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  1. Hi all guys, as object... Why there're not a single club logo of Andora that show in the game? The ID and config are correct. It's a bug? Thx Alvios
  2. Nice update, probably the best around... BUT... there's a lot of failing regards italian transfers expecially in Serie B and new coaches and also in Promotions and relegations from Serie B to Lega Pro. By the way nice work m8 Alvios
  3. Ahahahhahahahaha my fault i'm an idiot lol There's a way to show again the team logo in the sidebar?
  4. Hi, Nice work m8! was waiting for this update Just a question... How can i get the sidebar menu? I have only topbar Thx
  5. I've the original DB and as Unique ID of Cagliari i have 477 . You mean club name Unique ID? Because if u mean the club ID is the same problem. 2224.jpg is already in the Vitrex pack, but it doesn't work.
  6. No i'm using still the Shiny logo, but i've deleted the every background dir in it. Now i've seen that the ID code in the config file is not the same of the cities... (ex. Cagliari, as city pic has the 1114.jpg code, meanwhile in the editor is 477). I think is for that reason that the pic doesn't show in the panel. But i don't know where to find the code for the city pic
  7. No, it's for Taranto, a squad of Lega Pro (3rd division in Italy) I want to add a city pic. The size of the entire Vitrex city pack adapted is 400x240 I don't have that code, in my Vitrex pack the city pics are as the attachment before... The config file is right, infact the other city pics are right for dimension.
  8. @D_LO_ & @wkdsoul: yes i've done the pic in the same format of the Vitrex adapted from flut: 400x240 px and the same extension *.jpg. It's really strange
  9. Hi bluestillidie, Yes, it's the same form of the stings before. I can't understand
  10. Hi, Merry Xmas to all! I've a problem adding new city pics. I've created new pic, edited the config.xml, cleared the cache and reloaded the skin... But it doesn't work Thx Alvios
  11. No, i've downloaded the Flut citypack... Now i'll give a look. Thx
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