adelaide has always done well.
  4. A-League

    Not with FM 2013 coming out in a month.
  5. AAMI Park was built with a capacity of over 30,000 and cannot be upgraded further. The structure of the roof prevents this.
  6. Conflicted. On one hand I'd love to play the game two weeks early but on the other hand my university exams end on the 1st of November.
  7. SI/Sega Greed on Australians.

    Try Perth. It makes the rest of Australia look cheap in everything. And then the Pilbara makes Perth look cheap.
  8. SI/Sega Greed on Australians.

    Will be getting 2013 from a Pom The price increase is equivalent to 4 pints.
  9. Basically I'm working on an Australian edit. In Perth, the main sporting stadium (Subiaco Oval/Patersons Stadium) will be replaced in 2017 by a 60,000 seater stadium. Subiaco Oval is an international stadium, so how can I make it that by 2017, internationals will no longer be played at Subiaco and will instead be played in the new stadium? Would changing capacity of Subiaco Oval to become 0 in 2017 and giving the new stadium a build date in 2017 work? Also, in this game the Perth team has Subiaco Oval as an alternative stadium. Is it possible to change alternative stadiums to the new stadium in 2017?
  10. I've seen the computer get Celtic relegated and the manager didn't get sacked until the following season.
  11. does Wales count as foreign?
  12. Am I the only one..

    To be honest I wasn't a football fan. My friend gave me the game saying that it was good and I decided to trust him. Now I actively follow Wolves.
  13. Takeovers?

    St Mirren got taken over by a Brazilian tycoon who pumped 60 million into the club. Were competitive against the Old Firm and won a few cups but never finished higher than third in the premiership.
  14. I know you aren't loading Blue Square North but Fleetwood are a good team. I can normally get them into premiership by around 2022 and I'm nothing special as a manager