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  1. Thx for the answer! Ive already tried all the above methods like cache and etc, even changed the powerplan to High Performance. So, heres the DxDiag text. DxDiag.txt
  2. Anyone here getting this problem too? Like, my PC is 16GB Ram, I5 9400F and GTX 1060, bot a bad one, and when the days are passing the computer and the game freezes for a moment (like half a second), mouse freezes, everything. When talking to other people on Discrd they stop listening to me in these seconds. Ive played several other games on this PC in the last months, like Apex, Star Wars Battlefront 2, PUBG, Madden 19, Fifa 19 and just Football Manager gives me this problem.
  3. Sympathy Vol 2 is better than the good old Wolves? Using Wolves and winning everything when Underdog.
  4. Anyone has a real guide to team talks and shouts? I know here on forum there is a list about shouts, but i dont want to know what they mean, just want a good old guide to what use when. Thx if anyone can help.
  5. lol bro, Knap try to do his best all the time - he cant just simples create anything out of nowhere just cuz someone asked. 3 Strikers NOW is not a good tactic, who knows the future.
  6. Even after several tests the best tactic is Wolves from FM 19 (tried all in the list from Knaps, the great majority get good results, but the only one who really really overperform is Wolves).
  7. If you make a pass based tactic, anything with short passes or so, i can try at any moment!
  8. Test with Arsenal - BlueMatter 433 Tactic No transfers - Won Europa League and EFL with Mixed Results in Premier League (3rd is not too bad for Arsenal but the team do not score too much) !!!!!!!!!!!!FM19.3.5BLUEMATTER433DMKnapP108ECCC451IWFM20P54.fmf
  9. Any short pass and high tempo tactic knap? Its seems to me that is impossible to do one who works well in this and in the past FM
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