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  1. aldojags - I don't have a player to speak of yet as I gave up on Portosantense because of a youth system glitch, but with a new Portuguese team (Leca) I completely intend to include it (international performances for past + present academy players) in updates when I get far enough in. I made my manager partly Indian to see if I could raise internationals from my youth system with Indian nationality. Since that didn't work out I'm thinking of a completely different manager (and perhaps staff) ethnicity setup: a Cambodian-Hungarian, however I'm open to suggestions! A more general question now: How much do/did you guys exploit the "gamey" side of things in the game? For example, getting promoted to the Portuguese national division 2 means you are pretty much guaranteed to go professional (not sure if it's hard-coded), but if you do all your business before the 30th of June you can get excellent players on dirt-cheap part-time deals when you definitely could not afford them the day you go pro. It's a viable strategy, especially as you (unreasonably IMO) bleed money heavily in non-leagues and lower leagues to an extent, but it feels cheap to me somehow! Also: well done on the 10th completion berty
  2. A certain website marks finishing, technique, anticipation, composure, creativity, decisions and flair as key attributes for this PPM aldojags, which is a reasonable judgement. Roger's flair is a bit lacking but that just means amazing shots are low on his list, doesn't it? I'd say his technique and his first touch needs to go up to about 16 (his is 14 for these in the last screenshot I found) to be "amazing" with this PPM. I'd say keep it to avoid wasting training time knowing his injury problems myself. I assume he doesn't sit deep so he has plenty of opportunities in range with this PPM, yes?
  3. Anselmo looks promising aldojags. I'd personally intensively train his tactics with balance trained as an individual training focus as I like my players mentally strong. Wonderful signings there silkeape. Gauthier's my pick thanks to his versatility.
  4. I have just finished my first season with Portosantense, and I will update (hopefully) sometime soon. However, I have a slight issue. My club received no youth players on the regen date for some reason, while all the other clubs did. The club has training facilities/recruitment so is this expected, or something to take to the bugs forum? It's a bit pointess playing on with this challenge if I get no youth team after all, as that's the fun bit for me. I'm playing in the Portuguese 2nd Division South, any ideas? I'm holidaying to the next date in 2014 to see if it reoccurs, so fingers crossed.
  5. Andy, no guarantees it's what you're looking for, but how about (at least in Firefox) right clicking the post number in the top-right (#3827 for your last post) and selecting "copy link location", then paste it where you want it. Does that work?
  6. Congratulations on the title defense aldojags. Roger is looking the part, and you are right that the determination drop is due to tutoring. I think the tutoring aspect is a bit silly in that it tries to make tutee's value = tutor's value no matter what, but there you go. Just make sure the gain in other (hidden) attributes is worth it. Good luck with Germany when you get there tjt65.
  7. C.D. Portosantense I've been following this challenge for a few weeks now, so I've decided to give it a go with a Portuguese team, Portosantense. Here is the first-day evaluation: Manager: Hugo Chatterjee. A half-Portuguese, half-Indian 30 year old manager with little experience. Club overview: For reference; nothing outstanding. A small club based in Porto Santo, Madeira. Hopefully this will change . Facilities: The club owns a 3000-capacity stadium named after the club's president, José Lino Pestana. Squad overview: There are a few decent players in the central regions of the pitch, but the right hand side is a real weak spot with which the remaining €850 wage budget will be used on first. Players of note: Peu: The oldest member of the squad at 41. A central defender who once played for top-flight Rio Ave with good all-round stats, but his poor pace and woeful concentration may be a liability for the team Daniel: The Swiss defender is half the age of Peu, so hopefully Daniel's pace can cover for him. His strength is lacking so hopefully he can be developed here Hugo Tecelão: The goalkeeper is the highest earner at €500. I think he is fairly decent for this level but I hope he does not get injured, as until we can find a backup that is even half-useful compared to the one I have now, he is all I really can rely on. Léo Oliveira: Hopefully he can strengthen the midfield initially, but another aging player who I can't rely on for too long. Júlio Pinto: A 34-year-old Angolan striker who is decent, although I wonder how long I can rely on his pace before it declines. Caio: Rated as 5-star potential, though it's not saying too much. Hopefully his technique and good passing provides chances to keep us up with vital wins. Additional comments/thoughts: I haven't played the game for a long time, so my questionable tactics at a low level may send me down. This for now is a trial club but if I can survive we'l see where I can take them. I would like to keep the team as traditional as possible (meaning Portuguese/Brazilian/Angolan etc.) and no player searches, scouts only. Local youth development is a priority too, once we get to the stage to do so.
