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  1. it seems in the full game he wont sign because he is wanted by some big clubs, the way I got round it was I sent he out on trial for 2 weeks to Palace and when his trial finished he was ready to talk to me. (know if I got lucky or if there is up to a certain date he wont talk to you I don't know) in a post a bit above I put a picture of him on and he signed his contract with me on the 26th july so I must have offered it to him around the 20th hope this helps you.
  2. Won promotion first season as champions only player I brought in was Curtis Jones (on loan, Liverpool) Now in pre-season second season sold Bamford £15M, Forshaw £13M, Cooper £13M and Casillia £7m so far. In Scott McKenna £8m, Ben White £21m, Augustin £10m, Harrison £8M and Eliot Matazo £5M Have £20M left but need a GK as Illan Meslier would not sign also think I will need another ST to replace Bamford. Any suggestions for either are welcome.
  3. I ended up starting again and again he would not enter into a new contract because of the interest been shown in him so this time Palace offered to take him on trial for 1 week I asked for 2 weeks which they agreed to when trial finished he was now willing to talk to me so he has now agreed a 3 year contract and I also have an option to extened it for another 3 years.
  4. But because he is on a youth contract Newcastle have offered him a contract and he wont talk to me beacause of all the interest been shown in him. I have promoted him to the first team in the hope he wont go.
  5. Just starting my Leeds save, sold Dallas for £10 million but is there anyway I can avoid Nohan Kenneh from leaving?
  6. Ten games in now, And somehow I have won them all, playing some decent football as well. Only defeat was against Burnley in the Carabaro cup on penalties I also had three kids in my team( Meslier, Kenneh and Struijk) Tactics still playing with a 4-2-3-1 as my main tactic (have rode my luck a bit in a couple of games)
  7. Started my Leeds save early this year, I normally wait till winter update. Started quite well sold Berardi £4.2m Hernandez £2.8m Bought Francisco Trincao £1.5m (seems to be one of the go to players) Amine Gouiri (loan) plan was to sell Bamford, decided not to in the end(turned down £10m for him) and Joe Gelhardt £5m from Wigan (loaned him backed to them for season) tactics wise playing 4-2-3-1 and a 4-5-1 (with a dmc) Eddie Nketiah on fire at the moment
  8. Leeds United issues I thought that Ivan Bravo had left the club. Is the Leeds sponsorship correct? one deal for the away kit only?
  9. I have my own game and I also play online with 2 mates. And out of the two I prefer online adds something to the game when playing against other people. Bragging rights and plenty of banter.
  10. some strange reason re-started pc second time and this time it has worked.
  11. Well like many I myself have bought this game since the very beginning and do look forward to the new release each year. Yes I have a full time job, yes I'm a parent but why does that mean I don't care about the game.? buying the game for the last 20 odd years tells me I do care about the game, yeah there's been problems. But Sports interactive do there best to fix them some easy some not. Also your last two assumptions "discussing features and playing before anybody else" so we have to play the game the " hardcore gamers way" or not at all.? Have you ever thought about it like this, That some of us just enjoy the game and if SI want to offer me 25% now then great and I'm sure there will be issues on release and frustrations and anger but ill get over it and play the game. Also Si can I have 25% off FM 2019 please Ill pre-order now.
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