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  1. I don´t always get the lineups previews before the game. Not the game sheet with the starting eleven, but the hole animation with the formation and the starting lineup in a more tv broadcast format
  2. If I see the whole match, I don´t have a way to see the dugout through the tablet Some advices from my assistant manager pop up but they´re super brief and sometimes I do not have time to decide if I want to follow his advices. Once the pop-up window is closed, if I am playing the whole game I dont have a way to find this info
  3. Player Have an history of player valuation like Transfermarkt to see the player value evolution More in depth player description to figure out better the type of player we´re talking about. Height and weight is good but adjectives like for example: skinny (Pablo Hernandez), burly (Adama Traore), slim (camavinga) etc.... Scouting Scouting reports better presented by areas. Now the info is too mixed. Split it by mental, tehnical, player situation..... Competition A more in depth season/competition preview with starting 11 of the teams, opinion of the pundits....
  4. It will be super useful to see how your players evolution is working
  5. I absolutely love this patch!!!!! It remind me of FM old versions.Thanks a lot!!!!! Just one question. Is there a way to make the inbox news more transparent??? Inbox screen is the only screen that prevents you to see the background Thanks!
  6. Is there a way games of the Champions League and World Cup are displayed (games and results) if my team is not involved in the competion??? I mean like regular games from the competition I´m playing. I´ve tried to set it in the "details" page but it doesn´t seem to work I remember in the old Football Manager games every "big competition" game was displayed regardless I was involved or not, and there was an option to set if I wanted the game to stop before a Champions League game for example Is there a way to do that in FM 20????
  7. I think it will be a nice feature to see players evolution
  8. I didn´t know that! So put an editor for the 3d engine and the community will do the job
  9. Saying in advance that I love FM and that SI is making a great job, I honestly don´t understand why SI does not put the focus in in-game 3d player representation as much as with other kind of details which are itended for the same goal: players feeling that they´re managing a real life team. Just with adding different haircuts and face hair styles(beard etc..) in the 3d engine will make the 3d representation way closer to real life and way more inmersive Just an example with real madrid players: Carvajal: Shaven head and beard Marcelo: Afro hair Modric: Long hair
  10. I use 2d because IMHO 3d is not good enough and even if it´s improving every year it does not give me what I want in terms of realism and immersion. With 2d view, like is much much simplier you just fill the gaps with your imagination and is much more inmersive
  11. Fair enough I don´t like this change but at least there is a reason for removing it. anyway ,is there any option to put something less lame that this grey panel? I assume that´s just a grey background to cover uglier things as you were saying. Why not use a better backround image ( just the shape of a stadium, even if always the same or a template of the grounds) Thanks anyway for the answer
  12. Hi Neil, Thanks for the explanation and the hot fix The only thing I´m not understanding is why you get rid of the stadium structure in the 2d view. I think overall the 2d this year is better than fm17 but the lack of stadium structure harms the inmersion The grey area around the pitch is awful and no inmersive at all
  13. Of Course I know I´m not going to get the PES or FIFA graphics, I´m not expecting that either.... It´s a question of inmersion. I was more than fine with the 2d view. Being so simple you fill the blanks with your imagination. But once they take the 3d path ( and imho they´re investing quite a lot in that) I think they´re putting all their efforts in adding more animations, more graphics effects, more everything and they´re missing a point in terms of inmersion/feeling: "Even if I have way more animations and the 3d is way better, if I play at nou camp and it looks like old traff
  14. You´re completely right. I think it´s a question of focus. The 3d is just not their focus at all. Here it is another example: I´m playing with Real Madrid and Benzema has dark hair. So the same way I don´t feel I´m playing in nou camp, I don´t have the feeling this guy is benzema (see pic below). It´s just a question of putting him bald or giving us more options in haircuts, skin tones or whatever and we can then let the community do their job In FM you have a huge editor for players but from my understanding(maybe i´m wrong here) you can edit everything about the player but not
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