  8. Looking good on the primary update tjt65 . I'm in the same process of starting up with Portosantense (coming soon!) so the effort is understood and appreciated.
  9. Once Howe gets his strength up in the next year or two, perhaps his technique a little bit too, I think you are sorted ri916 . Bakare, though getting a bit old, seems to be an asset for the team going by his goal tally, but a dominant forward with good physical abilities is invaluable for getting yourself up at this level, no matter the quality of the rest of the team IMO. Ballard looks to be showing a lot of promise too and will surely help in the BSP when you get there. How is your team falling apart in matches for its perceived quality level? Not closing games down, being dominated from the outset etc.?
  10. While it sounds like a cool thing to do, if you've worked with computational simulations (can't vouch for every case of course) you know that they can be really error prone even for a moderately complex case compared to real life. I would say that FM has nowhere reached the level of maturity yet for the AI to gather any meaningful data. On a positive note they use Simcity for city planning don't they so what do I know? Are you sure you don't have vested interests to put the blame on SI if things go bad for England .
  11. Hello, The last iteration of FM I played was the 2010 edition and looking at peoples' progress in the challenges forum has interested me in buying the latest version to have a go at one. Aside from that, I generally prefer a long-lasting game after all of the real-life players have retired, so naturally regen quality is an important factor, but I can't evaluate that in the demo. Can anyone give me an idea on the improvements/tweaks made on the regen system in the last two iterations of FM (stat distribution/quality, personalities, quality vs. original database in active and inactive leagues, etc.) and things that have had a strong impact on them (AI changes, training changes, etc.)? I know the system can produce great top-class regens, but that's what the "rate my regen" thread is for . How about the mid-table or backup ones, for example, which people are less prone to posting? Have they improved? Stayed the same? Are the regen staff any better too? Thanks in advance for any replies
  12. Wow Toonbalmy87, you don't hesitate with progress on a challenge do you How do you feel the squad will cope with such a frantic push? Though I must say your back line looks very promising indeed. I will probably be buying FM12 next week, so I may look to give either Uruguay or Colombia a go when I do, though I will have a look at league rules and upper tier quality before making a choice. Good luck to everyone else who has started!
  13. Wow, three DMs at oncePRDH. I know how you feel. At least they aren't all goalkeepers Abrantes' personality may help him develop well but I wouldn't get my hopes up with his poor stats at present. At least he may be a good future tutor for a good left winger. I agree with the Duarte to right back, but I personally value decent dribbling skills in LB/RB alongside quickness before he is worth his salt. Daniel and Silva could do the same job to be fair, perhaps Silva's skillset is more rounded for the job. How flexible/deep is your squad formation-wise and what are you currenly using as first and backup?
  14. How to develop this prospect?

    The creativity/vision at 4 is a little lacking too, surely? What passing options would you lose at this level with such a low value, even for a defender? At the end of the day though, this guy has a good performance rating. What are his mistakes/mistakes led to goals tally?
  15. PRDH, Maybe this sounds better in theory than practice to me, but how about requiring e.g. a minimum of two or three players (you decide) from countries that were once Portuguese colonies (Brazil might make that a bit easy though so omit them!) and your youth setup makes up the rest of the future team? Are there any good Angolans or Mozambicans in your game that you don't own? Out of your three choices I'd go for number two myself.