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  1. It was on the news as well on absolute radio, (which I think is sky news) got to hand it to Miles and Si.
  2. Lewis cooks transfer fee from Bournemouth was reported as £6 million up front with upto £4million in addons ? if so why are there no clauses in the Leeds transfer section please,thanks
  3. Resolved

    thanks again Neil, I can confirm that by running in windowed mode the problem so seem to have stopped.
  4. Resolved

    thank you Neil I just have one question to ask, do I have to do the task manager workaround all the time?
  5. Resolved

    I am also getting this black screen but have no skins or graphics downloaded, I hit the play button it says running then after about 10 seconds my screen goes black
  6. sorry HUNT3R is it possible for you to put it in the correct place please.
  7. just started a game with Everton, because its a big club but a lack of money. Chelsea have offered me £5 million upfront and £45 million over 2 years for Mirallas do I take it or not. As im a big fan of him and I can get him to play like a dream in this game, but £50 million can buy me a few good players and have money left in the bank your thoughts please.
  8. Question, when using the manager chat feature in an online game is there supposed to be something that tells me that I have a message like in past versions :confused: thanks.
  9. its still there, preferences, match, then match scheduling options:thup:
  10. could someone please upload this with another site please, as the link will not work for me. thanks in advance.
  11. DandyDon what setup are you using with your formation please if you don't mind , I am going to start a save with Newcastle. thanks
  12. Thanks hunt3r, found it knew it was somewhere couldn't see it for looking.
  13. could someone please tell me how you set up player instructions, by that I mean if I play a person in lets say right full back I set him up how I want him, save his set up to that postion for him only so every time I put that player in it brings his settings up. thanks