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  1. Play like a player!

    Maybe you should remove a little bit of information about the tactic. I think the OP is too long.
  2. @ben carter There's a bug on your two first screenshots.On the first one, Ramsey made 3 passes and completed 254. And on the second one, Ramsey made 1 pass and completed 254 of them! However, I'm planning to try your settings as soon as I have time to play.
  3. http://www.mediafire.com/
  4. Sounds interesting indeed Do you make any tweaks or just let the settings on default? Could you upload the tactic if possible?
  5. Can I have the link of the article where you read about Inter's 3-4-1-2? Thanks
  6. I see that it's quite good. Could someone upload it, or write the number of notches because it's not really precise...
  7. It didn't work so well for me with Arsenal.
  8. The links aren't working ! I think I'll try it with Arsenal but I'm not sure if I have the squad for the tactic...