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  1. Regarding the subs thing, it happened to me a lot at the start but my mate and I figured out that as long as we don't make subs at the same time it won't crash and hasn't since. Just gotta let him know I plan to make a sub and he won't and vice versa etc.
  2. pikeal

    World Cup Save

    If you want the real groups check this channel out - there is a link there to a downloadable file which auto sets up the 2018 groups:
  3. When you right click on a player etc the arrows for sub menus are white on the FM Light skin. I have deleted cache and when I reload the skin the arrows return to black but the next in-game day the arrows return to white. Has only been happening since the last update (18.3.0).
  4. This has been happening to me since the game came out. I have to pause the game and then do the shout before resuming the match.
  5. pikeal

    Graphical Issues & Complains

    Similar to yours, when you right click on a player the arrows are no longer black but they are white...on a white background.
  6. It's been present for the last few years now. I just auto size for all columns and it sorts it out. It's almost become second nature to me now.
  7. If you offer a player out, add the selling team wage contribution then remove and exclude. You will very rarely get any team asking for a non-negotiable contribution to the wage. However, you may not get any offers at all by doing this.
  8. Same here!! To get me motivated for a longer-term save I will typically think of a player I like in real life and then think about what team I would like them to play for, usually from a historical perspective. For example, I have recently started a game with Newcastle and I wanted a good yet slightly unproven English striker so I signed Callum Wilson from Bournemouth. This allows me to relive my CM96/97 days somewhat with that Shearer/Ferdinand partnership. I'm also going for Harry Arter so maybe I should've just been Bournemouth. Oh well...the cycle continues...
  9. pikeal

    might try to get a refund

    Tis true. I posted something in the bugs forum and it was fixed/changed in the most recent update.
  10. pikeal

    "Coming out" feature

    I've never had a son. I've never made it to Brexit. I doubt I'll have a gay player. Hopefully on FM18 I'll have a gay son who doesn't get a work permit due to a hard brexit.
  11. Bottom left of my screen I have body language as information but as the writing is white it is harder to see the player's names. All the other text is in black/darker. I've tried moving it around the pitch to see if it was the background from the side of the pitch but the text remains white.
  12. What personality does your ex-captain have?
  13. If I am to change interface etc will this be reset when the full game is released? Thanks.