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  1. Target Man

    I typically will use the instruction to hold position for my target man. I don't like my AF chasing balls into the corners or moving to the wing to anticipate the ball or to help build attacks. Dunno if this helps you but I find my TM will remain central and wait for the ball to come to him.
  2. Managers move around here there and everywhere so it would be great to see how many times I have beaten Mourinho/Klopp/Guardiola etc no matter which teams they have been managing. I also play quite a bit online with a mate or two and given we (mainly me) is sacked and move around a bit I'd love to be able to see how I've performed against my fellow humans. I can only currently do this by looking at the dates I was managing at a certain club, then checking previous meetings...but I have to do this for every club (I'm currently on team number 4 for this save). If more than one of us manage more than 2 teams if becomes a bit of a slog. In summary: more in depth managerial statistics regarding the other managers you have competed against. Cheers!
  3. Thanks Captain Obvious Only joking. I wasn't expecting SI to do anything - I believe they are always working hard to deliver the best product for us. But surely there are benefits for both the licence controller and SI if users can manage an up-to-date MLS team at a realistic moment in (that squad's) time. Imagine if you wanted to manage Man Utd with Zlatan and all you could choose was Feb 2016 (ie before he even joined). If SI have any influence I'm sure they would use it. From the MLS point of view: every football club/league will always seek a larger fanbase and they may benefit from having the longest-running football management simulator being able to offer their users a more realistic experience. If people are frustrated, it won't enhance the reputation of the MLS product and could potentially reduce their marketability/profit-making opportunities. Unless there already is a game I am not aware of that offers users this function and it is purely a competition-limiting strategy! PS. I don't even like managing an MLS team. Far too many weird and wonderful contracts and such things to keep on top of lol
  4. The licence obviously needs to be improved. What would help improve the marketability of (a) SI and (b) the MLS is people being able to play the game according to the year of release. It is FM2017 after all.
  5. Preferences > Skin > Football Manager Light
  6. Why FM is decaying?

    Agreed - there should be more in-game tuition. I see where they are going with the new ass man suggestions before a match...but asking me to constantly remove "retain possession" before the match and then 5 mins in asking me to click the "retain possession" button is a bit silly
  7. How do you disable Brexit?
  8. I don't mind things like this. It makes the game feel more immersive as people are irrational and unpredictable so why not say one thing and do another a few days later. There's nowt as queer as folk!
  9. Chapecoense in FM

    And make all those who tragically died become listed as legends at the club.
  10. My profiles are always saved...I have 3 or 4 different nom de plumes. That being said, I noticed that whenever I add a new manager, I have to add 1 or 2 as unemployed before adding my actual manager to the team I want to manage, then retiring the other managers. Otherwise I just come up with a generic face and profile. Oh, and selecting International Footballer (National Level) doesn't actually give me any caps. I assume I was called up and played for a B team or something.
  11. Computer down to 10 men but UNBEATABLE

    Not being critical but I would have given an aggressive team talk to keep them focused on the match, rather than let them think there was no pressure. I get why you might do a no pressure team talk, so that they won't rush in front of goal or panic etc, but my preference would be to send them out as geared up as possible mentally to give it their all from 46+. To answer your question, I've not found anything worth remarking as no-one ever gets sent off against me
  12. I had a quick read through the titles on this part of the forum but couldn't see anything so thought I would start a new thread on this. I have a few former players/staff who are now fully fledged managers themselves and I often see them targeting players on my shortlist. What I would like is if I have a good enough relationship with that person they can send me a message asking if I can recommend a player or if they should sign a particular player or not. Obviously they will sign them or not if I say yes or no as it is their decision. I know Fergie and Wenger have done this for other managers IRL. I think it could build better relationships with them (possibly enhancing the chance of signing someone from them in the future), especially if the player signed/recommended does well. It would also be cool for us to use our game knowledge to help our favourite pixels, utilise our possibly wider scouting range and keep an eye on how well they're doing. This function is already in game vice versa as you can ask a new staff member to recommend a signing from their previous club. Thoughts?
  13. I think this happened on my save recently. Rashford was called up to play for Man Utd against a world XI of some sort for someone's testimonial. Edit: It was actually Koln they played. But Rashford was definitely called up to play.
  14. Is there a way to see your managerial record against other managers? Would be great to see if Bilic keeps taunting me in the press because I've never lost to him. Seriously, the man cannot let a game go by without repeatedly saying I'm a bad manager and lucky to still be in a job!