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  1. Hi I'm guessing that SI withdraw the prior version of FM when a new version comes out. I've started playing FM Touch 2017 (PC) but am unable to find it for the iPad (US store). Presumably there is no way of buying it at this point? Thanks, Graham
  2. The Unknown Imposter

    Own goals because keeper ignores backpass.

    Hello. Two of these own goals in one game. Whitehawk v Dartford.pkm
  3. - Add players to Japan squad (news item announces that squad has been selected) - Progress game - Return to Japan squad - selected players are not in the squad I've never played international football before, so I don't know if I'm doing something wrong. I've included a save game and screenshots. Steps to reproduce 1. Save game from Mar 17. Squad to be selected on Mar 19. 2. Add players to squad on Mar 19 3. Go back in to Japan squad screen. 4. Selected players are missing from squad. See save game TheUnknownImposter_Selected international squad but when I get to game, the players have been removed.fm See screenshots TheUnknownImposter_Selected international squad but when I get to game, the players have been removed1.jpg (selected squad) TheUnknownImposter_Selected international squad but when I get to game, the players have been removed2.jpg (squad empty)
  4. The Unknown Imposter

    Football Manager 12 Benchmark Thread

    Good bump, Scribe. I'm thinking of buying a desktop to coincide with the new game because I'm frustrated by the speed of my Vaio and the 2 stars my graphics card gets on FM12 (1GB ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650). CPU: Intel® Core™ 2 Duo P8700 CPU Frequency: 2.53GHz RAM: 4GB DDR2 SDRAM/800MHz OS: Win 8 64 bit Time: 10 mins even
  5. I'll join the clamour for this resolution ... think it would be extremely playable on Note/tablet. 9L
  6. The Unknown Imposter

    A Message On Football Manager 2012 Activation

    Have to agree. I'm sure many idealists on here lament the entertainment industry for failing to adapt to new trends and technology; those record companies and movie studios that have battled and continune to battle the download phenomena. The games industry has actually adapted technology in a positive way and we're fighting it! If you want to play music or watch a movie on your computer you need a player - and I'm sure a lot of people don't use the default players that come with their OS. And sometimes you need to download extra codecs to play these files. Downloading Steam to play a game is not that much different. I never wanted to do it as I liked the physical disc. But when I moved to the US the easiest way to get the game was to go digital. And it works fine. I click 'start in offline mode' when I start the game and that's it. I'm not aware of Steam even running on my computer. - 9lives
  7. The Unknown Imposter

    system 3d rating

    Hi I don't have such an extreme variance but I'm surprised there is any. This is 2010 This is 2011 It may be that the system rating is just not reporting correctly as the system requirements for '10 and '11 were the same. 9lives
  8. The Unknown Imposter

    Fm10 > fm11

    I only played long enough to get hit with the widget / custom views bugs and decided I'd wait till they patch it. I usually don't notice the ME irritations that others do but these are simple bugs that add unnecessary overhead to playing a game.
  9. The Unknown Imposter

    FM2009 - The S-League Thread

    Has anyone played as Niigata Unicorn (Singapore) in this league? I decided to give the league a go and let the computer choose this team at random. I discovered that all the players at Niigata Unicorn are Japanese and it seems that the only players you can sign are Japanese. The game confuses matters by not explaining this and then - when you try to sign Singaporean players - tells you that you can't sign non-Singaporean players(!) As an aside, I also found (and reported) a crash dump error on 10.3 (on my system) related to clicking on the 'View Niigata Unicorn' that is in the top right hand corner of the screen. This brings you to the Japanese Niigata squad screen but then your next click brings a crash dump.
  10. Hi...Will it be possible to view just the filtered attributes in your player search screen? So if I'm searching for 8 attributes across physical, defensive and mental attribute sections I want to just view those 8 attributes on the screen. It's a rudimentary option that I remember using in some past version, maybe CM3, but have found no way of doing it in recent versions - unless I'm being a numpty. Cheers. 9L
  11. The Unknown Imposter

    Revolution skin [released]

    Hi. Love your work on this skin. Is the above link broken at the moment as I cannot get to the file? Thanks 9er
  12. Refused to buy it on account of it being 24.99 pretty much everywhere. Just got it at HMV for 17.99 plus shipping which is reasonable. Hope the patches sort it out.
  13. The Unknown Imposter

    Player Ratings

    Well that's a different system. That's averaging votes from thousands of people. If you take a rating system from a journalist in a newspaper then I don't think he will look at a performance and give a player "6.7" rather than 6.5. I don't mean to be facetious, but where do you stop? 6.755? I might be wrong but I've never seen it. I'm just saying my preference is for halves in a visual sense even if the match engine is using more precise data. Like everything else in FM, I wish I had to choice to display ratings in halves like I have the choice to choose centimeters or dollars. The game is complicated enough as it is in my view. Cheers 9L
  14. The Unknown Imposter

    Player Ratings

    I think rounded-up or down halves would have been sufficient. You never see players rated in the papers with 6.1 or 6.7.
  15. The Unknown Imposter

    A couple of little match engine things.

    Hi mate, you're very polite! I agree on both points. In terms of the first one I had kind of forgotten about that feature but totally agree with you. Secondly, I would add more realistic celebrations (if my striker scores a goal in the last minute of a 1-4 defeat I don't expect him to run away with his arm punching the air) and actually see substitutions being made. It always annoys me in PES on the occasions that they don't show the subs - as you say it's all about "realism", Cheers 9L