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  1. I've moved on to Stoke now: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/298763-A-misguided-attempt-at-global-domination
  2. Giving this a try from the bottom up for my first every challenge 2011/12 Loaded up all Scottish and English leagues, Sunday League rep, Started unemployed - only UK club without a manager was recently relegated Peterhead I applied and got accepted. The Board wanted me to win the league, I obliged, clearing out many of the old players and bringing in a shed load of my own (including a large number of youth players my coach recommended, we may have rotten youth facilities, but we are on our way to a decent U19 set up too. Best signing was Spanish Striker who's in his later years but still seems to have a good few seasons yet and should be very helpful in our aim to stay up next season. 2012/13 A few new signings and a number of new backroom staff as I let the old ones leave at the end of their contracts. Some decent coaches, but got stuck with a mediocre Ass Man. Board expected me to avoid relegation, I thought I could manage mid table (well I didn't have much choice after them slashing the wage budget) Things went downhill from when my Spanish striker broke his leg - he would announce his retirement before his return from injury and wouldn't reconsider. He came back with a few games to go and helped us stay up in the playout. My mediocre Ass Man's contract was expiring and when it did I offered it to Spanish Striker - or Spanish Ass Man as he will now be known. It wasn't all bad as prior to the leg breakage Peterhead won their first ever league challenge cup, a fact which probably helped appease the board after my failure to live up to expectations in the league. In both the other cups were were knocked out by Hamliton, who also beat us in a pre season friendly and all all 4 league meetings on their way to winning the 2nd Division 2013/14 We really turned it round this season and really were pushing for the Second Division Title going into the final months of the season. A few bad results and we were stuck with just the playoffs at the end of the season, although thankfully the opposite end of the table from last season. We could have won the league on the last day of the season had we won and the other two teams lost, as we had the goal difference advantage, but we couldn't even hold up our end of the bargain. In the playoffs We reached the final before losing on penalties to 9th Place First Divisioner's Ayr United (who won promotion from the Second Division via the Play Off last year) Not much to report on the cups front other We lost to Celtic in the third round of the League Cup, and Hamilton again scuppered our chances with a Third round defeat in the Scottish cup. Season Team Country League LFP Achievements --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2011/12 Peterhead Scotland Third Division 1st Won League 2012/13 Peterhead Scotland Second Division 9th Survived Play Out, Won League Challenge Cup 2013/14 Peterhead Scotland Second Division 3rd Lost in Play Off Final Looking good so far however have had a transfer embargo this summer due to take over and have not been able to sign anyone new. The ****** of a new chairman has ruled out any investment in the club and as refused any upgrade to training or youth facilities and also to a trial day meaning that this season I'm going to have to look to my U19's to strengthen the squad. This is the first time I've taken as instant dislike to a virtual person, and have decided this will likely be my last season with Peterhead. Ideally will get a move to either the Championship or SPL, at which point I'll load up the German Spanish and Italian top divisions and keep my eye out for a club that can win the Champions League.
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