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  1. not a dig at si

    I know it maybe a long shot but try and give his agent more than his original fee then you might be ok...................unless you've tried that already?
  2. And that takes the enjoyment out of the game...........errr are you serious!! As long as you can select numbers for qualifiers etc then this is nothing! Auto select by the cpu for friendlies................I see no problem!
  3. See, size doesn't always matter..............for once!! ha ha
  4. Patch status updates

    No matter what it is you'll always get more moaners than praisers but it is good customer service to let the forum know how the patch is progressing etc. As said before SI provide these patches out for free so for those who moan just be patient or is that a swear word..............?!!
  5. Selecting Feeder Clubs

    No the board looks for you and gives you a list that you have to chose one of them or reject all. Should be a new feature IMO so you can say which club you think.
  6. Like Dave Byrd..........Aguero scored 8 in an 10 - 0 thrashing of a lower team in La Liga for my Barca team the other night. I'll post a screenie when I get home from work later.
  7. Currently 4 seasons in with barca, I've never had my 'keeper yellow carded or even been spoken to by the ref! Must be a saint!
  8. I actually liked the train better.............spacious!!
  9. who uses downloaded skins?

    Just recently downloaded skin from Dizzy 'The Catalan Magicians' skin nicely done but do have to get use to it as have been used to the default skin for a while.
  10. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Oooooo matron!! Look at the players full name ha ha!
  11. Newbie Questions

    2. No there's no option to not get the sack you're gonna have to pray that you get REALY understanding board!!! Welcome Back!
  12. Funny Screenshots Thread

    Uploaded with ImageShack.us They wish!! lol:D
  13. One thing I would like is no more blooming threads about the patch. OH MY GOD!!!
  14. Is this a rant or just showing your frustration of bad luck that can happen..........irl too By the way I do feel for ya bud
  15. This is a great idea!! But SI would need some kind of 'filter' for managers who've used FMRTE. Overall I'd be game for this!