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  1. Add Norway as a league and you can start from March 2020. Just don't add USA and you're good to go.
  2. Possession is calculated by the number of passes the team makes. I'm not sure if it's completed or attempted passes. It saves someone having to use a stopwatch for each time the team regains the ball I am now curious if FM uses the same method...
  3. One of the big reasons for playing football manager (for a lot of us I imagine) is the story that we are creating. Whether it's turning a homegrown youth talent into a Ballon d'Or winner, taking Colchester up the leagues or configuring a complex formation that makes us feel like tactical Gods...we are each driving a story and we are the main focus. If it helps your 'story' to do a little editing I say it is fair game. Just be careful not to fall into the same trap many writers do and use overly thick plot armour
  4. Pep's Barca played in a similar vein to Klopp's Liverpool i.e. an incisive, fast-paced brand of football with an intense and high press that fully utilised their world class wing backs. Barca were technically superior, hence the extortionately high possession, but both teams were and are exciting to watch. Barca may have moved the ball sideways but it was always with an intention to disorientate the opposition with zipped passes before identifying opportunities with quick one-twos and slide rule passes; when they were slipping Messi et al through on goal they were simply delightful to watch. This is why Messi managed to score 40/50/60/70 goals a season. On paper, Barca's tiki taka looks similar to VdB's Spain due to the high possession, lots of passes and of course, the trophy cabinet bulging. But Spain were nowhere near as interesting to watch as Barca. Slow sideways passing, keeping possession for the sake of keeping possession, endless recycling etc. Exactly as you stated. Yawnfest! Spain played the boring (but effective due to the highly technical players) tiki taka. Barca did not. All my own personal opinions of course. I may even have rose-tinted glasses on! I don't want to get off topic for the thread so I will leave it there, but all I can see is that we're not really disagreeing
  5. Lol. No they didn't. Maybe at the start of his reign but that was fleeting and they have never been considered on par with that Barca side. I remember at one point Spain were being labelled as boring under VdB. Barcelona were never boring, especially during that period. Just ask Valverde what happens if Barca play like Spain were
  6. When I was particularly drunk one evening, I went all out to sign Neymar as Spurs. £200m, extortionate appearance, goal, avoiding relegation fees etc. The lot. I was suspended from Europe for at least a season after that episode! Lol
  7. It's also done it for Gibraltar! Aarrgghh!
  8. I don't have a custom skin but have downloaded a bunch of logos. I looked in every folder and this does not exist anywhere! It's so strange. I did once have the national team emblems instead of flags but I even deleted that (and even the entire graphics folder at one point) but the flag still does not appear. I edited the config file with some other teams and they all changed...but this one just disappears, which to me indicates that it is picking it up from somewhere. I'm assuming from your responses that this logo does not appear in your games? i.e. it is not hard coded to appear instead of the Dutch flag?
  9. Does anyone know why this is not this ? And how do I change it? It appears in the fixtures as well. Tis annoying!
  10. Have you tried lowering your tempo? It could be that they are snatching at their chances rather than remaining composed when shooting.
  11. I state the obvious. It's like a Michael Owen/Phil Neville commentary with energy.
  12. I had this same issue and thought I had urgently closing down switched on, so I changed it to hold position and so the next attack neither defender closed down the forward who then scored from 20 yards.
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